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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'One Photo That Will Give Liberals 43 Million Reasons to Smile'

This is one voter who won't be voting liberal in 18 years, nor paying for your Social Security.

And liberals wonder why they are losing elections, and why Social Security is going broke.

Screw the libs!

He's got UH Liberal Hater's eyes. Who's the father?
Social Security isn't going broke. That's a fallacy perutuated by the Bush cronies. He couldn't even sell that lie to a Republican Congress. How dumb are you?

And the picture is in really bad taste?

Isn't this the site that criticized WiN for broadcasting a dog being euthanized?
alright, i dont care what your views are, but posting that picture crosses all bounds of decency. a wounded adult maybe, but a baby? the decapitation of a baby isnt a conservative/liberal issue, and displaying that picture doesnt do anyone any good.
just one more point that's unrelated to the picture above--

i dont care who you are, but i do care about the views you hold. obviously you feel really strongly about your views to have an anti dc blog. But yeah, i will not attack you as a person, but since my lack of 'debating skills' makes you laugh. id like to know what exactly your views are.

obiously you support the iraq invasion.
- pro life.
- pro prayer in schools
-for the patriot act

these are just generalizations, and your opinion may differ. but do let me know where you stand on all the important issues. what do you think of jews in gneral? blacks? muslims? and you can be honest, you'll always be anonymous.
and lastly what are the differences between you and a liberal. just generally.

im just trying to gather what you're coming from, so i can understand your viewpoint better. i realize that if i just want to read your view to attack it, it reflects badly on me, and i should at least consider why you think so.

have a nice day
Who are you asking? The Bell or Liberal Hater?
I thought the libs would see that this was not a "baby" that was "decapitated" but a "fetus" that a woman had a right to "terminate".

The picture is of a partial birth abortion. I think if people are going to support abortion they should know what it involves. I realize that people don't want to deal with this but people should know the truth.

The PETAphiles want us to see what happens to chickens before they become chicken nuggets, so why can't those who are against abortion let pro-choice liberals see what happens when a "fetus" is "terminated".

The libs want us to see the slaughterhouses for the chickens, so we should be able to show them the slaugherhouses of innocent humanity.

Look hard at the picture and when it turns your stomach and outrages you, ask yourself if our govenment should really allow partial-birth abortion to happen. Also ask yourself if you really think that abortion should be preferred over adoption when so many infertile couples want a baby but can't have one.

The Bell has rung and the truth has been tolled!
oh sorry, it said a decapitated baby, not anything about abortion. im against abortion of all kinds. but yeah that is sick, and it does raise a good point.

oh and i meant ur views on both of you all? i guess two people write the blog? or however many do? id like to know ur views.
I usually don't leave comments, but the photo as far as my office of Liberals is concerned can represent the current state of the Democratic Party. They don't believe in a Hillary Clinton presidential run and they think the party is far to right of where they should be.
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