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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal U of W Senator Jill Edwards puts SGAs on notice' (If you stop honors to WWII Vets be prepared for national attn)

The University of Washington's Student Senate which recently turned down a memorial tribute for Col. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, USMC has been receiving national attention for their blatant disregard for all things military and a great military hero for that fact.

Andrew Everett, the sponsor of legislation to recognize Boyington, a UW alumnus and Commander of the Black Sheep Squadron during WWII, with some sort of plaque or small statue for Pappy's service. The memorial misson was shot down by the liberal enemy UW Student Senate, who hate war heros and everything associate with the US victory in WWII.

Liberal Senator and organic food lover,
Jill Edwards (seen at left) immediately moved to table the legislation, which was denied. In her mind other legislation had to be considered such as giving away condoms at the next Love Jam.

Interest continued as to how a Boyington memorial would be funded, and how Everett came up with his idea to recognize Colonel Boyington, to which Everett had read about Pappy and believed "his achievements warranted recognition."

Liberal Senator Tyler Dockins asked why "the monument shouldn't commemorate all the
alumni who fought in the war" to which Everett noted "several statues around campus already serve such a purpose and that Colonel Boyington had many of the qualities the University of Washington hoped to produce in its students."

Well that pissed off the Senator from the Honors Croquet League Jill Edwards who questioned "is it appropriate to honor a person who killed other people."

Well I don't know Jill, you worthless piece of organic tomato eating debris, why don't you ask Senator Kennedy who has killed other people. How many black people did Senator Robert Byrd lynch when he was with the KKK? Both of these libs have been honored by their home states for sending them back to the US Senate since the 1960s.

Jill Edwards couldn't even tell her own group of proud croqueters that she had screwed up and supported Washington State University's Organic Farm and WSU croquet before her trip to Italy a while back.

Jill admited in her Senate report to the HCL that "I talked more than I ever have before and realized exactly why I never talk." She screws up, that's why. "I apparently upset a lot of people when I opposed a memorial for a Colonel from WWII who had recieved a Medal of Honor and who was a UW graduate." The bitch didn't even know his name.

Incredibly, Jill Edwards, who is at UW studying math, couldn't put two and two together and figure out it's because of the sacrifice of Marines like "Pappy" Boyington that she is even able to go to school there. Edwards had the audacity to say that she "didn’t believe a member of the Marine Corps was an example of the sort of person UW wanted to produce." No, pot smoking hippies will do just fine for UW.

That statement about the Marines just labels liberals right there. The United States military will always be seen as the "enemy" in the eyes of worthless liberal bitch Jill Edwards and other liberals.

Another stupid U of W liberal Senator, Ashley Miller, commented that there were "many monuments at UW already commemorating rich white men," and then the Senate went about destroying the reason for having the memorial in the first place by striking away his service record of "destroying 26 enemy aircraft."

It would be interesting to see how our own UH SGA would handle this situation. Would they be as stupid as Jill Edwards and the rest of the worthless libs up there, and find national attention. Or would they listen to reason and actually support a suggested memorial to a famous UH Veteran or group of UH Veterans.

You know, following WWII, Veterans breathed new life into UH. By Vietnam, UH Veterans were spit on, and its time to pay all those guys back with some honor -- eh, Phi Chi Sigma.

Screw the libs!

is it me, or does Jill Edwards look like WINs Jessica Robertson
Jessica looks better.
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