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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'CBS Gladly Withholds Showing Offensive Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad' (The never show same restraint with Christianity)

The famous Danish cartoon that depicts the Prophet Muhammad in different scenes has been making its way
The only problem is, when it got reported this evening on the CBS Evening News and I suspect other liberal news outlets, the libs suddenly have a sensitivity to the Muslim religion, and refused to show the offending cartoons.

This of course is the complete opposite treatment that was presented with Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ" back in the late 80's, and elephant dung on Madonna. Christians were offended as well, and the libs didn't care.

Since radical Islam is the left's favorite religion CBSs Bob Schieffer showed his weakness as a network anchor and refused to show the offensive cartoons.

Well I'm not afraid to show the offending cartoons where the liberal media left off.

It's funny to see how Christianity is constantly bashed and when radical Islam is the least bit offended then the whole world goes crazy and the libs back off.

From Denmark, the cartoons have spread to all over Europe. One EU facility in the Middle East has been taken over by gunmen awaiting an "apology" of all things before they go home. I guess the radical muslims learned from good 'ol Der Shlick Meister who went around the world apologizing for anything that America did in the '90s.

It's sad that these stupid cartoons garner more attention from the liberal left than Hamas and insurgent terrorists sending kid suicide bombers to do their bidding.

Screw the libs!

whose your mullah baby
Mohammad = Mobombhead
I don't think it's the cartoons themselves garnering so much attention, but rather the violence attached to related protests.
The Islamic violence over the cartoons can also be seen as a coverup for the true intentions of the rioters.

Looking between the lines can show so much, and the liberal media won't even go there for fear of offending the rioters even further.
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