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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'On abortion: Ignores the harm done to the fetus' (If David ever becomes rich, will he hate himself?)

Today UH Daily Cougar columnist and resident cotton picker David Salinas is running scared that the "bill passed by the South Dakota legislature to ban abortion has been seen as the first step in setting up a legal battle in the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade."

So what should the left do? Well, if they for sure want everything to remain status quo across the remainder of the land, then their best bet is to do nothing.

But knowing the arrogance of the left, they will use their friends in the court to battle for one little abortion clinic in one little podunk state that has less population than that of just downtown Houston alone, and has to truck in abortion doctors from neighboring Minnesota to perform the deadly procedures.

In his tripe today "Abortion ban opens can of worms," David Salinas informs us of the mean evil Christian Conservative movement that is hell bent for leather to knock down the 1973 7-2 Supreme Court decision that gave women the right to terminate their pregnancies.

South Dakotas bill is plain and simple and not watered down. "Make all abortion illegal except in protecting the life of the mother." They don't allow for "special circumstances," and was the specifically designed bait to hook the left into filing suits to get this thing into the Supreme Court.

It will be interesting when this thing hits the Supreme Court. Although Justice Scalia is against the use of foreign law in the Court, he might use the liberals little trick since so many countries around the world now abhor the act of abortion. That will really shove it back in the liberals face.

Besides that, do the liberals like Salinas really want to test the new face of the Supreme Court? If they do, Salinas does see the light at the end of the tunnel for national abortions. "If they have their way and Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion is not going to be banned in every state -- just those that choose to ban it."

Salinas' worries about the poor, and how they will get their abortions. But does he offer a solution on how to stop it? No, he chides Republicans for not giving enough money to programs that help poor women, many of whom he labels as "welfare queens." David is not forgiving as to tax cuts, and wonders where in the constitution it says "how can you say you care about the children affected by abortion when you ignore them after they're born?" I don' know, try George Soros?

It's obvious that David Salinas needs a t-shirt that says, "I may not have my brain, but I survived my partial birth abortion."

Screw the libs!

Monday, February 27, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'UAE Ports Deal Coverage is Hyped' (Let's not rush to judgement and not be influenced by the liberal media and libs)

The all talked about port deal story I checked recently has been known about as far back as November 2005 in British and American newspapers, and probably even before that.

So why there is so much outrage? Oh let me see, could it be because:

so who do they chose -- not al-Qaeda, but the UAE. An American ally. People who want to be more like Americans and the West more than they want to live in the 12th Century and like Osama Bin Laden. I suppose if OBL wanted to buy into the ports, the liberals would stand back and let it happen.

In reviewing
UH Daily Cougar columnist Adil Saleem's three-quarters tripe today "The word of the day is ignorance," Saleem hit upon the point of liberal ignorance and the double standard they afford themselves when they become the racists. Just because the UAE are Arabs, they cannot buy into the ports because they will be running the cranes, hauling the containers, running port security, noting any security weaknesses; all false of course, but liberals will tell you that many Arabs will be invading and taking union jobs if this deal goes on as scheduled.

Saleem informs us of those "Muslim fanatics who are ignorant of their own religion." Those fanatics are really facists who hide behind their religion while Muslims true to their faith and are peaceful, are caught in the crossfire.

The United States also has their ignorant people as well. Not relgious mind you, but those people who are ignorant via the democratic party. To be a liberal-in-charge of anything, ignorance is bliss, and that makes for uninformed people making hasty choices, and hence we get those crazy flash polls that have got liberals and Conservatives on the same side.

I'm not into uninformed decision making. Most of the people surveyed recently, about 64%, didn't even know that some American ports are foreign run. Even the Chinese have an interest in a port near Los Angeles, and liberals nor Conservatives raised a stink about that. Some ports are run by American government entities, but not one American company has an interest in running an American port. One, maybe two, Houston based of course, Halliburton and Bechtel have such a capability, but it is not in their interest -- they are in business elsewhere, and when you have liberals like Chuckie Schumer calling for Halliburton to run these ports, then something is wrong after the verbal thrashing liberals have given them.

Look, the government has checked out Dubai Ports World. If they didn't check the backgrounds of their personnel they would be stupid. The UAE runs ports around the world. That's their business. They made $100 million in contributions following Hurricane Katrina. Does that sound like an outfit that wants to harm the US?

If the UAE wanted to harm us, all they have to do is send a container with a bomb through one of our ports and that would be that. You don't have to run an American port to do that. Did OBL buy the World Trade Center before he bombed it? Look, seeing as the UAE allows American inspectors in the country along with our Navy, and many other American businesses in their borders, and if UAE officials found out that if someone wanted to harm us, then they would tell us. If they don't they stand to lose alot of business.

I've purposely tried not to pay any attention to the port deal lately, just as the hype with the Cheney shooting. I'll wait until the 45 day waiting period is over. That gives everyone a chance to get their issues cleared, and then calm and logical decisions can be made as to how to proceed.

I'm still leaning towards the port deal. But it will be interesting to see that once this story dies down, how many people will be backtrack on what they said during the "hype period" when the sincerity of DPW is revealed.

Jimmy Carter's early endorsement of the port deal I take as a a ruse. He's the democratic scapegoat on this one that gives those on the GOP side a reason to oppose. With American law in place, American employees moving the containers, and the UAE only writing the checks, that is a much better move than trying to Deep-6 a friend in the War on Terror, pretty much our best friend in the Persian Gulf Region.

Forcing an American company to go into the port business is not good for business. On the same hand, growing government to expand more into the port arena is also not good. The UAE is the most viable option that as compared to other port companies around the world are most willing to work with the US and it's unions. I believe when all the facts are reveal and the hype quelled, then it will be shown as the best way to proceed.

Screw the libs!

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'One Photo That Will Give Liberals 43 Million Reasons to Smile'

This is one voter who won't be voting liberal in 18 years, nor paying for your Social Security.

And liberals wonder why they are losing elections, and why Social Security is going broke.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Al-UH Daily Cougar Columnists Zach Lee and Craig Stewart 'One Praises Gay Marriage; the Other Praises al-Qaeda' (Both of them are off their rocker)

(This post was originally posted on Oct 25, 2006. I'm just placing it here to mess with UH Screwball.)

With two weeks until the mid-term elections its natural that liberal issues will step up to be counted in a liberal haven such as UH. And the al-UH Daily Cougar will be doing their part to secure a democrat majority in the House and Senate by making Republicans look bad and completely ignoring even the slightest fault committed by democrats living today by propping them up with an angelic facade that has a large crack its face.

Out of the blue, like it hasn't already been decided in this state. Former al-UH Daily Cougar Editor in Chief Zachary James Lee's takes on gay marriage, and mourns the passing of liberal democrat congressman child molester Gerry E. Studds from Massachusetts.

In his tripe today in stating that "Gay marriage should be allowed," Lee is upset that Studds ("the first openly gay member of Congress" and who did have sex with his underage Congressional page) gay lover Dean Hara will not receive any of Studds pension "estimated to be $114,337 annually." That pension right their is ridiculous for government service.

I'm glad that Hara is not receiving that money. Thank God that President Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act. Liberals should be happy because that money can be put back in the pool for social programs.

Since Studds was a democrat, to lessen his faults Lee had to mention the pervert Congressman Foley and his inappropriate conduct, which did not involve sex with his adult congressional page.

Lee is pissed that Americans "regardless of his or her moral position on gay marriage, should be outraged at the way same-sex spouses are lumped in with Benedict Arnold and Julius Rosenberg."

Well I guess that Lee won't be getting the federal benefits of his older male lover when dies.

Well it looks like anthropology student Craig Stewart has graduated from writing stories about 'pocketbooks' to full fledged attacks on the United States, showing his full support for al-Qaeda in his latest crap.

Stewart spent his summer on a terrestrial archaeology site in Louisiana studying how West African slaves celebrated their religion, while at the same time apologizing to every local Black person near the site for the white man's persecution of their ancestors. Stewart's great-grandfather x 7, E. C. Stewart, owned 39 slaves valued at $31,200 in 1864. Of course, if all those white men and some Black men hadn't had slaves, those same Blacks Stewart apologized to would more than likely still be in Africa. So the boat does go both ways.

In his tripe today "New act changes way things are done," Stewart expresses his outrage at the US Constitution, or as Craig says "What Constitution?"

Stewart is pissed at President Bush, who recently "signed into law the Military Commissions Act. This act sets up military commissions to try, judge and punish alleged 'enemy combatants' and 'people of interest.'" GREAATTT!!!

Stewart's concerned about the act is that it does not afford enemy non-uniformed combatants Geneva protections or US Constitutional protections. What? Why should we treat enemy non-uniformed combatants as if they were enemies that fought under the Geneva Convention?

Stewart's assertion that Habeas Corpus should "not be suspended unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it" is ludicrous. Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus during the War for Southern Independence, and Habeas Corpus suspension is necessary now against an enemy who will not rest until all Jews and Americans are dead.

The US Constitution applies to US Citizens the last time I checked. And crazy liberals like Craig want it to apply to everyone. The liberals proudly post our secrets in hopes of helping the enemy. How the hell as we suppose to survive as a nation when liberals like Stewart and CNN smile every time an American soldier is killed on television in al-Qaeda propaganda tapes.

The Military Commissions Act scares Stewart because "as of last Tuesday, the government can jail you without any charges or evidence." My God, we might have found another UH Chicken Little. Come on. Please, it only applies to terrorists, but if Craig's "rights" are ever challenged. I would more than likely side with the government.

As far as al-Qaeda American Jose Padilla, forget his ass. Throw away the goddamn key and don't even look for it. Padilla was mildly tortured as compared to al-Qaeda chopping off American heads, which Stewart and other liberals so convienently overlook all the time.

Stewart's defense of Padilla was, "you read that right. An American citizen was held by the American military on direct orders from the president without charges for three-and-a-half years." Who cares? He's al-Qaeda. But liberals do care, because those people hate the United States.

Padilla's transfer to a civilian jail prior to the Supreme Courts decision, I feel was wrong, but in order to avoid problems because of the left leaning Court's decision it was done. What's done is done.

Anyway, be looking for libs like Craig Stewart to be making increased contributions to the American Communists League Union (ACLU) so that they can throw their full weight behind the American al-Qaeda, and detainees.

Screw the Godless libs and the leaning-dem Mods!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Request to UH Daily Cougar Columnist or WIN Reporters 'Please do a piece on the UAE Leasing Our Ports'

Just got an e-mail from an old war buddy working in Dubai.

I've got lots of information and I'm ready to fire.


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Nick Somarkis 'Only Conservative Press Should Nix Agenda' (Liberal Press continue as you were)

You will never read this statement from worthless UH Daily Cougar columnist and ex-UH College Democrat officer Nick Somarkis.

"Over three decades ago, Senator Ted
drank beer and then killed a young woman after abandoning her in a sinking car. The woman could not apologize for ruining Kennedy's career because she drowned."

But you will read this today from worthless 'ol Nick and his worthless excuse for a goatee.

"A couple of
weeks ago, Vice President Dick
Cheney drank beer and then shot an old man.
The old man has since apologized for
ruining Cheney's hunting trip."

That's the measure of liberal resolve. Nothing ever happened prior to President Bush's election. Hence you cannot compare real liberal screw-ups to Conservative accidents.

In his tripe today "Press should be without agenda," our stoned friend Somarkis cries about how Cheney "handled the press after the accidental shooting of long-time friend Harry Whittington."

First, get the man medical attention. Thankfully the VPs medical staff is always a stones throw away, and Mr. Whittington was looked after immediately.

Looking back 37 years on July 18, 1969, the first thing that Kennedy does is swim to safety and save himself while letting the girl in the car die. He then stumbles drunk down the road from where he came, not bothering to go to the nearby houses to report what had happened.

Somarkis cries scandal asserting that "Cheney avoided the press until after the owner of the ranch where the shooting took place called a local newspaper in Corpus Christi to inform it of the shooting."

Back in 1969, "Kennedy discussed the accident with several people, including his lawyer, before he contacted the police" the next day, and never once thought that the first thing he should do was contact the press.

When the VP finally talks to the press "after a couple of days" Nick asserts, "Cheney finally decided to do an interview with Fox News anchor Brit Hume ­a conservative reporter who was soft on the vice president."

Back in 1969, The Swimmer was not interviewed at all by the press and on July 25th, makes a calculated political statement that saves his political career from disaster.

Somarkis, as most liberals do, see the Cheney hunting accident through the eyes of scandal. The Kenedy County Sherrif's report mentioned no one being drunk, unlike Kennedy. No one left the scene of the incident, except Kennedy. And which one let their unintended victim die, Kennedy.

Yeah, I see a liberal press agenda alright. Conservatives bad, liberals good. The liberal press avoids reality while making up their own.

Screw the libs!


UH Daily Cougar Crazed and Confused IV


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal U of W Senator Jill Edwards puts SGAs on notice' (If you stop honors to WWII Vets be prepared for national attn)

The University of Washington's Student Senate which recently turned down a memorial tribute for Col. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, USMC has been receiving national attention for their blatant disregard for all things military and a great military hero for that fact.

Andrew Everett, the sponsor of legislation to recognize Boyington, a UW alumnus and Commander of the Black Sheep Squadron during WWII, with some sort of plaque or small statue for Pappy's service. The memorial misson was shot down by the liberal enemy UW Student Senate, who hate war heros and everything associate with the US victory in WWII.

Liberal Senator and organic food lover,
Jill Edwards (seen at left) immediately moved to table the legislation, which was denied. In her mind other legislation had to be considered such as giving away condoms at the next Love Jam.

Interest continued as to how a Boyington memorial would be funded, and how Everett came up with his idea to recognize Colonel Boyington, to which Everett had read about Pappy and believed "his achievements warranted recognition."

Liberal Senator Tyler Dockins asked why "the monument shouldn't commemorate all the
alumni who fought in the war" to which Everett noted "several statues around campus already serve such a purpose and that Colonel Boyington had many of the qualities the University of Washington hoped to produce in its students."

Well that pissed off the Senator from the Honors Croquet League Jill Edwards who questioned "is it appropriate to honor a person who killed other people."

Well I don't know Jill, you worthless piece of organic tomato eating debris, why don't you ask Senator Kennedy who has killed other people. How many black people did Senator Robert Byrd lynch when he was with the KKK? Both of these libs have been honored by their home states for sending them back to the US Senate since the 1960s.

Jill Edwards couldn't even tell her own group of proud croqueters that she had screwed up and supported Washington State University's Organic Farm and WSU croquet before her trip to Italy a while back.

Jill admited in her Senate report to the HCL that "I talked more than I ever have before and realized exactly why I never talk." She screws up, that's why. "I apparently upset a lot of people when I opposed a memorial for a Colonel from WWII who had recieved a Medal of Honor and who was a UW graduate." The bitch didn't even know his name.

Incredibly, Jill Edwards, who is at UW studying math, couldn't put two and two together and figure out it's because of the sacrifice of Marines like "Pappy" Boyington that she is even able to go to school there. Edwards had the audacity to say that she "didn’t believe a member of the Marine Corps was an example of the sort of person UW wanted to produce." No, pot smoking hippies will do just fine for UW.

That statement about the Marines just labels liberals right there. The United States military will always be seen as the "enemy" in the eyes of worthless liberal bitch Jill Edwards and other liberals.

Another stupid U of W liberal Senator, Ashley Miller, commented that there were "many monuments at UW already commemorating rich white men," and then the Senate went about destroying the reason for having the memorial in the first place by striking away his service record of "destroying 26 enemy aircraft."

It would be interesting to see how our own UH SGA would handle this situation. Would they be as stupid as Jill Edwards and the rest of the worthless libs up there, and find national attention. Or would they listen to reason and actually support a suggested memorial to a famous UH Veteran or group of UH Veterans.

You know, following WWII, Veterans breathed new life into UH. By Vietnam, UH Veterans were spit on, and its time to pay all those guys back with some honor -- eh, Phi Chi Sigma.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Places Hopes in Democratic Polling' (Just like they believed the Kerry exit polls in 2004)

It has been said time and time again, "the only real poll that counts are the election results."

Democrats have been showing promise in the polls since 1994 when they lost their total grip on power, which eventually resulted in a total shift in the Congressional power structure and then the White House. Liberals literally cannot stand being out of power.

Even today, when there is a issue of national importance, where does the liberal media turn too -- people like former-Senator Tom Daschle, or other worthless liberals who are not even in charge of a damn committee. Yes, the media depends on mostly liberals who cannot make a damn decision as to the welfare of the country, much less where they stand on an issue.

Well, today UH Daily Cougar columnist David Salinas, gets his marching orders from Democratic Headquarters -- "keep hope alive." Boy that sounds familiar.

Anyway, Salinas' mission is to keep the Democratic party from imploding, keep the Blacks on the plantation of intellectual slavery, and drum up support for a liberal party that has not one idea to:
Yes, today UH Daily Cougar columnist and resident cotton picker David Salinas relys on the liberals old standard -- polls -- which make liberals look good and Conservative look bad. Polls, that if worded right, would give Adolf Hitler higher favorable ratings than that of our own George Bush. Polls in which liberals have already made a predetermined outcome, and if they don't meet those outcomes, then they will have those outcomes placed in order to have the polls show promise for the liberals in the next election.

In his tripe today "Polls showing promise for Dems," Salinas rallies the liberal troops with so-called "scandal" on the Republican, hoping that all that will motiviate the liberal base to come and vote for democrats. Where is this supposed "liberal Contract with America" that the liberals were promising:
where is that?

If running on so-called scandal is all the democrats got, then the liberals are in trouble. All this "if the elections were held today" crap is just that -- crap. Democrats are living in the past, with no hope of what to do in the future. No wonder they have no humor. All the things they supposedly fought for:
were passed with the help of Republicans, and not with the majority of the democratic party. They'll call Black Republicans racist, while giving passes to former KKK members like Senator Robert Byrd. They'll blame VP Cheney in his hunting accident, while giving a pass to a drunken Senator Kennedy who let his pregnant girlfriend die in a submerged car while he saved himself, then spent the next day trying to sober up and explain what happened.

Salinas tries to cover up the ousting of Iraq War Veteran and former liberal Ohio Senate candidate Paul Hackett who was ousted by Senator "Dingy" Harry Reid with threats of revealing evidence that Hackett committed war crimes of all things in Iraq.

David's message of hope with other liberal favorable polls is pure tripe. When voters really find out what those liberal candidates are hiding, then the polls will dramatically tighten. David Salinas won't tell you that, but that's what will happen.

Salinas had to wait until the last paragraph of his tripe today to clear up the "biggest misconception about the Democratic Party in that they don't have any ideas and that they lack a voice." The liberals have ideas? The liberals have a voice?

OK Salinas. What ideas? Where's the voice?

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


UH Liberals 'In the words of Frankie Goes To Hollywood'


UH Daily Cougar Eddys '(Say that US is Ready for Female Prez in the 20th Century' (Of course they're just one century off)

The last time I checked when we eazed into the 20th Century it was 1906, and TR was President.

In the UH Daily Cougar today the Eddys forgot that the "21st century is the century that began on 1 January 2001 and will last to 31 December 2100."

Eddys mistake or not, it will take a century until this country elects a female liberal President.

The Daily Cougar Eddys in their editorial today "Easing into 20th century with female president," tout the polls that the nation is ready for a female Commander-in-Chief. Evidently they forgot the recent poll that mentions that 51% of registered voters definitely WOULD NOT VOTE Hillary Clinton for President. I suppose that block of the population doesn't want another era of "I don't recall." Anyway, what real man would vote for Hillary -- go Condi!

I agree with the Daily Cougar Eddys that when electing females "it should be because of their politics, not their chromosomes." Of course other countries have elected female leaders, but were they a superpower?

I'm confident that several if not more females and Black men, as well as a Hispanic or two will be elected President in the 21st Century, all Conservative of course. Still unbeknownst to liberals, the kook left is making Republicans out of long-time Black Democrat voters like Larry X, and with each election a growing percentage of those traditionally Democratic voters are voting Republican.

I've talked with a fair number of old Democrats now Republican, and they say that the Democratic party left them long ago, and Larry X will tell you the same thing, but from a different perspective.

And Daily Cougar Eddys, just for the record "the 20th century lasted from 1901 to 2000" under which calendar? Gregorian or Julian?

Monday, February 20, 2006


Exposing UH Waste - Wireless System Redundancy in the MD Anderson Library

With the new renovations at the MD Anderson Library complete, the IT department decided to install additional wireless capabilities to the library. The only problem is that the wireless network hub that they installed to increase MDAs wireless footprint was already covered by an existing wireless hub. Essentially, the hubs were located next to each other and the library experienced the same "dead" wireless areas that had existed before.
In all, about $30,000 - $40,000 of UH's tax dollars were waisted. So far, there is no word if the new wireless hub has been moved. But knowing the IT department it will take an act of congress to get it moved.


UH Daily Cougar Eddys 'Scared of Being Run Out Over Next Controversial Cartoon' (Against Press Censorship)

In the UH Daily Cougar, they can make jokes of Vice President Cheney, hip-hop evacuees, Christianity, Judaism, even Hispanics, but the unwritten rule of liberal journalism is that Islam is off limits.

The Daily Cougar Eddys were taken aback recently when they read that "on Feb. 9, The Daily Illini, the independent student newspaper of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, republished six of the 12 Danish cartoons depicting Muhammad that have become the center of a controversy involving protests, riots and a growing death toll."

The Daily Cougar Eddys in their editorial "Press censorship: Worst. Idea. Ever.," became quite concerned when the Daily Illini Editor in Chief and Opinion Editor were suspended pending findings from a task force determined "to investigate the newspaper's decision-making process" over the printing of the cartoons.

As for myself, I consider the DI Editor in Chief Acton Gorton and Opinion Editor Charles Prochaska heros, and the UH Daily Cougar Editors should rise to their efforts and risk a suspension by printing the cartoons. If not, then they run the risk of remaining lap dogs to the liberal left, and just being another mediocre liberal product that hails from UH, with no real meat to their credits.

UH Daily Cougar Eddys, Zack -- STAND OUT from your present and past colleagues, and print the "so-called" offensive Muhammed cartoons. Take whatever consequences that come your way, but know that you would print those cartoons with a clear consequence that the UH community may then have a better understanding of the causation of the riots.

It is not fair that newspapers can boldly print material that is offensive to one God and refuse to print material this is offensive to another for 'fear' of what might happen. The DI Editors were fearless, and in the end they will be noted for their fairness, which is the same argument that the UH Daily Cougar can use in their explanation.

I do commend the Eddys for posting a website where the cartoons can viewed, and I doubt that will get them any strife. In the end, I doubt the Daily Cougar Eddys have enough balls to print the Muhammed cartoons. They will continue to be helpful to the liberal left aims and causes, and their political correctness.

Screw the libs!


The Crazy World of UH Leftist TV I

Friday, February 17, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Eddys 'Not Being Fooled w/non-stop Cheney Coverage' (Take a swipe at Kennedy of all people in response)

As I woke up in cloudy and cool Austin this morning reading The Daily Texan, and noticing the big changes that will challenge the current face of their West Campus. I missed my daily trek to pick up a freshly printed copy of my favorite collegiate waste of trees the UH Daily Cougar. I'm here in Austin for a wedding, and will be back in Houston Sunday afternoon, but each time I'm in Austin, I always visit the LBJ Library on the campus of UT and am currently at a friend's desk in the government school next to the library making a quick post before I start my activities in support of the upcoming marriage. Not mine thank goodness, but after this weekend, I believe I will be getting more hounded to become an instant daddy.

I was able to check out the Daily Cougar Online editorial this morning, and low and behold I agreed with everything the Eddys had to say.

The renovations to the M.D. Anderson Library are great.

I knew that the soccer name 1836 would be a problem, especially in Houston, a town that has a history of victory over Mexico. In order for the Houston club to be a success, they have to have the support of the Houston area Hispanic community. Case Closed. It's obvious that there should have been some sort of contest to name the team, and the team should have consulted common sense before ever a thought of naming the team. There are plenty of names that would have been fine that wouldn't have caused a stir, but those lugheads in the 1836 front office wouldn't listen to sense if it was squirted in their ears.

Lastly, the Eddys tackled the Vice President Cheney hunting accident, "Shot in the heart, and Cheney's to blame," which thankfully they gave a "D" in reference to its news coverage and not Cheney himself. I think it should have been an "F" but I'll take a "D" for now. Zach and the boys thankfully are not joining in and "hyping the story" for the media. Incredibly, the did their homework, and actually did some research on past VP Burr and how the popped a cap into Alexander Hamilton. Thankfully Hamilton accomplished so much before he was killed.

I agreed with the Eddys that the hyped Cheney stole the spotlight from "much more important stories" such as the Saddam tapes which proved there were WMDs, which the media is totally ignoring. But I loved the Eddys spill on good 'ol Teddy Kennedy, in which they wrote "please wake us up when Cheney gets hammered and drives his pregnant girlfriend off a bridge" at Chappaquiddick.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Crazed and Confused III

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Crazed and Confused II


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Bush White House tricks?' (The Clinton Administration was obviously a good teacher)

According to UH Daily Cougar columnist David Salinas, evidently history didn't begin until President Bush won the Presidency.

I, like a majority of sane Americans, resigned myself long ago to believing that the liberals will always be negative towards President Bush, and to think the opposite is plain poppycock. That's what liberals do best -- complain.

I'm convinced that if a six-mile wide asteroid were headed straight for earth, the environmentalist libs would be crying over the environmental impact to the world's trees, the anti-war libs, would be against the use of nuclear weapons to stop the damn thing, and the rest of the libs would be insisting on a UN Resolution to take unilaterial world action against the asteriod due for a vote two weeks after the asteriod is schedule to hit. It's maddness.

Today UH Daily Cougar columnist and cotton picker David Salinas is pissed over some podunk Corpus Christi newspaper scooping his beloved national liberal news agencies.

In his tripe today "Don't take White House tricks lightly," Salinas goes on about the accidential shooting involving Vice President Cheney and his friend Harry Whittington, and Salinas couldn't even get that right. The VP was using a 20-gauge shotgun and not some "pellet gun" that David assumed he was using.

In Texas, the type of accident that happened with the VP doesn't even have to be reported to the police, but in the liberal media you would have thought it a crime, since they got upstaged by the "Corpus Christi Caller-Times reporter Jaime Powell [who] broke the story only after receiving a tip from the owner of the ranch where Dick Cheney was hunting."

During the Clinton Administration, there were many times "the public did not know what had happened for almost 24 hours after" an incident had occurred." I can go on and on about Clinton Scandals, where the liberal media and people like David Salinas would gladly give a pass to that liberal, but if one Conservative accidently shoots a rich Austin lawyer, then all hell breaks loose.

Salinas is just illustrating the liberals obsession with trying to bring down the Bush Administration. Hell, I hope that the VP invites a few liberal Senators on his next hunting trip to Texas.

Salinas won't tell you that when something like this happens to liberals, for instance when Clinton hurt his ankle in March 1997, there is nothing but the utmost reverence and devotion for the man and his condition. Stumbling on stairs mind you, yeah, when you are either stoned or carrying a hot chick upstairs so that you can be serviced. Now I can buy that.

Salinas' belief that he and millions of Americans are being wiretapped is so off the wall its laughable. My Father is a big liberal, and even he has enough sense to know that Americans are not being wiretapped, that the feds will never have enough capacity to listen to every conversation, nor does it wish to listen to every conversation, except if your being called or calling terrorists.

I mean, who would want to listen to two stupid liberals talking about their next dates with homosexuals. The Clinton "White House increasingly invade[d] the personal lives of Americans through wiretappings" and by viewing their FBI while in the White House. Nothing ever came of that, and the liberal press never made hay over ones civil liberties back then, nor were we at war.

But now with a Republican President in office liberals like Salinas will make every effort and stretch the truth as much so they can possibly get away with, and they know it's a lie.

Salinas complains of the administration refusing "to release photos of George Bush and Jack Abramoff," when they know that liberal organizations would just use it against them. Who can blame them. And Salinas claims that Abramoff "personnally" gave money to any campaign is another lie. Jack went around existing law, and liberals are just glad they haven't been implicated in the same efforts. Well, just wait till Tom DeLay's trial, which I welcome, and then it will be shown.

Of course, while we are on the subject of "so-called" Republican Presidential scandal, Salinas won't even mention that it took Clinton 30-hours to release the death of Vince Foster, or the White House Coffees, John Wong, the Buddist Temple and Algore, associations with known criminals, the transfer of missile technology to Communist China, etc. I can go on and on, yet David Salinas falls silent on crap like that in lieu of grasping for straws for any substance he can pull up on Buch-Cheney.

You know with all this liberal attention focused on Cheney, I wouldn't blame Cheney resigning his office for the good of the country, so that President Bush can appoint someone like J.C. Watts from Oklahoma as VP to finish out the Bush Administration.

I would love to see a J.C. Watts - Condi Rice Republican ticket in 2008.

That would have the libs reeling until 2022 since most of the stuff the libs tread after does backfire.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Adil Saleem 'A UH Subversive Who Hates SUVs' (Tries to shame us into driving inexpensive deathtraps)

What is it with liberals?

If they ever like something that is good for the United States, will they blow up?

UH Daily Cougar columnist and failed al-Qaeda suicide bomber Adil Saleem switches gears and instead of supporting al-Qaeda or Hamas, he attacks Detroit, the mean and evil American polluters.

In his tripe today "SUVs demand double-take," UH terrorist Adil Saleem shows his gullibility to liberal commercials when he "heard a man on the radio asking for advice on how to discourage his wife from buying a sport utility vehicle." Initially, he "was surprised, but [the commercials] points were valid, and they really made me re-evaluate my own position on SUVs."

So this week, instead being lectured by Adil on the greatness of Hamas or al-Qaeda, we get pounded on how bad SUVs are. Who cares if they "are not used for their original purpose anymore," they are being driven because people like to drive them.

I'm tired of liberals like Saleem telling me what is good and what is bad for me to drive. Who cares if SUVs are driven by large families or by a lone person who can afford it.

SUVs are what America wants, and who are Saleem, an unclean liberal to tell Americans what they can or can't drive. Saleem is a degenerate who proudly touts President Bush's statement from the State of the Union that America is "addicted" to foreign oil, but throws out the rest of the speech.

President Bush knows that it will take decades to perfect the initiatives that President Bush mentioned, and it will take ten years to get any increased meaningful production and refining of homegrown oil sources before we can see significant drops in prices at the pumps. High gas prices even effect the poor too.

If Clinton would have not VETOed drilling in ANWR during his Administration, we would be drilling there now. The market will eventually dictate a standard of energy that is marketable, just as gasoline is now, but it is going to take a long time.

Who is Adil Saleem to tell us that he is appalled when he sees "Hummers on the road, despite the fact that gas prices are through the roof." Saleem has the audacity to criticize Americans about our vehicles when in Pakistan what a person drives doesn't even register on their radars.

Saleem goes off about us on "conserving resources." Why? "Some people are still buying new trucks they don't need." Again, why does Adil hate you for being able to buy the big truck of your dreams? Because he can't get one.

Saleem is simply jealous, and since we are not "willing to change our habits" he's out to shame the UH weak minded into believing that SUVs are bad. Until that time Saleem is just waiting out his time over here until al-Qaeda activates his cell for their next attack.

Screw the libs!


UH Veterans Office Can Use OUR Help (Calling all Veterans - Feb 17th)

All joking aside.

It has come to my attention, that on Friday, February 17th there is going to be a public comment period from 11:45am to Noon in reference to the UH Veterans Service Office budget.

The Veterans Office budget has been lacking as of late, and it is time for UH Veteran students to come and help out those in the Veterans Office who have helped us in the past, by speaking and helping them get more funding and personnel to make the Veterans Office more effective in helping UH Veterans with their campus needs.

If you have some free time on Friday in the late morning, please come and say a few words on behalf of the Veterans Office. Tell the SFAC what they have done for you. To participant, go to the Bluebonnet Room on the UC Second Floor on Friday, February 17th, at 11:45am. It won't take long.

I know the UH Veterans Office has helped out a lot of us in one way or another over the years, and they have really been getting the short end of the budget as of late, and its time we UH Veterans step up to the plate and give sometime back.

I got some numbers from my Taj Mahal friend The Shadow and the numbers for the International Student and Scholar Services Office is almost ten times that of the Veterans Office. I wonder how much UH spends on protecting gay marriage each year? I bet its more than what it spends on UH Veterans.

If you are a Veteran and unaware of what the Veterans Office does, they:
If you don't know, UH played an integral part in educating returning Veterans from WWII. They play a part in shaping the university as to what it is today, and its time for us Veterans to give a little back.

So UH Veterans please do your part to make the UH Veterans Office better for now and in the future.

Monday, February 13, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Crazed and Confused I


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Jamaal-Rashad Smith 'Gullible on US Recognition of Hamas' (Hamas needs to demonstrate peace before they are recognized)

In a day when liberal US media outlets are refusing in "fear" to print the Prophet Muhammad cartoons out of outright intimidation by the Muslim community, yet at the same time prints information that is helpful to the cause of America's enemy.

Of course liberals will trash Christianity and Judaism at will, but when it comes to Islam, the secularists liberal media will treat Islamists with greatest of ease.

Why? Because the radicals of that religion, like liberals, hate America with every fiber of their body, and anyone who hates America gets a pass from the liberal media. Hence US liberal media will not run the Prophet Muhammad cartoons. I believe one paper in Pennsylvania has had enough onions to run the cartoons compared to the rest of the eunuch liberal media, which gladly runs prints arts offensive to Christianity instead.

UH Daily Cougar opinion columnist Jamaal-Rashad Smith's piece "Hamas will test faith in democracy," was a good effort for most of the piece but calling for the US to recognize Hamas at this point should not be a consideration in the slightest sense.

Hamas has to demonstrate they want peace in their region. Now for someone who cannot stand Jews this is going to be pretty hard. Hamas ought to be thankful they have their own government and haven't been pounded into the ground yet.

Israel has been friends with the US since it became a nation, and if that causes our enemies to want to kill us -- then so be it, we have enough bullets and bombs. Thankfully, most Arabs don't want to kill us. I believe they want to live in peace, and if the liberals would just let the US drill for our own oil, our footprint in the Middle East wouldn't be as great as it is today.

Hamas has to present progress before they are taken seriously. Just being elected doesn't mean Hamas should be recognized off the bat. Its going to be difficult for Hamas since their previous history of violence has countries that once funded Fatah now withholding their funding. And without money coming in, improving infrastructure in Palestine and creating jobs will be difficult.

Smith's assumption that "America lacks credibility among Islamic countries" is wrong. Hamas lacks credibility with the world. Hamas has just as short a memory as American liberals do, so they don't know any better.

President Bush's decision not to recognize Hamas is a great move that will show that the world that we will support a proper democracy, and not a so-called "democracy" that is run by terrorists.

Smith's notion that "Americans will not stand for U.S. soldiers dying for democracy in one country and the government suppressing it in another" is wrong as well. The United States is not suppressing democracy in Palestine. They just elected a government that will suppress it for them, and the world is not being fooled.

Americans will sacrifice for democracy, and the gullible Smith will not tell you that the United States has sacrificed much more in the past that we have in the present. Democracy is a choice, and Hamas, even though they proved they can hold a successful election, doesn't mean they can belong to the community of nations. Once they demonstrate a consistent effort of welfare for their people and express peace to other nations as well as to Israel, then they should be recognized, but not before that point.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


UH Leftist TV 'World Internet News' (Not For Profit because they couldn't make a profit: Like Air America Radio)

With Air America radio struggling to bring out the most in liberal or "progressive" radio even paying radio stations to run their programs, we at UH have a Texas taxpayer funded outfit that puts out leftist tripe and in turn is putting out a new generation of liberal broadcasters who are "out to save the world" with their reporting.

Yes, UH's own World Internet News waists Texas taxpayers dollars with their own brand of "neo-progressive" journalism that only someone who lives in Montrose and inserts objects up their anus can appreciate. From psychedelic backgrounds that confuse the viewer not to understand the content to insane close-ups of Jessica Robertson's voluptuous lispy lips that invite viewers to a new dimension of understanding the news as it is presented, bad breath included.

Yes, our WIN progressives are setting themselves up for life failures by actually believing there is a market for more liberal journalists. In a day when liberal newspaper subscriptions are way down and continuing to fall, Big-3 network news are hemorraging money and viewers, all while the economy is doing very well with unemployment even lower than it was under President Clinton, then why is liberal media doing so bad?

The answer: packaging and self-evaluation. First packaging. We have to look at the media as a business. They have their own sweeps months too. Hence all the sex stories in the news happen during November, February, May and July. Ever wonder why the Super Bowl is now played in February -- sweeps. The media packages their news just as a meatcutter packages liver at the local HEB. They put their spin on the news just as that meat cutter may put some parsley in the package to make the liver look better for the libs, but its still just liver.

Liberal media news outlets are still using their 30 year-old "liver" playbook of trying to spin the news "their way" like before there was cable and internet, but saner media outfits such as Fox News are using "New York Strip steak" in moving forward and leaving libs news outfits in the ratings dust. Liberal media like liver in my book are two products that stink.

Secondly, self-evaluation. Liberals think themselves so smart, that when they are losing viewers to their worthless news programs and circulation to their worthless papers, they think we are the problem for not being beholding to them. The lib media never looks at themselves as the problem, and hence we get lay-offs of non-white employees at Chronicle, and now thankfully lay-offs over at Time are involving worthless liberals in their opinion section.

Its a given that liberal news has changed public opinion in the past. We only have to look at the Time magazine cover of that Somali child starving, or the fake TV interview that saved a Clinton candidacy and eventually brought about a national shame. More people are smarter now, and know when they are being fooled.

Leftists news outlets that can find all fault in Republicans and none in democrats show themselves as just another arm of the democratic party. Even my own liberal Father is with the Republicans when it comes to listening to al-Qaedas foreign and domestic calls. It shows, and hence all the commercials showing products for socially dependent seniors come just in time for the worthless CBS news show at 5:30pm because they got no other takers. Gloria Borger oozes liberalism on CBS so much, one of her recent reports was 99% "Repubicans bad" compared to 1% "democrat bad," and she couldn't even tell even a half truth about William Jefferson democrat Louisiana.

I'm telling you, people are well aware of the difference, and they are taking a stance by now watching or buying the printed liberal tripe. If the DC or WIN had to charge for their products they would go out of business immediately.

The WIN as I see it, is a compilation of all three Big-3 network news put together. They have a product that no one except people with extreme leftist bents want to see. They cater to liberal people, people who don't mind the United States, big business, Christians, Republicans, Conservatives being seen as the bad guys.

I was recently asked "Why do I call UHs WIN leftists?" I replied, "of all politicians, you interview socialist Cynthia McKinney and take her seriously. In reporting on American soliders in the WOT, only criticism is applied. The Texas Observer is taken as a major source of news. WIN loves unions, hates Wal-Mart and Christians. WIN regards the NY Times as "supposedly liberal." Male Prostitutes use your program to advertise how much to do what act." I could have went on but if was getting late. WIN cannot bring themselves to give one Conservative a fair shake or they will be seen as traitors to the leftist cause.

I look forward to WIN doing a media critique of KSEV Radio, or even Rush Limbaugh because once again, as with O'Reilly, their one week of so-called "listening" or "watching" will probably be done checking liberal blogs for subversive comments about their subject as to what to say on air. Compare all that to a possible WIN media critique of Air America Radio if they survive in time for WIN to get back on the air, and you will hear nothing but praise for Randi Rhodes, Janeane Garofalo, Sam Seder, and Al Franken, who all so "boldly stand up against President Bush and the Republican agenda."

"From the windy Northern Command on the shores of the still below level Lake Conroe. I'll be back in the Southern Command early on Monday to continue to hound liberals. This is UH Liberal Hater, Not For Profit Blogger."

Screw the libs!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist James Davis 'Makes it Official' (He's Gay)

Remember after "Ellen" announced she was "gay" on her television show, and then soon after the show was canceled because America lost interest in her after she "outed" herself.

Well guess what, UH Daily Cougar opinion columnist James Davis, has made it official -- he's gay, and went about explaining away all the meanings of the word "gay" today in his tripe "Time to put derelict vocabulary to work," trying to better inform you on how not to call him gay when you see him on campus.

Congratulations young James, may you have many gay years of boinking and being boinked, and trading spit with dirty old white guys who like you because your the hottest piece of tale to have come their way in a long time.

I guess the alternative lifestyle crowd will be seeing James at the next late night showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in drag loving musical theater with your fuzzy navel and wearing the latest fad in feminine alternative fashion.

Don't worry James that's not being gay; that's just being yourself.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'NY Times Withholds Showing Cartoon of Prophet Muhammad' (Reprints photo of Ofili's dung smeared "Holy Virgin Mary")

If you look in the New York Times today you will find the liberals beholding to the Islamic belief of not offending their Islamic God by not reprinting those offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, but if you look around the arts section in the Critic's Notebook of the NYT today, you'll find the liberals practicing their continued disbelief in the Christian God by actually printing a piece by Chris Ofili's titled "Holy Virgin Mary."

Ofili's painting was at the center of controversy in 1999 when it was shown at a Brooklyn museum but not before being pelted with dung.

I originally wasn't going to run the below picture but since the liberals insult me and my Christian god, it's my prerogative to insult them and their islamic god.

If Michael Kimmelman is fired from the New York Times I will remove the below picture.



UH Daily Cougar Guest Columnist Sibi Mohammed Benhabib 'Pushes Peace' (But what's his real purpose for being here?)

Not wanting to tackle the day late and dollar short David Salinas and his take on the European insult to the followers of the prophet Muhammad, which the Eddys covered yesterday, I saw the "we come in piece" piece by UH Student Worker and Guest Columnist Sibi Mohammed Benhabib, and it gave new light to the old saying "we (the US) educate over half the world's terrorists."

Today, Student Worker Sibi Mohammed Benhabib Guest Columnist tries to ease US-Muslim tensions with his piece "Most Muslims want peace, not riots," and I was pleased by his openess. I have no doubt that most Muslims want peace, but it's those few radical Muslims that are ruining it for the rest of them. The democratic party can be viewed the same way as radical Muslims, I would hope that most democrats think sanely like Senator Joseph Lieberman, but those in his posse are being taken over by the MoveOn.orgers who are left of left and ruining the democratic party for everyone.

I am a little worried about Benhabib's field of study in optoelectronics. Knowing a little about military weaponry, I know that optoelectronic devices can be used in the fire control systems of WMDs. Once Benhabib goes back home, whats to stop his government or Muslim extremists from forcing him to use his talents for evil purposes against the United States or other Western powers. All they would have to do is to hold his family hostage at gunpoint and they can get whatever they want from him. It's that simple.

Benhabib calls for us to "understand with no doubt that Islam is a religion of peace and of right," and Benhabib may get his wish seeing as US public schools are quickly erasing all references to Christianity and embracing The Noble Qur'an as their preferred book of religious study.

Until we have some event in Houston or another 9/11, I agree that most people will not see Benhabib as a terrorist, but with everything that is going on he is so close to that line. Personally, following 9/11 I believe there should have been at least a five-year moratorium on immigration. I do fault President Bush for that and the border.

We have to get our immigration house in order. How many students like Sibi Mohammed Benhabib do we allow in this country to come and seemingly study, then they disappear only to become unaccounted for and then become a threat to national security. Why are we even letting anyone remotely associated with the Middle East in America in the first place?

I'm sorry Benhabib or Mohammed or whatever you want to call yourself. It's great that people "here in Houston people don't care about your religion or your ethnicity," but there are concerns that have to be maintained, and however benign your visit may be you have to still be monitored.

I'm glad that you condemned those violent Muslims that are burning European buildings overseas, but should this even be a world issue. I think not. Radical Muslims have learned so much from the extreme left of the democratic party, and the only difference between them is that the Muslims can use guns in public.

Two recent events have cemented my distrust for Muslims and show that they are beholding to the radicals, whether it be by fear or loyalty. First, when the Egyptian ferry Al-Salaam Boccaccio '98 sunk, the Egyptian government rejected Israel's offer of assistance, which to my understanding had a naval ship nearby, and so instead of passengers being rescued by some Jews the Egyptian refusal resulted in the deaths of over 1,000 Egyptian citizens. And secondly, the blow-up by Muslims over the publishing of the cartoons shows how quickly a entire peoples can come unhinged over the most of innocent of circumstances.

As Westerners we see Islam as a strange religion. We know they study the United States, and its quite possible due to our liberalism that America affords the world's eyes, they have adapted to radicalism as a last ditch effort to keeping power.

I mean in less than two generations Muslims have seen America come from a seperation of the races to an acceptance of interracial marriage thus lessening the future Black race in the future, and perhaps its that loss of power by Muslims that prevents most Muslim nations from really opening up to Israel and the West. No Muslim wants the modern Commodore Perry to be allowed into Muslim countries for fear of little Jews and Muslims growing up together that erupts into another blood bath of past Northern Ireland.

Benhabib's recognizes the freedom of the press, yet calls their printing to the Muhammed cartoons "an abuse of power." Good, now Benhabib knows how Conservatives feel in a liberal controlled press with their political tripe.

I don't know, Benhabib may be right and I may be wrong. Hell, perhaps we should all embrace The Qur'an. Abortion would be illegal and women would be kept subservient meaning NOW and most of the left wouldn't exist and Hillary would never be President.

Screw the libs!

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