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Monday, January 23, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Reporters and Columnists Will Never Have Enough Balls As This Guy

A recent piece by former Wall Street Journal correspondent Matt Pottinger "Mightier Than the Pen: Why I gave up journalism to join the Marines," shows one journalists story moving away from liberal journalism for of all things to: serving his country.

I challenge all of those involved with the UH Daily Cougar -- drop what you are doing and serve your country. Mr. Pottinger should be your role model.

Face it liberals. We have a great economy with really only one aspect that is failing horribly -- daily published print media and worthless television media. And those budding journalists think they are going to make something of themselves. Sadly, liberal journalists only way to succeed is to tear down people.

Mr. Pottinger is one journalists who honored his country by joining the Marines, and is in training at this time. I certainly hope that he writes a book and does not let his writing talent go completely to waist.

On the other hand, UH Daily Cougar journalists and staffers should just join the military and not bother writing a book. For them it would be a waist of time and like the James Risen book, which sold just 8,472 copies in its first week despite all the hype, your book wouldn't sell.

2nd Lt. Pottinger has more journalistic integrity in one finger of his right hand than all UH Daily Cougar liberal put together.

Screw the libs!

fat chance
I'm with you a lot of the time, but this one's a little silly.
Exceptions are those middle of the roaders from coastal Louisiana on staff.
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