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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Op Editor James Davis 'Addresses MLK Day Decline' (Blames you for not being Black on MLK Day; does not address who is really to blame)

With UH liberalism about to resume for 2006, we got the final "Breaking News" issue today for 2005-2006 UH Daily Cougar. Even though Editor in Chief Matt Dulin is no longer in power, his legacy can still be felt in the liberalism that will continue to flow from Rm. 151 of the communications building. In his first opinion foray in the new year Opinion Editor James Davis, the dudette who was responsible for the famous editorial cartoon of last September 19th (which of course looked exactly like the editorial cartoon of September 16th) because it depicted an unfair stereotype of a Katrina evacuee at the Hermann Hospital emergency room.

Editor in Chief Matt Dulin took the blame at the time, but like most liberals do when they screw up, he stayed in office and continued to remain ineffective for the rest of his term in office.

Today in his piece to bring more awareness to MLK Day,
Davis appeases the NAACP-UH, a group he deeply offended when he OK'd the evacuee cartoon back in September.

In his tripe today "Holiday more than just time off," Davis asks the question "how much do Americans consider the actual substance of the holiday over the benefits it affords them?"

"The inception of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 1986 certainly stood as a bold recognition of the civil rights movement," but has since been slowly destroyed by Rev. Jesse Jackson by his "higher than God" attitude because he was King's successor.

But who does
James Davis blame, well let us "look no further than our friend," Christopher Columbus, who "since 1971, th[e] second Monday of every October has dignified the legacy of [the man] who can, at best, be described as a confused navigator and at worst a purveyor of genocide." When can be thankful that Davis didn't berate President's Day, or better yet Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Davis opines "there has been opposition to the [Columbus Day] holiday since its inception," and asks "Why is this?" But of course James Davis fails to mention that Martin Luther King Day was not celebrated in Arizona until 1992 when voters approved the holiday to avoid a tourist boycott, and it was not until 1999 when liberal New Hampshire changed the name of Civil Rights Day to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Davis laments on his points to the point of intellectual slumber. They are worthless. If Davis were a desert scout he would lead his party to ruin and starvation.
Martin Luther King Day to me was brought about as a recognition of a successful movement. As a recognition to a successful man. And when he died, his memory set off events that would bring the Black Community closer to the mainstream of American society.
James Davis gives readers the impression that America doesn't care about MLK Day. No it is not that. It is Jesse Jackson and his ilk that have prostituted the cause of MLK to the point that MLK Day is seen as just another day off.
Davis looks at MLK Day as a day when we share "real estate in your day planner with good ol' Chris" [Columbus], while he continues to doubt the validity of Columbus Day. His argument that Labor Day should be reserved to honor the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire does not hold water and is better suited for remembrance during National Fire Prevention Week.
James Davis' fear that "Dr. King will suffer [] obscurity" will come true if Black leaders continue to go to the well of crying 'racism,' which is equivalent to liberals calling "scandal" everytime Bush speaks or meets with someone.
Quite simply the American public does not take Jesse Jackson seriously anymore. Jackson's raping of King's memory, which by the way has made him a millionaire by extorting money from companies and groups who just want him to go away.
"Dr. King's birthday is a federal holiday for a good reason," but it is continually being taken as an occassion that criticize people because they claim the Black Community 'has not come far enough.'
I'm sorry, I cannot accept that. Hell, all of Texas just celebrated UT quarterback Vince Young and Texas' triumph over USC in the Rose Bowl, and liberals can you help me out with what race that Young is -- could it be Black?
We have had more Blacks in high power than we saw with Clinton. Liberals deny it. We pay big bucks to go see millionaire Black men play games at the highest levels. Hell I'd vote for JC Watts for President and he is a Black man. But of course liberals see any Blacks who side with Republicans as Uncle Toms. Ask 'Larry X.'
When James Davis speaks of holidays I hope to see him write of another holiday that will be approved in the future -- Defeat of Liberalism Day.
Screw the libs!

i would have hoped that davis would be gone along with dulin
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