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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


UH Daily Cougar 'First True Outing Under Zach Lee not bad' (James Davis is gone as Op Editor)

In reviewing Zachary James Lee's first true outing as the new UH Daily Cougar Editor in Chief I thought it was a great effort, but we still have the rest of the semester to go.

Lee even threw in a very critical column about the democrats and how they can only criticize Republicans yet offer no ideas themselves. I was very appreciative.

Yes, a blizzard blew in under the name of new Opinion Columnist Jacob Blizzard. His "Dems are still talking, saying nothing," was right on the money in stating that "the Democrats have no concrete views or goals and nothing to say that will actually help our country."

I sincerely hope that Lee's papers will be consistent. I know he's been on the paper long enough to know its ins and outs, and how not to make Dulinesk mistakes. But only time will tell.

About the only error I found in the paper or on the website was the old "editorial board" still listed on the staff-eddy page.

Of course, when unadulterated liberalism hits the pages of the UH Daily Cougar you will be hearing a mouthful for me.

Praise the Lord in the name of Martin Luther King, Jr. -- James Davis is gone. Halleluiah.

Screw the libs!

praise the lord brother
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