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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnists Salinas and McCormick 'Both writing on subjects they know nothing about' (Help reduce global warming by waisting trees)

UH Daily Cougar Opinion columnist James August McCormick really stepped into it for his first rantman rant of the year. For a guy who likes science, the guy who promised us a summer series of tripe on "stem cell research" yet all we got was a lot of tripe on campus food and how he was a "God" living in his dorm room. For the man who hates "discussing national politics" quite simply because he's not good at it, we get his so-called "predictions for the next 12 months."

On the other hand and in the back of the bus,
UH Daily Cougar columnist David Salinas today takes us on a ride showing us why liberal blacks will never gain power while they embrace celebrating their oppression, by trying to compare MLKs wiretaps to the War on Terrors effort to thwart further al-Qaeda aggression here at home.

On both accounts, both
McCormick and Salinas were dismal failures.

In the past I have agreed with
Jim McCormick, such as in his piece "Hey, where did all the UH merchandise go?," but when he tries and pull political stunts off he really sucks bringing dishonor to the University of Houston. In his tripe today "Looking in the crystal ball for 2006," McCormick in retrospect probably regrets not writing about the latest problem with Aramark or about the microwave in the dorms, but he is way off about school funding which has been deemed unconstitutional and will somehow get fixed.

What young
McCormick does not realize is that the Legislature better get a hold on property taxes or its going to be a problem. I just had an Aunt in Austin, over 70, that was forced to move from her home near Sixth Street because the taxes were to high. She had lived in the house for over half of her life. Now I ask you is that fair?

Most people are not like budding UH Law student, former DC columnist, and trust fund kid
Giugi Carminati, who can live near me in Midtown, pay a tax bill over $5K, and take a nice ski vacation to Europe, all the while her whole family is going to school. I'm no trust fund kid, but my place in Midtown and on Lake Conroe, taxes combined are near $9K. No Jim, you better hope that the Legislature gets a handle on property taxes, or you'll be living with your parents for a long time after you get your Masters. If you get it.

McCormick's pick for governor -- Friedman. Perry will get it again, once "the Grandma" is truely shown. Perry has been much to valuable for the fight to reduce property taxes, with the hold up being Lt. Gov. Dewhurst in the Texas Senate. Lt. Gov. is actually the most powerful man in Texas, since he controls legislation.

McCormick thinks DeLay would not get another nod, but there are still many undecideds out there. Liberal democrat Lampson will not be elected from the 22nd District, and to think so is utter lunacy. What is it with liberals who can be practically convicted and are still urged to remain in office, but if a Republican is just suspected they want his head. No, DeLay will win by a slim margin, but he will win considering the alternative.

McCormick can do what he wants with Ken Lay, he screwed up my sister's 401k.

McCormick's take on Jack Abramoff, and how it will eventually affect Republicans is laughable. The democrats will not retake a "house of Congress" as long as they are perceived as being loyal to al-Qaeda and hating America. Who wants to give power to a party that has to determine their "direction" in "closed door meetings."

Of couse I'll predict that
McCormick "will graduate in May, yet stick around UH to pursue a master's degree in biochemistry," simply because he can't find a job.

UH Daily Cougar Opinion columnist David Salinas is back from South Texas where he was helping his migrate farm family with their winter pickings. Welcome back David.

In his tripe today "
Let freedom ring ... ring ... ring," Salinas celebrates the Civil Rights Movement, and of course like many fellow liberals tries to compare the bad guys of civil rights to the evils of President Bush and his so-called "War on Terror."

Did you know that if it weren't for
David Salinas vital information about how the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover himself tracked via wiretaps MLK beginning in 1961, during the democratic JFK Administration and how we were facing a non-existent enemy, would not have got out. All of this was done without Congressional approval or knowledge. Oh know -- were is the liberal outrage. I'm not even going to mention King's extramarital affairs with white women of all people "discovered through spying" with his humping promise of "I'm taking you to the promised land."

Fast forward to the next century, when we are really facing an enemy that wants to kill us, and
David Salinas is worried about the same "sort of privacy invasion," and all kinds of liberal outrage vents explode about that.

Salinas, President Bush or the NSA does not want to hear your phone conversations of you breathing hard over your boyfriend. Nor are they concerned with "spying on the Quaker Peace Group and the Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore," unless they are being contacted by al-Qaeda not one American has anything to worry about.

Salinas, like many liberals believe that there are millions of NSA guys and girls listening to each conversation, but in reality computers are listening and analyzing, throwing out the stuff that is worthless to them, like the vast majority of liberalspeak, and keeping only the most vital conversations that take place discussing American destruction.

Salinas blind allegiance to liberal arrogance's with the assumption that "the government is spying on me," is really a stretch, and if the Bush Administration really does overstep its bounds in domestic spying efforts, the liberal media will have clear and incontrovertible evidence that will stick instead of throwing mother sheehan's, and valerie plame's on the fire and hoping they will spark into flame. That is yet to happen, and I doubt it will happen.

I certainly hope that President Bush continues to confound liberals by circumventing law, not informing Congress of NSA actions, and taping terrorist and liberals phones.

"Anyone who denies there should be such an investigation and defends the president blindly lacks the intellectual capacity to see the potential threat in this power grab by the executive branch" -- nevermind President Clinton with those FBI files in the White House (filegate), Whitewater, the White House travel office scandal (travelgate), the death of Vince Foster, nationalization of healthcare, Paula Jones, illegal missile technology transfer to China, Webster Hubble, White House Coffees, illegal campaign contributions from the Chinese, John Wong and the Buddhist Temple. I can go on and on.

Salinas, you worthless liberal and pathetic excuse for a man, who is making a "power grab now?"

Screw the libs!

salinas will be salinas but now he is also a pathetic excuse for a man
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