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Thursday, January 26, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Nick Somarkis 'Calls for Govt to Handle Birth Control For You' (Liberals believe you to stupid to handle your own sex life)

Are you stupid? Well of course not.

But evidently UH Daily Cougar columnist and ex-UH College Democrat officer Nick Somarkis, ever the socialist, thinks you are so stupid that you can't handle your own sex life without some sort of government involvement.

The activist Somarkis, who as a child cried whenever he did not get his way, and even in college Somarkis cries the same way. Back in September 2003 he closed the UH College Democrats back account with Woodforest when he did not get his way on a service fee issue. Of course, it wasn't our fault that the libs could keep a minimum balance of $1,000.

In his tripe today "Government should support birth control," Somarkis lies from the get go writing of stuff he knows nothing about. Just looking at his fat face; how can anyone of the opposite sex, much less the same sex, find Nick the least bit attractive.

Somarkis would have us believe that "few people have actually been inside an abortion clinic," but at last count some 43 million abortions have taken place since the early 1970's, and begs the question of Nick "just exactly what is a few in your book."

Somarkis' attempt to make us feel sorry for the abortive mothers is sickening. We have scientist who go crazy if we discover rocks on Earth that had been on Mars and call it "life" yet we have liberals on Earth with verifiable life in the womb yet that life is hatingly aborted.

Do you realize that if abortion were illegial the liberals would be in charge today. The liberals have aborted their own base voters. But that does not affect Somarkis, who feels more sorry for the young girl "sobbing uncontrollably in the corner of the room only to reschedule an appointment because they cannot go through with" their abortion at that time.

We know that Nick Somarkis would gladly abort every baby he could get hands on. No liberal ever considers the consequences of a sexual act nor do they take the proper precautions in regards to the act.

Somarkis notes that abortions are "entirely preventable, or at least they should be" but he offers no solutions that don't involve government control.

Somarkis' solution of course is for government to "subsidize birth control pills and make the day-after pill available over the counter." What's next Nick? Do you want the U.S. government to schedule sexual encounters as well.

Some words you won't see in Somarkis' tripe today: parents, family, abstinence. These are factors that are needed in the prevention of abortions and Nick doesn't want to admit it because he wants abortion to continue unchecked.

Roe v. Wade is dying. Why else, would we have a self-proclaimed liberal activist such as Nick Somarkis call for more birth control, government controlled of course. I mean, what the hell is Somarkis' angle? There has to be a reason.

Is Somarkis trying to difuse the abortion issue by taking the abortion issue below the radar screen, thus hoping that if a liberal Congress and President ever return to power, the libs can resume massive abortions like back in the good 'ol days.

No matter the worthless intentions of Nick Somarkis UH readers can blame the failure of the abortion movement for failing to influence Nick's pregnant mother to abort her worthless fetus thus forcing the worthless waste of trees we had today.

Screw the libs!

nick is so unlikable its crazy
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