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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Hasan Rizvi 'Hounds on Ford for Layoffs' (Hasan has no idea how generous they have been with their employees)

I will never understand liberals. They hound American companies for not paying a "livable wage" and now we have failed suicide bomber and UH Daily Cougar al-Qaeda columnist Hasan Ali Rizvi saying the reason why American companies are failing is because they pay their workers too much.

Allah be damned, which one is it?

In his tripe today "Layoffs expose bigger problems," Rizvi today attacks the Ford Motor Company and its recent announcement that they were laying off some "30,000 employees and the closing of 14 manufacturing plants. Of couse Rizvi doesn't tell the UH weak minded student that this is to happen over the next five years, and will happen through attrition and less hiring. Of course people will be moved around, but when it comes down to it, very few Ford workers will be "laid-off."

See liberals like Hasan Rizvi will always try and put things in the worst light for big business seeing as it seems the liberals economic plan is on track to shut down every Wal-Mart it can, and pay everyone a living wage just enough for them to vote democrat.

Ford is a company with a rich history. They've always paid their workers the highest wages, and they've received the best benefits. But times are changing, and to remain solvent and competitive they must adapt in a changing world, hence layoffs and restructuring.

That's when liberal hounds like Hasan Ali Rizvi jump in with their comments and try and make it look worse with their blistering tripe. Yes, foreign auto makers have increased competition amongst the automakers, hell, even Japan has had its problems, but in the end it is good that change is happening. Its good for the companies that are making the changes, and the people that are being affected by the changes.

I'm not beholding to "economic patriotism." Of the three vehicles and one motorhome I have, two are foreign named, but more than likely all were made in the US. I trust quality, and US manufacturers are improving, and one day I envision all of my vehicles will be American named and made. You never count the United States out of a race, because it will come back to bite you in the butt someday.

Surprisingly, Rizvi attacks Detroits relationship with unionized labor, that they are receiving to much? Is that the reason Ford is failing? Possibly, but you can't fault Ford for being loyal to its workforce even after retirement. They've given it a good try, and now have to do something else.

It's unfortunate that now the government has to pick up the slack were Ford is leaving off in being generous to its employees and retirees. Perhaps if government had not got in the medical business, prices would have not skyrocketed and more companies would be able to afford pensions.

Hasan has no faith in American automakers, nor in America for that fact. He praises Japanese automakers for paying their employees less than Ford, and that's fine since the workers of foreign automakers general work and live in areas whose cost of living and taxation is not as much as in Michigan. So those workers will make less. Yes, the day of pensions is slowly dying, and workers will just have to make their way differently, and they will find their way.

Rizvi's blaming of high gas prices on the SUV is crazy. No, the blame falls squarely on President Clinton for vetoing drilling for oil in ANWR. The Repulicans saw into the future and passed the legislation. Now attempts to pass it again have been fruitless, and until we get pissed enough over high gas prices then nothing will be come of it.

The United States has to demonstrate to the world that it is committed to satisfying its own need for oil, and then oil prices will drop simply out of OPEC fear. I can go on and on about this, but liberals are to blame for many of the economic problems we have today.

Rizvi has to learn that oil drives our economy. For the fewer Americans in cars driving to a Disney theme park, or less liberals driving to a protest, it affects us all.

Screw the libs!

loved the photo of hasan
This is one of the most hilariously pathetic sites I've ever seen, and yes I am a UH student and no I am not a liberal. But its complete idiots like you that make us real conservatives look bad. Get a grip, relax a bit, and try not to get your panties in a wad over the contents of a school paper. Its a university paper, of course its going to lean to the left - this shouldn't be a surprise. Do what myself and others who don't care for the paper do and simply don't read it.
Simply not reading the paper is hardly going to give those whose socio-political beliefs have yet to be formed an alternative to the liberal tripe that is often printed in the paper. We at the UH Conservative Underground do offer an alternative. A "real conservative" like you claim to be would understand this.

A "real conservative" is not someone who simply has conservative beliefs, but one who will also take action to educate others and answer the liberals when they attempt to indoctrinate the masses.

College is a critical time for the formation of ideas. Conservatives are negligent if they do not try and help their fellow Americans see the truth during this important formative period.

True patriots do not simply accept things the way they are if there is a way to improve the system. A "true conservative" would understand this. Many of us at the UH Conservative Underground do much more for our society than just participate in this blog. This blog is simply one of the ways we have contributed and continue to contribute to the betterment of our beloved America.

Your resignation and apathy shows you for what you are--part of the problem.

Screw the libs and the do-nothings who claim to be “true conservatives” they are only donkeys in elephants’ clothing.
Dude, you "get a grip."

I'm tired of so-called Conservatives coming to this site and spitting out their tripe.

I've stated my stance on the basis for this blog. You have to take it with a grain of salt. It's our equalizer in a sea of liberalism and helps us keep our sanity.

We know the DC goes mostly unread and we can only say so much in class before our grades suffer, so instead of popping caps off at people in Butler Plaza we vent here.

You call yourself Conservative here, but are you really? Prove it.

I'm not going to intimidated by some late teen or early twenty-something non-humored doing nothing pipsqueak, Conservative or liberal, who actually takes this site seriously.
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