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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'The Liberal Media!' (What liberal media?)

Oh my God, is UH Daily Cougar columnist David Salinas going soft when it comes to liberal journalism? Fat chance.

But he does today examine the liberal media trying to disprove its liberal bent. Again fat chance. This coming from the wimp
Salinas who if he did go to Iraq, would only report on in-depth issues from around the country from only the comfort of his "Green Zone" hotel bathroom.

In his tripe today "
Journalists today set low bar," Salinas takes a swipe at one of the liberal God's, Chris Matthews of one of the worthless non-Fox Sunday shows, who harped on the equally worthless Hillary Clinton and Osama Bin Laden.

Have you noticed that liberals like
Salinas will only trash liberals when Conservatives or Republicans are involved, but will never criticize lone liberals unless nobody is watching. Which is why "Chris Matthews and 24 other cable news channels went about in airing" bad stuff about Hillary and OBL. Hillary, said something utterly stupdid by trashing Congress comparing it to being run like a plantation. How embarrassing can that be for the CBC.

One can only hope that the UH weak minded won't take
David for an accomplished journalists when they read of his "advice to the media: When you're covering supposed "breaking news," don't go and cut to commercials."

"When the audience is then pumped full of fear from the umpteenth bin Laden threat, the media can then unleash the life insurance, anti-depressant and erectile dysfunction advertisements on the public," which undoubted reminds us that
David Salinas is too young to be watching this program.

Salinas gives us a history lesson of past "anchors like Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley and Chet Huntley are praised for their work as if it could never be duplicated." But we now know that Cronkite is a big liberal who influenced a generation of leftists Americans to go against the flag and give encouragement to al-Qaeda to continue their jihad by saying comments hurtful to America.

Salinas looks at Fox News and sees the enemy. Fox makes money aside from the other networks who have proven liberal bents. Why? They tell the truth the most, and people have come to trust them, but even they sometimes fall off the wagon.

Yes "the bottom line" as
Salinas puts it is money, but news outlets like Fox News are successful is because they don't tow a totally negative line against the Administration like CNN or MSNBC does.

Air America Radio, a totally leftist network claims to have 87 radio stations (out of 13,000) nationwide, and practically has to give advertising away at $250 per commercial. How the hell do they make a profit? They don't. George Soros or some other liberal with more money than sense lines their pockets. And don't forget the Boys Club in New York that Air America stole money from, which was never reported in the liberal media.

Quite simply
Salinas, liberal media sets the bar so low because they are conditioned that way. Look at the schools of journalism, and you practically see former members of the Communist party teaching furture reporters. Young budding journalists have intentions of 'changing the world,' instead of reporting acurately what they see. No wonder a journalists couple in the Northeast cannot live near to where the news is happening on $250,000 a year. Don't worry Salinas you won't have that problem, with the way you write you definitely will not be making anywhere near even $15,000 a year.

Salinas writes about the Edward R. Murrow movie 'Good Night and Good Luck' in which Murrow battles against Republican Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, with the aim of "yearning for a legitimate source of truth." Yet today in Internet age, we have liberal journalists who make up their own "truth" and still believe they can get away with it.

We have liberal television shows such as
'Commander-in-Chief' and 'The West Wing', both liberal dreams of a Hillary Clinton presidency, which are both on the way out despite many millions spent on advertisements to push their tripe. The West Wing can at least switch to a controversal Republican Administration which would save the show with higher ratings, but those liberals would never let a fake Republican Administration on TV be successful much less a real Republican Administration.

Salinas basically blames technology for liberal losses because the "big three networks" have to compete against other cable news outlets, bloggers, etc. "Instead of producing in-depth stories for broadcast every night," like they ever did. Hell Kronkite started with only a fifteen minute broadcast. David its not what they report, its about the slant in which they report it. Unfortunately, much of the reporting these days is done from the slant that helps al-Qaeda. You know as well as I do Salinas that the 99.99 percent of Americans are not being spied upon.

I was surprised to see that
David Salinas actually mentioned about the embarrassed Today show reporter who was "kayaking through the flooded streets of New Jersey, trying to depict the damage that had been done from the rain. Two men, unaware of the charade, walked in front of her camera with the water only up to their ankles." But that's liberalism for you, always trying to hype the situation and fool the weak minded, just as many UH Daily Cougar columnists like Salinas try and hype the situation in their own tripe.

Salinas tries to get us off the "Hillary Clinton and Ray Nagin's buffoonery" and focus on domestic spying, when there is no need to worry and we really should be worrying about "Hillary Clinton and Ray Nagin's buffoonery."

Salinas there is a liberal media, and the evidence is clear and incontrovertible.

Happy Birthday Sis and Congratulations go out to Canada for finally voting Conservative last night.

Screw the libs!

Have you watched any of the World Internet News shows? Some of the stuff isn't all that bad for UH. Watch Show 3 and Show 5 and let me know what you think? Though, it is a little left of the center.
One can stand only so many closeups of Jessica Robertson's lips and non-made up face.

But I will check it out.
She's definitely not a looker.
Jessica's self esteem is low, hence her drab appearance.

I'd like to see her do something with her hair, and perhaps use a pair of nice sexy glasses to improve her facial appearance.

She does have potential though.

I will be posted something on the shows in the near future.
nice flag
I agree on Jessica and the flag. She's a nice woman with potential.
I have not replied to anything on this blog because I didn't think anything merited my time or energy, but this is just too much.

Much of what has been discussed about me on this site has nothing to with my journalism. Instead, you are focusing on my personal appearance, which may be fun, but it's hurtful. If you insist on discussing my "non made-up face," I wish you would provide pictures of yourselves for me to analyze. That likely won't happen because most people who hide behind screen names on their blogs aren't lookers themselves.

I happen to think I'm hot, by the way. UH Liberal Hater, I'm quite flattered that you think I have potential, but since I don't know you and have never divulged personal feelings to you, how about you refrain from assessing my self esteem? Thanks.
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