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Friday, January 27, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Dante Eglin 'Calls It Right On Willy Nagin' (The chocolate man is a bad influenence on NO and must go)

People will exhibit mixed reactions about UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist Dante Eglin's piece today about the need for a new New Orleans mayor to manage the big clean-up following Hurricane Katrina. But thanks to the DC's new opinion editor Christian Arse Palmer the majority of UH's black population won't read his piece today because most everyone is gone off campus on Fridays, thus they will continue to be left in the dark by the white liberal majority that continues to hold the Black community down by withholding truths that can set them free from the intellectual slavery of the white and black accomplice liberals.

In his piece today "'Chocolate city' needs trusty chief," Eglin was appalled when he heard that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin screwed up a day that is suppose to be a legacy to MLK in bringing all Americans together, but instead Willy Nagin used his MLK Day speech as a platform "urging residents to rebuild a 'chocolate New Orleans,'" which meant that the new New Orleans was to be a one race town -- Black.

Could Eglin be UH's "Larry X," a Black who has seen the light, is voting Republican and will not go back to the liberal plantation of intellectual slavery.

I certainly hope so.

I'm convinced that if MLK came back from the grave today, he would grab influential Black leaders like Jesse Jackson by the collar and "bitch slap" each and everyone of them for "screwing up my dream." I believe that MLKs dream was one founded upon Black individual achievement with the hope that that achievement would rub off on others in the community, and it looks like nothing that he described in his Washington speech.

Jesse Jackson is a millionaire, has illegitmate children, and continues to use the Black community for his own personal enrichment. While MLK was trying to work himself out of a job and return to just being a preacher, Jesse Jackson and other Black perpetrators of Black intellectual slavery have continued to shepherd the Black voters to the polls to vote themselves four more years of intellectual slavery with liberal representation, with no hope in sight of achieving Dr. King's dream, because once that happens, the perps are out of jobs.

Thank God the Black community is slowing awakening and realizing that the Jackson's, the Jackson-Lee's, the Sharpton's, etc. are not out there for the Black communities well being, but for their own personal enrichment. The same goes for the Latino community as well.

We are Americans first. "Larry X" sees that, and Dante Eglin sees that. They realize that supporting a Black candidate for office just because their Black is a crock. Houston unfortunately learned that lesson when they elected "Lee. P." Brown to the Mayors office again and again.

In the end, Hurricane Katrina will be the best thing that ever hit New Orleans. There are growing pains for all of Americans having to deal with the increased stress and violence associated with evacuees but that will subside in time. I'm betting that New Orleans from now on will have a growing Hispanic trend about it.

Perhaps Mayor Willy Nagin was right, New Orlean's will be a 'chocolate city' when all is said and done, but the chocolate will not be as dark and much more spicy.

Screw the libs!

Liberals have always treated Blacks like a body double for the explicit scenes in Brokeback Mountain. I'm glad more people are waking up and seeing the truth. Like Condi said at the 2000 convention she was proud of a party that saw her as an individual instead of a member of a group.

The only people we should be talking about as a group that needs our assistance and support is our members of the armed forces. They are chocolate, vanilla and everything between in the eyes of liberals, but to me they were always green, or perhaps blue, for you zoomies and squids, or khaki for you jarheads.
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