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Monday, January 30, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Adil Saleem 'A UH Subversive Who Loves Hamas' (Hopefully the Feds are monitoring Adil's conversations and e-mails)

The United States educates half the world's terrorists, as well as more than half of the world's terrorist supporters. Where is FDR with his internment camps when you need him?

If America is so much the infedel, then why do people like UH Daily Cougar columnist Adil Saleem come to my country, and insult me with his complete waist of trees on Hamas today. I mean, its on none of the liberal bloggers radar screens, they are busy with trying to filibuster Alito.

If only American liberals would let us drill for oil where we can get it in our own hemisphere perhaps we wouldn't have to deal in Arab countries that call for our deaths on a daily basis. But no, American liberals won't let a drop of oil be extracted from even the smallest footprint of American soil, and so we continue to antagonize Arabs by doing business in their country.

Do you realize that if President Clinton had not VETOED drilling in ANWR during his administration, we would be drilling in Alaska today. My God, it takes ten years to get something like that started, and even when liberals do approve of it, it may be too late.

The continued stress between the United States and the jihadists is solely blamed on the liberals, who over the past four decades liberals have forced the United States to look overseas to the Persian Gulf, and elsewhere for its growing energy needs, when all this time we have had the goddamn oil just begging to be exactracted from multiple sources around our nation. We have more oil in Utah alone (3X) than in all the Persian Gulf.

Liberals have not let us build a new refinery in over thirty years, yet we wonder why the BP plant explodes and gas is over $2 a gallon. Industry makes less than 10 cents profit on a gallon of gas, yet government collects five times that on each gallon, and yet they don't contribute one thing to its production. So I'm not that distraught when oil companies announce record profits, because the government has done five times better.

In his tripe today "Hamas wins, world still scary," UH terrorist Adil Saleem welcomed Hamas to the democracy club but is pissed at President Bush and Israel, who've said "that they would not deal with or recognize Hamas if it won the election" over Fatah.

Saleem tries to spin the Hamas victory as a victory for democracy, which liberals have shunned lately since democracy is taking root in Iraq and Afghanistan, and since liberals are against democracy unless it makes liberals look good, they are currently a no-go in regards to supporting democracy across the world.

Saleem, who doesn't "blame Hamas" for calling for the "total destruction of Israel" says they "won the elections fair and square." Hamas did, but a democracy that calls for the "total destruction" of a nation or people will only go down in flames - ask Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Saleem believes that the world and the US "should respect the outcome [of the elections] even if it doesn't suit its palette." What crap Adil, you blithering jewel of islamic ignorance. Saleem is probably one of those believers who still wipes his arse with his left hand refusing to use the infidels "toilet paper."

Saleem blames Hamas' election on of all people President Bush, whose idea to "bring democracy" to the Middle East has finally birthed "democracy goes awry" with Hamas' success. All crap coming from Saleem of course.

President Bush had nothing to do with Hamas winning over Fatah just as Muhammad had nothing to do with the creation of the world, but Saleem wants the UH weak minded students to think that we only want democracies that bow to us. No. But those democracies that call for the destruction of another race or nation will have problems with the US.

With the 67th journalist just killed in the War on Terror, four more journalists than during the Vietnam conflict. We can only hope that the DC sends Adil Saleem to Iraq on Special Report. Not to mention the journalists that are being laid off at Time magazine, and hopefully soon at the Chronicle.

Saleem's berating of President Bush for working with Arab nations while on the other hand allowing Israel to have a nuclear arsenal holds no water. Israel has no intentions of using nuclear weapons against the US or its enemies unless those enemies attack Israel. The only way I foresee Israel using its nuclear weapons is if the US doesn't exist. And that ain't going to happen.

Incredibly, Saleem calls suicide bombers "despicable," but Adil respects them saying that they blow themselves up "in the name of freedom," trying to spin it not as "religious fanaticism" but rather for the "struggle for land."

Yes folks, be looking for Adil Saleem in the news soon for plotting against America. Saleem is a sad case and sees the US as the enemy. But thanks to liberals and our lax immigration attitude, we invite mulititudes of potential terrorists like Adil Saleem who want to come over to the land of the free, get educated, and kill us.

Screw the libs!

The lunacy of this is that Hamas still expects the handouts that the Palestinian authority gets from the USA, the EU, and damn near everybody else in the world even though they will not disarm and renounce terror. Not only does Hamas want us to accept them as terrorists, they want us to fund them as well. Bush has told them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. God bless you Mr. President for that one!

These fruitcakes are residing on another planet with a different reality system if they think our American dollars should go to fund their terror machine just because the terrorists won the Palestinian elections. Give me a break.

I'd like to see Saleem go over to the Palestinian Authority and criticize Hamas like he criticizes our government. The guy would disappear inside of five minutes.

Screw the libs and fuck Hamas and all other terrorists!
With liberals starting to openly NOT SUPPORT the troops, subversives like Saleem will be even more emboldened to speak out against the "good guys" and for America's enemies.

Saleem's tripe today will do nothing but encourage the truly brave souls out there who will someday start popping caps at subversive liberals who continue to contribute to open support of America's enemies while America is at war.

I wish I were brave enough to join the corp of true patriots who will permanently shutdown loud mouth liberals who care nothing for the United States.
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