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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The New UH Parking Garage 'Where is the liberalism in charging extra for better parking?' (Liberalism is about egalitarianism -- have a lottery)

I was surprised to read on the UH Daily Cougar front page in a story by reporter Leah Rachelle Yanez, "Price of garage permit deters some: Other students willing to pay extra to park in new facility, avoid struggle to find space in lots," what the hell is the University of Houston doing charging extra for parking in the new parking garage at Entrance 1 and Calhoun Road.

What is liberal about that? How many Black and Hispanic students are going to be offended on a day-in and day-out basis as they pass the new parking garage and see the children of rich White families stream out of the new parking garage all because they can afford the extra $88 to pay for the premium spaces.

Screw that. UH students should not have to pay extra for parking in the new parking garage. Instead of charging extra for privledged parking, let the students buy their parking as normal, then have a lottery to determine the 1,000 lucky students without having any student pay extra for parking. That is the only liberal thing to do. This is an egalitarian university is it not, and we should have a lottery to determine who gets one of the 1,000 coveted spaces. That is the egalitarian thing to do.

I'm surprised that the NAACP-UH or LULAC has not spoken up yet.

Really, next thing you know poorer baseball, basketball, and football players will be demanding to be paid the same as the big name players, "Latonya McDonald, a communication senior who works at the Student Information Center in front of the University Center, said she wasn't willing to pay the extra cost," because she wouldn't be able to pay the millionaires that play at the Toyota Center. Something has to give.


Screw the libs!

don't give the liberals any ideas
this is the dumbest thing i have ever read.

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