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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Two Losers Meet' (Lampson and Morrison gather to announce next losing campaign against DeLay)

UH students, be expecting Nick Lampson on campus handing out rancid hotdogs and expecting your vote in return.

Yesterday Nick Lampson announced officially to run for Texas' 22nd congressional district. And like a good omen, who does he ask to introduce him, DeLay's last political opponent Richard Morrison, who once served rancid hotdogs to UH students and expected their votes in return.

"Richard told a great story about his first visit to DC to talk to folks about running for Congress. According to Richard, a lot of people didn't give him a chance or take him seriously, but Nick showed up for their meeting on time without keeping him waiting. Nick told Richard right off the bat how proud he was of him and to keep on doing what he was doing. Nick even offered to give Richard a key to his apartment in DC so he'd have a free place to stay anytime he was in town, since traveling to Washington from Texas was so expensive."

"That story says a lot about Nick Lampson." Evidently he wasn't taken seriously when he was in Washington, because he's no longer there.

We'll all be interested to hear Lampson on issues such as fiscal responsibility, homeland security, and education. Undoubtedly areas in which Lampson knows nothing about.

The only thing going for Lampson is the DeLay indictment in which I feel is a coordinated effort between Travis County DA Ronnie Earle, Lampson, MoveOn.org, and the DNC.

I doubt the 22nd Congressional District will go democrat. Look if Clinton can get impeached and still be beloved by the democrats, then DeLay can be indicted and still be beloved by the Conservatives.

Screw the libs!

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