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Monday, January 16, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Sorely Disappointed in History Channel's Lincoln' (Gore Vidal sucks when he attacks Bush in a Lincoln documentary)

The History Channel had been touting the new documentary on Lincoln and I became deeply suspicious when Lincoln biographer Gore Vidal was speaking in the damn thing. When it came to Lincoln's actions such as suspending habeas corpus it OK with Vidal, because as far as Vidal is concerned, the War on Terror is nothing more than "dandruff."

I should have known when I saw the words on the History Channel website that Lincoln was produced by the "Academy-Award winning producer" of "When We Were Kings," the movie about the draft dodger Muhammad Ali.

The Academy is liberal, and anything they choose is intentionally chosen to place a political message onto the masses. Hence they continue to loss money, and gay and lesbian themed movies like Brokeback Mountain continue to be lauded publicly during the Academy Awards.

To-nites presenation of Lincoln was anti-Christian, and as far as I'm concerned anti-Bush, and the tripe even hinted that Lincoln could have been gay. How low will these liberals go. Anyway, Lincoln reaffirmed the liberals trust in Clinton by tearing down one of the greatest President's this country has ever had to make Der Slick Meister look good. I am certainly not going to buy the stupid DVD as long as Gore Vidal is on the damn thing.

Screw the libs!

If I recall correctly, Mr. Vidal said the War on Terror is nothing more than dandruff compared to the Civil War.

How was the program anti-Christian?
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