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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'An Important Message From the ACLU'

I'm sure that Stop the ALCU will get a chuckle out of this.

Screw the libs!

Have you checked out www.worldinternetnews.org ? It is a media group based at the University of Houston. Why haven't you commented on them? They seem a bit liberal to me.
I was aware of their existence, but I did not take them as seriously as I do the DC.

But you're right. Those libs are using taxpayer funded servers to dish their liberal tripe, and I will bookmark them and comment appropriately.
Most excellent! I will be linking to this over the weekend.
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Thoughts on Nixon...

He told the plumbers to stop leaks, they went overboard did a lot of things he would not have approved of if he had known about it, but then he felt obligated to try and support them since they worked for him, it backfired.

Clinton on the other hand was intimately and personally involved in all of his scandals. The only neck he ever tried to save was his own.

Let's look at the two administrations based on their records:

Nixon did bring us peace with honor in Vietnam. His peace plan could have worked if the presidency had not been too weakened by Watergate for Ford to keep our part of the bargain when the North broke their agreement. We were supposed to respond with airpower if they did, we did nothing and they knew we would not. Nixon did not create the war, he inherited it, but he was not going to have peace at all costs like his 1972 democratic rival McGovern.

Nixon brilliantly exploited the Sino-Soviet split to our advantage, and no president was better at foreign policy than Nixon. He also was a first rate commander-in-chief, (the roles of commander-in-chief and head of state being the most important roles for the presidency).

Nixon won the election of 1960. Johnson's corrupt cronies in Texas at that time and Daley’s dead voters in Chicago stole it from him. Nixon did not want to protest because he felt it would tear the country apart and that we needed a president with strong backing to face down the Soviet Union. Watergate was no where near the scandals that Zippergate, Filegate, Chinagate, and all of the other scandals that Clinton was a part of, yet Nixon resigned because he felt that was what was best for the country and he did not want it to go through an impeachment of a president.

What was Clinton's reaction? As usual he was looking out for number one and could not care less for the Country.

All of this crap about the president being responsible for the economy would fertilize all of the lawns in America if properly dried out. Reagan appointee Greenspan deserves a lot more credit for "Clinton’s" economic miracle of the 90's than any other one person, but there were a lot of factors, Clinton had almost nothing to do with it, just like many other presidents before him concerning the economy.

Let's look at Clinton as head of state and Commander-in-Chief. We got inaction in Iraq which left us with the shit sandwich that Bush has had to do his best to solve. Meanwhile we cleaned up the European Union's privy in the Balkans for them and our troops are still there despite Slick Willie's promises that they would be home in a year regarding Bosnia. North Korea, which was already identified as a nuclear loose cannon in 1994, just kept up with business as usual after Clinton's sham of an agreement, and Bush has been left with this festering catbox that he inherited to deal with as well.

I certainly don't see Richard Nixon letting an international terror network like Al-Qaida that stands against us getting entrenched like Clinton did. Nixon would have bombed them into the Stone Age if necessary, but would have most likely used his superior knowledge of international relations to get the nations of the Middle East to clean their own houses for us and nipped the problem in the bud to begin with.

He may have not been perfect, no man is, but Nixon did his best to save our Nation's honor, and dignity throughout his public life and presidency. Overall he did an outstanding job. Clinton was a stain on this Nation who never cared about this country only about himself. His mistakes are things we suffer from today, the Iraq war having fewer allies and support than it would have had in the early nineties is a case and point.

Too bad Nixon is gone from us, we need a fine president like him to run for us in 2008.
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