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Monday, January 09, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'CNN Cuts Away from GOP Senators speaking for Alito at hearing' (CNN shows why they are losing in the ratings game)

The Alito hearings are underway, and a pattern is starting to show itself on CNN. The Communists News Network is cutting away and taking commericials when GOP Senators are speaking. The Fox News Channel is hanging in their, taking no breaks, or elaborating at all. CNN has to cut away to explain away absurd liberal speech of their senators.

I applaud Judge Alito for his tactics so far today. I would just hope that he would have yawned during Kennedy's rant, or doodle when liberals are speaking. Hell, most of the libs are not going to vote for him anyway.

Screw the libs!

Define Liberal please. I have no idea what you mean by liberal. In the rest of the world it can be defined many ways. I never had a clear concept of what an american liberal or republican or democrate is exactly... It's your soapbox step up and tell us.
ps: saying right wing or left wing is not helpful
liberals want to take away American rights. if anything is good for america then they are against it.
Barbara, liberalism is for an egalitarian society. Liberals even want America's enemies to get the same treatment as American service members.

Liberals are elitists. If you not, then they are not interested in you. Liberals are the smartests people in the room, and little Barbara is nothing.

Liberals believe in keeping people poor, and never take steps to help those people help themselves. I'm convinced that if Martin Luther King would come back today, the first thing he would do is slap Jesse Jackson for "messing up my movement."

I consider Conservatives patriots and liberals appeasers. Liberals cannot take a stance against anything because something might go wrong in the polls.

Barbara, the American people are drastically smarting up to liberal advances. In a great economy, liberal newspapers are failing all over the place, and liberal televisions ratings are dropping.

The Dow just went over 11,000 today, but do you ever hear the liberal media tauting the bustling economy. The liberal media would be dancing in the streets if a liberal were in office and the Dow high 11K.

Barbara, you may or may not be naive to the American political system, but quite simply, it is not your concern.
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