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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Can "W" pick 'em'' (Alito hearing a complete frustration for liberals)

Senator Diane Feinstein, socialist senator from California, shows her disfigured face at the Alito hearings. She reminds me of a surrealist work from Dali.

- Happy Birthday to Rush Limbaugh.
- Congratulations Justice Alito.

Photo Hat tip: El Rushbo

Screw the libs!

poor 'ol alito aged feinstein fifty years
Alito's not going to make it.
Judge Alito is going to make it liberal. He may not get as many votes as Chief Justice Roberts, but Judge Alito will make. Even the AP is now admitting that "Alito appears headed for confirmation."

Since Senators Kennedy and Schumer are so mean that they made Mrs. Alito cry, but when have they respected women. Kennedy would rather save himself than save Mary Jo.

Liberals are inhumane and simply not likeable. The liberal senators practically tortured Judge Alito and his family with their pack of lies. I'm tired of it, and I believe most Americans are tired of it as well.

Liberals are good liars, and they are best at lying to themselves.

Screw the goddamn libs!
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