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Monday, January 09, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Bad news for democrats' (DOW 11,000 and a great economy)

The Houston Chronicle is relunctantly posting an AP story about DOW 11,000, which is a feat that has not been achieved since before 9/11. I ask, where are the stories tauting a great economy. Don't bother looking for it, you won't see it since the liberal media worry is in charge and beholding to MoveOn.org.

The liberals remain so stupid to think that Americans are buying their crap no questions asked. You would have thought that Rathergate would have had them at least putting their wet liberal thumbs up in the air. No chance.

Liberals such as the Senators on display today were shameful. They made up stuff for the gullible masses. Howard Dean has not said one truthful thing in reference to Judge Alito, and I can see his comments from this past weekend on the Sunday shows will come back to haunt the democrats later this year.

That's just it, the liberals open their mouths with no regard as to consequence, and it showed in a recent GOP political ad "Retreat and Defeat" in which not one Republican uttered one word but it was totally embarrassing to the liberals.

I cannot wait till the 2006 elections because I'm confident democrats are going to lose and lose big. No party can win when they are perceived as aiding the enemy and against the United States all the time.

Screw the libs!

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