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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Hasan Rizvi 'Hounds on Ford for Layoffs' (Hasan has no idea how generous they have been with their employees)

I will never understand liberals. They hound American companies for not paying a "livable wage" and now we have failed suicide bomber and UH Daily Cougar al-Qaeda columnist Hasan Ali Rizvi saying the reason why American companies are failing is because they pay their workers too much.

Allah be damned, which one is it?

In his tripe today "Layoffs expose bigger problems," Rizvi today attacks the Ford Motor Company and its recent announcement that they were laying off some "30,000 employees and the closing of 14 manufacturing plants. Of couse Rizvi doesn't tell the UH weak minded student that this is to happen over the next five years, and will happen through attrition and less hiring. Of course people will be moved around, but when it comes down to it, very few Ford workers will be "laid-off."

See liberals like Hasan Rizvi will always try and put things in the worst light for big business seeing as it seems the liberals economic plan is on track to shut down every Wal-Mart it can, and pay everyone a living wage just enough for them to vote democrat.

Ford is a company with a rich history. They've always paid their workers the highest wages, and they've received the best benefits. But times are changing, and to remain solvent and competitive they must adapt in a changing world, hence layoffs and restructuring.

That's when liberal hounds like Hasan Ali Rizvi jump in with their comments and try and make it look worse with their blistering tripe. Yes, foreign auto makers have increased competition amongst the automakers, hell, even Japan has had its problems, but in the end it is good that change is happening. Its good for the companies that are making the changes, and the people that are being affected by the changes.

I'm not beholding to "economic patriotism." Of the three vehicles and one motorhome I have, two are foreign named, but more than likely all were made in the US. I trust quality, and US manufacturers are improving, and one day I envision all of my vehicles will be American named and made. You never count the United States out of a race, because it will come back to bite you in the butt someday.

Surprisingly, Rizvi attacks Detroits relationship with unionized labor, that they are receiving to much? Is that the reason Ford is failing? Possibly, but you can't fault Ford for being loyal to its workforce even after retirement. They've given it a good try, and now have to do something else.

It's unfortunate that now the government has to pick up the slack were Ford is leaving off in being generous to its employees and retirees. Perhaps if government had not got in the medical business, prices would have not skyrocketed and more companies would be able to afford pensions.

Hasan has no faith in American automakers, nor in America for that fact. He praises Japanese automakers for paying their employees less than Ford, and that's fine since the workers of foreign automakers general work and live in areas whose cost of living and taxation is not as much as in Michigan. So those workers will make less. Yes, the day of pensions is slowly dying, and workers will just have to make their way differently, and they will find their way.

Rizvi's blaming of high gas prices on the SUV is crazy. No, the blame falls squarely on President Clinton for vetoing drilling for oil in ANWR. The Repulicans saw into the future and passed the legislation. Now attempts to pass it again have been fruitless, and until we get pissed enough over high gas prices then nothing will be come of it.

The United States has to demonstrate to the world that it is committed to satisfying its own need for oil, and then oil prices will drop simply out of OPEC fear. I can go on and on about this, but liberals are to blame for many of the economic problems we have today.

Rizvi has to learn that oil drives our economy. For the fewer Americans in cars driving to a Disney theme park, or less liberals driving to a protest, it affects us all.

Screw the libs!


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals Really Don't Care About Defending Freedom' (They're starting to trend to not supporting the troops)

There you have it. A mainstream liberal has finally said it.

"I DON'T SUPPORT our troops."

That tripe was printed in the Los Angeles Times Op-Ed page on January 24, 2006 in Joel Stein's worthless column "Warriors and wusses," in which the liberals have put two-and-two together that supporting the troops in effect means supporting President Bush. Of course this has not received any airtime except for O'Reilly, but it will get more play.

Stein thankfully doesn't mind certain members of society supporting the troops, particularly those who "think invading Iraq was a good idea," and patronizes us true Americans who use those "patriotic magnets and bracelets."

It is obvious that Stein is "not for the war," and admits to being a wussy. He also has his priorities mixed up. By taking his "non-support" position he fears it "will keep them overseas longer by giving soft acquiescence to the hawks who sent them there — and who might one day want to send them somewhere else." Of course this is complete bullcrap and is just a lame excuse from a liberal who hates the United States.

Liberals judge everything from the model of Vietnam. Of course that is the wrong attitude to take, and if it wasn't for the bad influence of liberals during Vietnam we may have won that war. Stein is still pissed about President Bush being elected the first time, and like most liberals bases everything on that fact. That's fine with me because that only paves the way for the next Repubican nominee, and the continued avoidance of the true non-Hillary nominee for 2008.

Believe me, Hillary Clinton will not be President in 2008 nor ever. Recently polls have indicated that at least 51% of Americans will "definitely not" vote for Hillary, which is quite disconcerting for her confidence. I love El Rushbo's cool thought that what "real man" would bring himself to vote for Hillary Clinton. BINGO and Homerun.

Stein hates blind "support to our soldiers." It offends him, and like most liberals, it only takes one non-believer to become offended and law suits start flying, and pretty soon were not saying the Pledge of Allegiance anymore.

Stein has no feelings for the United States. He's a true liberal, an egalitarian, who sees the United States as the bad guy in virtually every case against the world simply because "we're the greatest." Unless of course the corrupt and worthless United Nations is involved in a venture against a foe will Stein step up to the plate and give tacid approval of US involvement if only a democrat is in White House.

I most certainly hope that the Los Angeles Times loses even further readership due to that stunt they pulled with Stein's column. Yes, we are all entitled to an opinion, but when that opinion becomes so public in a time of war, that you don't support the troops, then something is definitely wrong. Stein's column in effect gave aid and comfort to the enemy. Al-Qaeda has to love the Jew for that.

If Joel Stein is suddenly shot and killed on the streets of Los Angeles I like most true Americans will not be shedding a tear for this ardent non-patriot. In wartime a country supports its troops. We were the ones attacked, on multiple occassions I might add, and its liberals like Joel Stein who convienently forget that September 11th happened when they write their tripe. Stein lives in a 9/10 world, a world that does not exist anymore and he is totally kidding himself in his writing.

I for one hope the LA Times subscribership falls off so much that Stein is laid off. Its already happened at Time, and other liberal publishing houses. Thank God.

Stein's belief that "we made a mistake" in the War on Terror is crazy as well. "The truth is that people who pull triggers are ultimately responsible, whether they're following orders or not," which puts soldiers squarely at blame in Stein's book.

Stein's piece reminds me of those worthless Gloria Borger pieces on the worthless CBS Evening News. I mean in Gloria's or Joel's world, democrats can do no wrong, and if democrats are mentioned in one of their worthless pieces it's only for the shortest time possible, and they call it balanced. No wonder the CBS Evening News is the worst news out there, and its only viewers are seniors waiting for their dinners to finish cooking before the Wheel of Fortune hits the airwaves.

No matter what Stein writes about sympathy to "people who joined up to protect" his ass, he can never empathize with anyone who has served since he avoided service to his country.

The dumbass Stein is so stupid in his actions, its like a comedy of errors. If given the chance "The Jew" Stein would join al-Qaeda since both have a loving hatred for the United States.

Stein believes we were "tricked into fighting in Iraq," which of course is right out of the liberal playbook. But hell, this guy is so stupid he is "tricked into clicking on a pop-up ad" when most of us commonly avoid them, this coming from a guy who considers our soldiers "a fighting tool of American imperialism." But of course when Clinton was in office, we were fighting "ethnic genocide in Kosovo" at 20,000 feet since Clinton was a wimp, which is fine and dandy in Stein's book. Wimps love wimps.

Screw the libs!

Monday, January 30, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Adil Saleem 'A UH Subversive Who Loves Hamas' (Hopefully the Feds are monitoring Adil's conversations and e-mails)

The United States educates half the world's terrorists, as well as more than half of the world's terrorist supporters. Where is FDR with his internment camps when you need him?

If America is so much the infedel, then why do people like UH Daily Cougar columnist Adil Saleem come to my country, and insult me with his complete waist of trees on Hamas today. I mean, its on none of the liberal bloggers radar screens, they are busy with trying to filibuster Alito.

If only American liberals would let us drill for oil where we can get it in our own hemisphere perhaps we wouldn't have to deal in Arab countries that call for our deaths on a daily basis. But no, American liberals won't let a drop of oil be extracted from even the smallest footprint of American soil, and so we continue to antagonize Arabs by doing business in their country.

Do you realize that if President Clinton had not VETOED drilling in ANWR during his administration, we would be drilling in Alaska today. My God, it takes ten years to get something like that started, and even when liberals do approve of it, it may be too late.

The continued stress between the United States and the jihadists is solely blamed on the liberals, who over the past four decades liberals have forced the United States to look overseas to the Persian Gulf, and elsewhere for its growing energy needs, when all this time we have had the goddamn oil just begging to be exactracted from multiple sources around our nation. We have more oil in Utah alone (3X) than in all the Persian Gulf.

Liberals have not let us build a new refinery in over thirty years, yet we wonder why the BP plant explodes and gas is over $2 a gallon. Industry makes less than 10 cents profit on a gallon of gas, yet government collects five times that on each gallon, and yet they don't contribute one thing to its production. So I'm not that distraught when oil companies announce record profits, because the government has done five times better.

In his tripe today "Hamas wins, world still scary," UH terrorist Adil Saleem welcomed Hamas to the democracy club but is pissed at President Bush and Israel, who've said "that they would not deal with or recognize Hamas if it won the election" over Fatah.

Saleem tries to spin the Hamas victory as a victory for democracy, which liberals have shunned lately since democracy is taking root in Iraq and Afghanistan, and since liberals are against democracy unless it makes liberals look good, they are currently a no-go in regards to supporting democracy across the world.

Saleem, who doesn't "blame Hamas" for calling for the "total destruction of Israel" says they "won the elections fair and square." Hamas did, but a democracy that calls for the "total destruction" of a nation or people will only go down in flames - ask Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Saleem believes that the world and the US "should respect the outcome [of the elections] even if it doesn't suit its palette." What crap Adil, you blithering jewel of islamic ignorance. Saleem is probably one of those believers who still wipes his arse with his left hand refusing to use the infidels "toilet paper."

Saleem blames Hamas' election on of all people President Bush, whose idea to "bring democracy" to the Middle East has finally birthed "democracy goes awry" with Hamas' success. All crap coming from Saleem of course.

President Bush had nothing to do with Hamas winning over Fatah just as Muhammad had nothing to do with the creation of the world, but Saleem wants the UH weak minded students to think that we only want democracies that bow to us. No. But those democracies that call for the destruction of another race or nation will have problems with the US.

With the 67th journalist just killed in the War on Terror, four more journalists than during the Vietnam conflict. We can only hope that the DC sends Adil Saleem to Iraq on Special Report. Not to mention the journalists that are being laid off at Time magazine, and hopefully soon at the Chronicle.

Saleem's berating of President Bush for working with Arab nations while on the other hand allowing Israel to have a nuclear arsenal holds no water. Israel has no intentions of using nuclear weapons against the US or its enemies unless those enemies attack Israel. The only way I foresee Israel using its nuclear weapons is if the US doesn't exist. And that ain't going to happen.

Incredibly, Saleem calls suicide bombers "despicable," but Adil respects them saying that they blow themselves up "in the name of freedom," trying to spin it not as "religious fanaticism" but rather for the "struggle for land."

Yes folks, be looking for Adil Saleem in the news soon for plotting against America. Saleem is a sad case and sees the US as the enemy. But thanks to liberals and our lax immigration attitude, we invite mulititudes of potential terrorists like Adil Saleem who want to come over to the land of the free, get educated, and kill us.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'When Did Maureen Dowd Starting Hating Men?' (Answer: September 9, 1956)

They say that impressions are made early in life, and it is well known that liberal Maureen Dowd is a notorious hater of men.

But how did she develop her hatred for the opposite sex? Was she abused by her father or brothers as a child? No. Did a potential beau break her heart as a young teen? No.

Let's take a ride to the past, back to September 9, 1956, when the Dowd Family, from New Jersey, takes a day trip to the Palisades Amusement Park on a fateful day where it just so happens that Democratic Presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson is making a campaign stop.

With the Dowd's in line for the ferris wheel, they are suddenly caught up in a fury when the family is asked by Stevenson if young Michael and Maureen can embark on a ride and picture opportunity for the candidate.

Now it is not reported, but near the top of the ferris wheel, Stevenson may have improperly touched young 4-year old Maureen thus cementing her hatred for men forever.

As seen in the photo with Stevenson, and it was reported, that Adlai waved to the crowd constantly with his right hand.

Now if only Maureen could have rode on the right handed Stevenson's side, and perhaps she would be a middle age Mother of three, a Grandmother of two, and a Wife of a successful NJ businessman.

Unfortunately, we will never know.

Screw the libs!

Friday, January 27, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Dante Eglin 'Calls It Right On Willy Nagin' (The chocolate man is a bad influenence on NO and must go)

People will exhibit mixed reactions about UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist Dante Eglin's piece today about the need for a new New Orleans mayor to manage the big clean-up following Hurricane Katrina. But thanks to the DC's new opinion editor Christian Arse Palmer the majority of UH's black population won't read his piece today because most everyone is gone off campus on Fridays, thus they will continue to be left in the dark by the white liberal majority that continues to hold the Black community down by withholding truths that can set them free from the intellectual slavery of the white and black accomplice liberals.

In his piece today "'Chocolate city' needs trusty chief," Eglin was appalled when he heard that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin screwed up a day that is suppose to be a legacy to MLK in bringing all Americans together, but instead Willy Nagin used his MLK Day speech as a platform "urging residents to rebuild a 'chocolate New Orleans,'" which meant that the new New Orleans was to be a one race town -- Black.

Could Eglin be UH's "Larry X," a Black who has seen the light, is voting Republican and will not go back to the liberal plantation of intellectual slavery.

I certainly hope so.

I'm convinced that if MLK came back from the grave today, he would grab influential Black leaders like Jesse Jackson by the collar and "bitch slap" each and everyone of them for "screwing up my dream." I believe that MLKs dream was one founded upon Black individual achievement with the hope that that achievement would rub off on others in the community, and it looks like nothing that he described in his Washington speech.

Jesse Jackson is a millionaire, has illegitmate children, and continues to use the Black community for his own personal enrichment. While MLK was trying to work himself out of a job and return to just being a preacher, Jesse Jackson and other Black perpetrators of Black intellectual slavery have continued to shepherd the Black voters to the polls to vote themselves four more years of intellectual slavery with liberal representation, with no hope in sight of achieving Dr. King's dream, because once that happens, the perps are out of jobs.

Thank God the Black community is slowing awakening and realizing that the Jackson's, the Jackson-Lee's, the Sharpton's, etc. are not out there for the Black communities well being, but for their own personal enrichment. The same goes for the Latino community as well.

We are Americans first. "Larry X" sees that, and Dante Eglin sees that. They realize that supporting a Black candidate for office just because their Black is a crock. Houston unfortunately learned that lesson when they elected "Lee. P." Brown to the Mayors office again and again.

In the end, Hurricane Katrina will be the best thing that ever hit New Orleans. There are growing pains for all of Americans having to deal with the increased stress and violence associated with evacuees but that will subside in time. I'm betting that New Orleans from now on will have a growing Hispanic trend about it.

Perhaps Mayor Willy Nagin was right, New Orlean's will be a 'chocolate city' when all is said and done, but the chocolate will not be as dark and much more spicy.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, January 26, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Nick Somarkis 'Calls for Govt to Handle Birth Control For You' (Liberals believe you to stupid to handle your own sex life)

Are you stupid? Well of course not.

But evidently UH Daily Cougar columnist and ex-UH College Democrat officer Nick Somarkis, ever the socialist, thinks you are so stupid that you can't handle your own sex life without some sort of government involvement.

The activist Somarkis, who as a child cried whenever he did not get his way, and even in college Somarkis cries the same way. Back in September 2003 he closed the UH College Democrats back account with Woodforest when he did not get his way on a service fee issue. Of course, it wasn't our fault that the libs could keep a minimum balance of $1,000.

In his tripe today "Government should support birth control," Somarkis lies from the get go writing of stuff he knows nothing about. Just looking at his fat face; how can anyone of the opposite sex, much less the same sex, find Nick the least bit attractive.

Somarkis would have us believe that "few people have actually been inside an abortion clinic," but at last count some 43 million abortions have taken place since the early 1970's, and begs the question of Nick "just exactly what is a few in your book."

Somarkis' attempt to make us feel sorry for the abortive mothers is sickening. We have scientist who go crazy if we discover rocks on Earth that had been on Mars and call it "life" yet we have liberals on Earth with verifiable life in the womb yet that life is hatingly aborted.

Do you realize that if abortion were illegial the liberals would be in charge today. The liberals have aborted their own base voters. But that does not affect Somarkis, who feels more sorry for the young girl "sobbing uncontrollably in the corner of the room only to reschedule an appointment because they cannot go through with" their abortion at that time.

We know that Nick Somarkis would gladly abort every baby he could get hands on. No liberal ever considers the consequences of a sexual act nor do they take the proper precautions in regards to the act.

Somarkis notes that abortions are "entirely preventable, or at least they should be" but he offers no solutions that don't involve government control.

Somarkis' solution of course is for government to "subsidize birth control pills and make the day-after pill available over the counter." What's next Nick? Do you want the U.S. government to schedule sexual encounters as well.

Some words you won't see in Somarkis' tripe today: parents, family, abstinence. These are factors that are needed in the prevention of abortions and Nick doesn't want to admit it because he wants abortion to continue unchecked.

Roe v. Wade is dying. Why else, would we have a self-proclaimed liberal activist such as Nick Somarkis call for more birth control, government controlled of course. I mean, what the hell is Somarkis' angle? There has to be a reason.

Is Somarkis trying to difuse the abortion issue by taking the abortion issue below the radar screen, thus hoping that if a liberal Congress and President ever return to power, the libs can resume massive abortions like back in the good 'ol days.

No matter the worthless intentions of Nick Somarkis UH readers can blame the failure of the abortion movement for failing to influence Nick's pregnant mother to abort her worthless fetus thus forcing the worthless waste of trees we had today.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Melissa Correa 'A so-called Conservative who Loved Brokeback Mountain' (She won't be feeling that way when her kids are gay)

In a time when Hollywood is losing money by leaps and bounds UH Daily Cougar columnist Melissa Anne Correa evidently has enough time on her hands to go and support Hollywood liberals who as of late can only be able to submit mostly gay and lesbian themed movies for public consumption.

In her tripe today, "Film raises questions about gay discrimination in society," the so-called Conservative, Melissa Correa, claims she "can't grasp why society persecutes homosexual relationships," after seeing the movie 'Brokeback Mountain,' "a movie that focuses on a secret gay relationship."

Almost straight out, Correa proclaims "I am a conservative" trying to lend an ear of credibility to the liberals on campus with the thought "alright, we just converted another Conservative to progressivism."

I'm really not interested in a movie about two gay men that "explicitly illustrates their sexuality," and allows the viewer to "understand the connection the two men share." Everything points to the gay marriage issue, which already been settled in Texas, and will never be allowed nationally.

Correa's discussion of the gay "issue with a few men" really put her on the path to "homosexual rights." Next thing you know gays will be demanding the right to vote.

But with Correa it has to go deeper than that, perhaps she has a gay family member that is not accepted by her family. As with the 'Passion of the Christ' where viewers were turning themselves in to the police for crimes they committed from the guilt they endured while watching the movie, could 'Brokeback' be Melissa Correa's 'Passion?'

Could Melissa be lesbian herself, and this column be an outlet to 'test the waters' of acceptance in society before breaking the news to her family that grandchildren in their future will not be a possibility?

Correa admits "I've met so many guys, and I have yet to share any kind of great love like these two men found" in Brokeback. Either she has not realized that love cannot be found in one meeting or that perhaps she should be looking for a girl to find that "great love." No, I'm not advocating that Correa engage in a gay relationship, but if she does find one then 'be gay' and live your life without forcing it on everyone.

Correa doesn't understand that society doesn't condemn homosexuality because its homosexual, its because homosexuals thrust their homosexuality unto society with the thoughts of "suck on this or else."

Correa makes excuses for men who are "in the closet out of embarrassment." Next thing you know she'll want former bedwetters to "come out." She disagrees that gays can be gays "as long as they weren't flamboyant."

Correa blames "society and our parents for encouraging the idea of anti-homosexuality," and has greatly disappointed her parents by not engaging in the law professions, but instead decided on the low paying and dying profession of liberal journalism.

Correa asks that "if two people love each other, what's the big deal?" You damn right it makes a big deal. With societal acceptance of homosexuality Melissa that just paves the way for more socially acceptable defiant behavior such of old men having sex with young girls or boys. When will it stop?

Oh you are a trendsetter Melissa Anne Correa, a trendsetter for the moral decline of the United States. I hope you are happy, (gay happy) that is.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'The Liberal Media!' (What liberal media?)

Oh my God, is UH Daily Cougar columnist David Salinas going soft when it comes to liberal journalism? Fat chance.

But he does today examine the liberal media trying to disprove its liberal bent. Again fat chance. This coming from the wimp
Salinas who if he did go to Iraq, would only report on in-depth issues from around the country from only the comfort of his "Green Zone" hotel bathroom.

In his tripe today "
Journalists today set low bar," Salinas takes a swipe at one of the liberal God's, Chris Matthews of one of the worthless non-Fox Sunday shows, who harped on the equally worthless Hillary Clinton and Osama Bin Laden.

Have you noticed that liberals like
Salinas will only trash liberals when Conservatives or Republicans are involved, but will never criticize lone liberals unless nobody is watching. Which is why "Chris Matthews and 24 other cable news channels went about in airing" bad stuff about Hillary and OBL. Hillary, said something utterly stupdid by trashing Congress comparing it to being run like a plantation. How embarrassing can that be for the CBC.

One can only hope that the UH weak minded won't take
David for an accomplished journalists when they read of his "advice to the media: When you're covering supposed "breaking news," don't go and cut to commercials."

"When the audience is then pumped full of fear from the umpteenth bin Laden threat, the media can then unleash the life insurance, anti-depressant and erectile dysfunction advertisements on the public," which undoubted reminds us that
David Salinas is too young to be watching this program.

Salinas gives us a history lesson of past "anchors like Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley and Chet Huntley are praised for their work as if it could never be duplicated." But we now know that Cronkite is a big liberal who influenced a generation of leftists Americans to go against the flag and give encouragement to al-Qaeda to continue their jihad by saying comments hurtful to America.

Salinas looks at Fox News and sees the enemy. Fox makes money aside from the other networks who have proven liberal bents. Why? They tell the truth the most, and people have come to trust them, but even they sometimes fall off the wagon.

Yes "the bottom line" as
Salinas puts it is money, but news outlets like Fox News are successful is because they don't tow a totally negative line against the Administration like CNN or MSNBC does.

Air America Radio, a totally leftist network claims to have 87 radio stations (out of 13,000) nationwide, and practically has to give advertising away at $250 per commercial. How the hell do they make a profit? They don't. George Soros or some other liberal with more money than sense lines their pockets. And don't forget the Boys Club in New York that Air America stole money from, which was never reported in the liberal media.

Quite simply
Salinas, liberal media sets the bar so low because they are conditioned that way. Look at the schools of journalism, and you practically see former members of the Communist party teaching furture reporters. Young budding journalists have intentions of 'changing the world,' instead of reporting acurately what they see. No wonder a journalists couple in the Northeast cannot live near to where the news is happening on $250,000 a year. Don't worry Salinas you won't have that problem, with the way you write you definitely will not be making anywhere near even $15,000 a year.

Salinas writes about the Edward R. Murrow movie 'Good Night and Good Luck' in which Murrow battles against Republican Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, with the aim of "yearning for a legitimate source of truth." Yet today in Internet age, we have liberal journalists who make up their own "truth" and still believe they can get away with it.

We have liberal television shows such as
'Commander-in-Chief' and 'The West Wing', both liberal dreams of a Hillary Clinton presidency, which are both on the way out despite many millions spent on advertisements to push their tripe. The West Wing can at least switch to a controversal Republican Administration which would save the show with higher ratings, but those liberals would never let a fake Republican Administration on TV be successful much less a real Republican Administration.

Salinas basically blames technology for liberal losses because the "big three networks" have to compete against other cable news outlets, bloggers, etc. "Instead of producing in-depth stories for broadcast every night," like they ever did. Hell Kronkite started with only a fifteen minute broadcast. David its not what they report, its about the slant in which they report it. Unfortunately, much of the reporting these days is done from the slant that helps al-Qaeda. You know as well as I do Salinas that the 99.99 percent of Americans are not being spied upon.

I was surprised to see that
David Salinas actually mentioned about the embarrassed Today show reporter who was "kayaking through the flooded streets of New Jersey, trying to depict the damage that had been done from the rain. Two men, unaware of the charade, walked in front of her camera with the water only up to their ankles." But that's liberalism for you, always trying to hype the situation and fool the weak minded, just as many UH Daily Cougar columnists like Salinas try and hype the situation in their own tripe.

Salinas tries to get us off the "Hillary Clinton and Ray Nagin's buffoonery" and focus on domestic spying, when there is no need to worry and we really should be worrying about "Hillary Clinton and Ray Nagin's buffoonery."

Salinas there is a liberal media, and the evidence is clear and incontrovertible.

Happy Birthday Sis and Congratulations go out to Canada for finally voting Conservative last night.

Screw the libs!

Monday, January 23, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Reporters and Columnists Will Never Have Enough Balls As This Guy

A recent piece by former Wall Street Journal correspondent Matt Pottinger "Mightier Than the Pen: Why I gave up journalism to join the Marines," shows one journalists story moving away from liberal journalism for of all things to: serving his country.

I challenge all of those involved with the UH Daily Cougar -- drop what you are doing and serve your country. Mr. Pottinger should be your role model.

Face it liberals. We have a great economy with really only one aspect that is failing horribly -- daily published print media and worthless television media. And those budding journalists think they are going to make something of themselves. Sadly, liberal journalists only way to succeed is to tear down people.

Mr. Pottinger is one journalists who honored his country by joining the Marines, and is in training at this time. I certainly hope that he writes a book and does not let his writing talent go completely to waist.

On the other hand, UH Daily Cougar journalists and staffers should just join the military and not bother writing a book. For them it would be a waist of time and like the James Risen book, which sold just 8,472 copies in its first week despite all the hype, your book wouldn't sell.

2nd Lt. Pottinger has more journalistic integrity in one finger of his right hand than all UH Daily Cougar liberal put together.

Screw the libs!

Friday, January 20, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Guest Columnist Denise Smith 'Regurgitates Democrat Talking Points' (She wouldn't know what to think if liberals didn't tell her)

We hear of perverted white old men luring young and pretty impressionable girls to their homes to have sex everyday, but rarely do we hear of perverted white old professors luring young and pretty impressionable college girls to their rape rooms of liberalism. As so we have the story of history junior Traci Denise Smith, today's guest columnist for the UH Daily Cougar, a girl who is easily lured to places she shouldn't because she can't make up her own mind and actually check the facts.

In her tripe today "
Nominee's silence disconcerting," Denise Smith holds no punches, stating "Frist, Delay, Libby, Rove, Ney and Cunningham head the growing list of Republican leaders who are under investigation, indicted or have confessed to crimes." My God, how stupid do you have to be to put this stuff out there for the UH weak minded students consumption and expect it to be drank in no questions asked.

Fat chance
Denise, your just another history major who has only cracked books and thinks they know everything. I have lived history and made history, and have an upclose understanding of what is going on that any book or liberal prof will tell you. I have live ordinance from Desert Storm, a piece of Hitler's Berghof and the Berlin Wall in my library. All Denise Smith has is a receipt from the bookstore claiming she bought some history book with nice pictures in it.

Smith probably didn't even raise an eyebrow at the Alito hearings when worthless liberals such as Kennedy were questioning the Judge on of all things ethics? Hell, Smith probably wouldn't admit to any democratic wrongdoing she's that bent.

Smith's attempt to try and revive the dead Valerie Plame issue shows her desperation. That's almost as bad as trying to bring Mother Sheehan back into liberal prominence.

Smith is truly sick not to believe that the Abramoff investigations will not "involve a single Democrat." My God, it's already been proven that multiple high party liberals have taken mega-bucks from Jack, including Dingy Harry Reed from Nevada, Miss America Pelosi from California, and too many others to be named.

Denise Smith is nothing more than a public whore for the democratic party. Her assumptions that "these scandals are purely Republican and primarily involve Republican leaders" is complete horse shit from Howard Dean himself. She refuses to listen to reason, hell, Denise would gladly deepthroat a hundred male organs of copulation before admitting any democrat was wrong in anything political.

Smith's content for the President is undeniable, and she goes so far as to put him "at the heart of the latest scandal." Smith, who willingly believes the least credible of liberal sources, honestly believes that the feds have just eavesdropped into our conversations to find out what Denise is having for dinner. Is she that arrogant to believe that the federal government has time to listen to her worthless ass, Denise you have another thing coming.

Smith, let's get one thing straight, it was the past democratic administration and not "the current Republican leadership," that was "corrupted by power and money." The Clinton's left the White House as multi-millionaires, and America got screwed.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, January 19, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Nick Somarkis 'Calls for Bush's Impeachment Over Wiretaps' (Doesn't realize Clinton started domestic spying in 1994)

UH Daily Cougar columnist and ex-UH College Democrat officer Nick Somarkis, ever the socialist, who as a child pouted each and every time he didn't get his way, is upset again.

In one of
Somarkis' fits in September 2003 the Daily Cougar ran the story "Student vows to fight against campus bank policy," in which Somarakis said "I think Woodforest treats customers poorly." Why? Because Woodforest charged the UH College Democrats account a service fee when their balance drop below the minimum balance of $1,000. Was it our fault that the UH College Democrats couldn't raise enough money to keep them from receiving the fee. No. But as usual Somarkis blames us, big banking, and society for his faults.

Nick Somarkis makes excuses for everything. He would look at the picture on the left and say, "the kid should have been aborted anyway."

He blamed you for allowing President Bush to be reelected in 2004 stating that he wanted felons to be allowed to vote and another holiday on election day so that democrats could find enough people to vote at least twice.

In his tripe today "
Rule of law applies to Bush, too," Somarkis starts out flatly calling that "George W. Bush must be impeached." "President Clinton was impeached for breaking the law when he lied under oath; Bush must be impeached for his illegal activities." But as most of us are asking, what illegal activities has President Bush committed? Did he lie in front of a grand jury? No.

Nick Somarkis is adamant that Bush is guilty for wiretapping, but "the domestic electronic surveillance ball really got rolling under the Clinton administration, with the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). CALEA mandated that the telcos aid wiretapping by installing remote wiretap ports onto their digital switches so that the switch traffic would be available for snooping by law enforcement. After CALEA passed, the FBI no longer had to go on-site with wiretapping equipment in order to tap a line—they could monitor and digitally process voice communications from the comfort of the home office." It is really no secret that Clinton should be impeached as well. Opps sorry Nick, he already has.

Somarkis lies when he writes that Bush "has authorized the wiretapping of U.S. citizens' phone lines." Now Bush has authorized wiretaps of people in the U.S. who have communicated with known terrorrist, but President Bush has in no way violated his office. The United States cannot wait for Congress or the FISA court to handle each and every case that comes up. We are in a fast moving world and slow actions on our part will simply get more Americans killed. But Nick doesn't care, hell, he's for al-Qaeda anyway. Hence his piece today.

Somarkis is one of those liberals who believe that the government is out to get him. Sorry Nick, I don't think the government has any time to waist on a small fry like you. I would most definitely hope that the governments computers are listening to every conversation that comes from the Middle East, and analyzing each to make sure America is to be kept safe.

Somarkis idea of President Bush being legal in regards to wiretaps is for the NSA to publicly notifiy everyone that a wiretaps is taking place at a certain address for a certain time. This information would then be posted on Islamic websites and newspapers for the terrorists to take note and adjust the way they communicate their American killing ideas.

Somarkis' liberal playbook is older than he is. Nick buddy, America is smarter now. We have Fox News, Bloggers, Rush Limbaugh, KSEV-The Voice in Houston, etc. Its not like the old days of three networks when Kronkite told the American public "and that's the way it is", we don't have to make a trek to the library to check facts anymore, because it's practically at our fingertips. That's why Nick Somarkis and the liberals are not well received. That's why the liberals have not won any respectable elections lately or convincingly.

I'm positive that the UH weak minded students will take
Somarkis' tripe today with a grain of salt. They are not as easily bought as they used to be. They know in order for us to survive we must be proactive in the War on Terror and on both in Iraq and Afghanistan and in the US. Somarkis would have us be idle on both fronts, and be that much more vulernable to a future attack.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The New UH Parking Garage 'Where is the liberalism in charging extra for better parking?' (Liberalism is about egalitarianism -- have a lottery)

I was surprised to read on the UH Daily Cougar front page in a story by reporter Leah Rachelle Yanez, "Price of garage permit deters some: Other students willing to pay extra to park in new facility, avoid struggle to find space in lots," what the hell is the University of Houston doing charging extra for parking in the new parking garage at Entrance 1 and Calhoun Road.

What is liberal about that? How many Black and Hispanic students are going to be offended on a day-in and day-out basis as they pass the new parking garage and see the children of rich White families stream out of the new parking garage all because they can afford the extra $88 to pay for the premium spaces.

Screw that. UH students should not have to pay extra for parking in the new parking garage. Instead of charging extra for privledged parking, let the students buy their parking as normal, then have a lottery to determine the 1,000 lucky students without having any student pay extra for parking. That is the only liberal thing to do. This is an egalitarian university is it not, and we should have a lottery to determine who gets one of the 1,000 coveted spaces. That is the egalitarian thing to do.

I'm surprised that the NAACP-UH or LULAC has not spoken up yet.

Really, next thing you know poorer baseball, basketball, and football players will be demanding to be paid the same as the big name players, "Latonya McDonald, a communication senior who works at the Student Information Center in front of the University Center, said she wasn't willing to pay the extra cost," because she wouldn't be able to pay the millionaires that play at the Toyota Center. Something has to give.


Screw the libs!


UH Daily Cougar Columnists Salinas and McCormick 'Both writing on subjects they know nothing about' (Help reduce global warming by waisting trees)

UH Daily Cougar Opinion columnist James August McCormick really stepped into it for his first rantman rant of the year. For a guy who likes science, the guy who promised us a summer series of tripe on "stem cell research" yet all we got was a lot of tripe on campus food and how he was a "God" living in his dorm room. For the man who hates "discussing national politics" quite simply because he's not good at it, we get his so-called "predictions for the next 12 months."

On the other hand and in the back of the bus,
UH Daily Cougar columnist David Salinas today takes us on a ride showing us why liberal blacks will never gain power while they embrace celebrating their oppression, by trying to compare MLKs wiretaps to the War on Terrors effort to thwart further al-Qaeda aggression here at home.

On both accounts, both
McCormick and Salinas were dismal failures.

In the past I have agreed with
Jim McCormick, such as in his piece "Hey, where did all the UH merchandise go?," but when he tries and pull political stunts off he really sucks bringing dishonor to the University of Houston. In his tripe today "Looking in the crystal ball for 2006," McCormick in retrospect probably regrets not writing about the latest problem with Aramark or about the microwave in the dorms, but he is way off about school funding which has been deemed unconstitutional and will somehow get fixed.

What young
McCormick does not realize is that the Legislature better get a hold on property taxes or its going to be a problem. I just had an Aunt in Austin, over 70, that was forced to move from her home near Sixth Street because the taxes were to high. She had lived in the house for over half of her life. Now I ask you is that fair?

Most people are not like budding UH Law student, former DC columnist, and trust fund kid
Giugi Carminati, who can live near me in Midtown, pay a tax bill over $5K, and take a nice ski vacation to Europe, all the while her whole family is going to school. I'm no trust fund kid, but my place in Midtown and on Lake Conroe, taxes combined are near $9K. No Jim, you better hope that the Legislature gets a handle on property taxes, or you'll be living with your parents for a long time after you get your Masters. If you get it.

McCormick's pick for governor -- Friedman. Perry will get it again, once "the Grandma" is truely shown. Perry has been much to valuable for the fight to reduce property taxes, with the hold up being Lt. Gov. Dewhurst in the Texas Senate. Lt. Gov. is actually the most powerful man in Texas, since he controls legislation.

McCormick thinks DeLay would not get another nod, but there are still many undecideds out there. Liberal democrat Lampson will not be elected from the 22nd District, and to think so is utter lunacy. What is it with liberals who can be practically convicted and are still urged to remain in office, but if a Republican is just suspected they want his head. No, DeLay will win by a slim margin, but he will win considering the alternative.

McCormick can do what he wants with Ken Lay, he screwed up my sister's 401k.

McCormick's take on Jack Abramoff, and how it will eventually affect Republicans is laughable. The democrats will not retake a "house of Congress" as long as they are perceived as being loyal to al-Qaeda and hating America. Who wants to give power to a party that has to determine their "direction" in "closed door meetings."

Of couse I'll predict that
McCormick "will graduate in May, yet stick around UH to pursue a master's degree in biochemistry," simply because he can't find a job.

UH Daily Cougar Opinion columnist David Salinas is back from South Texas where he was helping his migrate farm family with their winter pickings. Welcome back David.

In his tripe today "
Let freedom ring ... ring ... ring," Salinas celebrates the Civil Rights Movement, and of course like many fellow liberals tries to compare the bad guys of civil rights to the evils of President Bush and his so-called "War on Terror."

Did you know that if it weren't for
David Salinas vital information about how the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover himself tracked via wiretaps MLK beginning in 1961, during the democratic JFK Administration and how we were facing a non-existent enemy, would not have got out. All of this was done without Congressional approval or knowledge. Oh know -- were is the liberal outrage. I'm not even going to mention King's extramarital affairs with white women of all people "discovered through spying" with his humping promise of "I'm taking you to the promised land."

Fast forward to the next century, when we are really facing an enemy that wants to kill us, and
David Salinas is worried about the same "sort of privacy invasion," and all kinds of liberal outrage vents explode about that.

Salinas, President Bush or the NSA does not want to hear your phone conversations of you breathing hard over your boyfriend. Nor are they concerned with "spying on the Quaker Peace Group and the Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore," unless they are being contacted by al-Qaeda not one American has anything to worry about.

Salinas, like many liberals believe that there are millions of NSA guys and girls listening to each conversation, but in reality computers are listening and analyzing, throwing out the stuff that is worthless to them, like the vast majority of liberalspeak, and keeping only the most vital conversations that take place discussing American destruction.

Salinas blind allegiance to liberal arrogance's with the assumption that "the government is spying on me," is really a stretch, and if the Bush Administration really does overstep its bounds in domestic spying efforts, the liberal media will have clear and incontrovertible evidence that will stick instead of throwing mother sheehan's, and valerie plame's on the fire and hoping they will spark into flame. That is yet to happen, and I doubt it will happen.

I certainly hope that President Bush continues to confound liberals by circumventing law, not informing Congress of NSA actions, and taping terrorist and liberals phones.

"Anyone who denies there should be such an investigation and defends the president blindly lacks the intellectual capacity to see the potential threat in this power grab by the executive branch" -- nevermind President Clinton with those FBI files in the White House (filegate), Whitewater, the White House travel office scandal (travelgate), the death of Vince Foster, nationalization of healthcare, Paula Jones, illegal missile technology transfer to China, Webster Hubble, White House Coffees, illegal campaign contributions from the Chinese, John Wong and the Buddhist Temple. I can go on and on.

Salinas, you worthless liberal and pathetic excuse for a man, who is making a "power grab now?"

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


UH Daily Cougar 'First True Outing Under Zach Lee not bad' (James Davis is gone as Op Editor)

In reviewing Zachary James Lee's first true outing as the new UH Daily Cougar Editor in Chief I thought it was a great effort, but we still have the rest of the semester to go.

Lee even threw in a very critical column about the democrats and how they can only criticize Republicans yet offer no ideas themselves. I was very appreciative.

Yes, a blizzard blew in under the name of new Opinion Columnist Jacob Blizzard. His "Dems are still talking, saying nothing," was right on the money in stating that "the Democrats have no concrete views or goals and nothing to say that will actually help our country."

I sincerely hope that Lee's papers will be consistent. I know he's been on the paper long enough to know its ins and outs, and how not to make Dulinesk mistakes. But only time will tell.

About the only error I found in the paper or on the website was the old "editorial board" still listed on the staff-eddy page.

Of course, when unadulterated liberalism hits the pages of the UH Daily Cougar you will be hearing a mouthful for me.

Praise the Lord in the name of Martin Luther King, Jr. -- James Davis is gone. Halleluiah.

Screw the libs!


UH Liberalism to Return to Classrooms All Over Campus Today

Its back! UH liberalism is rearing its ugly head today after its Nondescript Secular Winter Holiday.

Students who have been vacationing will be learning about how Sam Alito is "the devil" from liberal profs all over UH today. Or how Bush is "the devil" for nominating Alito and having a successful war against terror and gain in the polls.

We will be hearing of new "devils" soon, such as the UN of all the "devils" with their possible sactions against Iran for its nuclear weapons program.

Of course we will have to wait for what the Daily Cougar has to say. I've received word that Op Editor James Davis is gone. Thank GOD!

Screw the libs!

Monday, January 16, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Sorely Disappointed in History Channel's Lincoln' (Gore Vidal sucks when he attacks Bush in a Lincoln documentary)

The History Channel had been touting the new documentary on Lincoln and I became deeply suspicious when Lincoln biographer Gore Vidal was speaking in the damn thing. When it came to Lincoln's actions such as suspending habeas corpus it OK with Vidal, because as far as Vidal is concerned, the War on Terror is nothing more than "dandruff."

I should have known when I saw the words on the History Channel website that Lincoln was produced by the "Academy-Award winning producer" of "When We Were Kings," the movie about the draft dodger Muhammad Ali.

The Academy is liberal, and anything they choose is intentionally chosen to place a political message onto the masses. Hence they continue to loss money, and gay and lesbian themed movies like Brokeback Mountain continue to be lauded publicly during the Academy Awards.

To-nites presenation of Lincoln was anti-Christian, and as far as I'm concerned anti-Bush, and the tripe even hinted that Lincoln could have been gay. How low will these liberals go. Anyway, Lincoln reaffirmed the liberals trust in Clinton by tearing down one of the greatest President's this country has ever had to make Der Slick Meister look good. I am certainly not going to buy the stupid DVD as long as Gore Vidal is on the damn thing.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


A Few Random Thoughts - XXX

- Liberals are so intellectually bankrupt that they lie without paying no regards as consequence.

- The Alito hearings are a joke for the democrats. Instead of praising the man for his service, they instead choose to tear him down. I hope that he gets the libs back by downing Roe.

- If Canada got what they wanted -- Saddam Hussein would still be in power.

- If pro-abortion people don't abort their own kids, then what the hell is the point.

- NOW President Kim Gandy has to be a miserable woman. Think on it, your only mission in life is to ensure loose women have the right to abort a human life for their own convienence all because the loose woman could not prevent a pregnancy.

- If NOW really wanted a successful campaign, they would promote a national "Oral Sex Only" campaign, and appoint Bill Clinton as its national spokesman.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Can "W" pick 'em'' (Alito hearing a complete frustration for liberals)

Senator Diane Feinstein, socialist senator from California, shows her disfigured face at the Alito hearings. She reminds me of a surrealist work from Dali.

- Happy Birthday to Rush Limbaugh.
- Congratulations Justice Alito.

Photo Hat tip: El Rushbo

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


UH Daily Cougar Op Editor James Davis 'Addresses MLK Day Decline' (Blames you for not being Black on MLK Day; does not address who is really to blame)

With UH liberalism about to resume for 2006, we got the final "Breaking News" issue today for 2005-2006 UH Daily Cougar. Even though Editor in Chief Matt Dulin is no longer in power, his legacy can still be felt in the liberalism that will continue to flow from Rm. 151 of the communications building. In his first opinion foray in the new year Opinion Editor James Davis, the dudette who was responsible for the famous editorial cartoon of last September 19th (which of course looked exactly like the editorial cartoon of September 16th) because it depicted an unfair stereotype of a Katrina evacuee at the Hermann Hospital emergency room.

Editor in Chief Matt Dulin took the blame at the time, but like most liberals do when they screw up, he stayed in office and continued to remain ineffective for the rest of his term in office.

Today in his piece to bring more awareness to MLK Day,
Davis appeases the NAACP-UH, a group he deeply offended when he OK'd the evacuee cartoon back in September.

In his tripe today "Holiday more than just time off," Davis asks the question "how much do Americans consider the actual substance of the holiday over the benefits it affords them?"

"The inception of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 1986 certainly stood as a bold recognition of the civil rights movement," but has since been slowly destroyed by Rev. Jesse Jackson by his "higher than God" attitude because he was King's successor.

But who does
James Davis blame, well let us "look no further than our friend," Christopher Columbus, who "since 1971, th[e] second Monday of every October has dignified the legacy of [the man] who can, at best, be described as a confused navigator and at worst a purveyor of genocide." When can be thankful that Davis didn't berate President's Day, or better yet Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Davis opines "there has been opposition to the [Columbus Day] holiday since its inception," and asks "Why is this?" But of course James Davis fails to mention that Martin Luther King Day was not celebrated in Arizona until 1992 when voters approved the holiday to avoid a tourist boycott, and it was not until 1999 when liberal New Hampshire changed the name of Civil Rights Day to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Davis laments on his points to the point of intellectual slumber. They are worthless. If Davis were a desert scout he would lead his party to ruin and starvation.
Martin Luther King Day to me was brought about as a recognition of a successful movement. As a recognition to a successful man. And when he died, his memory set off events that would bring the Black Community closer to the mainstream of American society.
James Davis gives readers the impression that America doesn't care about MLK Day. No it is not that. It is Jesse Jackson and his ilk that have prostituted the cause of MLK to the point that MLK Day is seen as just another day off.
Davis looks at MLK Day as a day when we share "real estate in your day planner with good ol' Chris" [Columbus], while he continues to doubt the validity of Columbus Day. His argument that Labor Day should be reserved to honor the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire does not hold water and is better suited for remembrance during National Fire Prevention Week.
James Davis' fear that "Dr. King will suffer [] obscurity" will come true if Black leaders continue to go to the well of crying 'racism,' which is equivalent to liberals calling "scandal" everytime Bush speaks or meets with someone.
Quite simply the American public does not take Jesse Jackson seriously anymore. Jackson's raping of King's memory, which by the way has made him a millionaire by extorting money from companies and groups who just want him to go away.
"Dr. King's birthday is a federal holiday for a good reason," but it is continually being taken as an occassion that criticize people because they claim the Black Community 'has not come far enough.'
I'm sorry, I cannot accept that. Hell, all of Texas just celebrated UT quarterback Vince Young and Texas' triumph over USC in the Rose Bowl, and liberals can you help me out with what race that Young is -- could it be Black?
We have had more Blacks in high power than we saw with Clinton. Liberals deny it. We pay big bucks to go see millionaire Black men play games at the highest levels. Hell I'd vote for JC Watts for President and he is a Black man. But of course liberals see any Blacks who side with Republicans as Uncle Toms. Ask 'Larry X.'
When James Davis speaks of holidays I hope to see him write of another holiday that will be approved in the future -- Defeat of Liberalism Day.
Screw the libs!

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