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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


UH Daily Cougar First Breaking News of the 2005 Nondescript Secular Winter Holiday

For Zachary James Lee's first outing as the new UH Daily Cougar Editor in Chief I was expecting more, but right off the bat we get a recycled front page photo of the Galleria from last years December 22nd issue, which was a take off of the front page breaking news from December 18, 2002, which was a take off the front page break news from December 20, 2000.

We can only hope that Lee doesn't take the flight of former UH student Ryan Hartley, falling flat on his face for his biting off more than he can chew. One can detect that Lee's leadership style will be one of delegation rather than the autocratic ruler that former UH Daily Cougar Editor in Chief Matt Dulin exhibited during his reign.

Of course this is Lee's first time at the helm and he needs some deck time to get the hang of things, but if Lee continues to throws things out there like todays editorial cartoon about ANWR drilling submitted by UH lead physical plant plumber John H Palamidy we might run into a problem.

I don't know what Palamidy is up to with his tripe today giving the impression that oil drilling in ANWR will be a disaster for wildlife, but I can tell you that drilling for oil in Alaska will be a great deal cleaner that the crap he has to deal with day in and day out as a plumber.

Do you think that oil companies want their product lying on the ground at todays prices? I'm sorry John I'm not buying your tripe. Did you know that the first Alaska pipeline was a boom for the local Caribou population due to the heat given off from the pipeline?

Any drilling, which if approved by the Senate, will not benefit us for at least ten years, but the decision must be made now so that companies can start moving. Liberals will definitely get the blame if ANWR drilling does not take place. They will also get the blame if gas prices do not continue to go down. Two dollar gas, like three dollar gas, can sustain itself for only a certain amount of time before certain aspects of the economy begin to suffer. (i.e. - entertainment, luxury items).

The liberals only alternative to fossil fuels is hybrid electric cars, and like the soon to be George Clooney flop Syriana, hybrids will nothing more than a moneypit for their unsuspecting liberal owners.Not only will libs shell out an extra three plus grand to purchase a piece of crap which they will never make up in gas, when the car gets old and needs a new fuel cell it will cost another eight to ten grand to replace that.

Guess what? Nobody is talking disposal of fuel cells, and what nightmares millions of fuel cells can cause in the future. Fuel cells are not perfect and until that little reformer, or fuel cell processor problem is worked out, the batteries are not going to be as efficient as they can be.

Mark my words, this hybrid attempt will fail just like it did in the late '70s. The market, not government, will determine the need for a change from fossil to alternative fuels. Government efforts to force alternative fuels is like a child being told to kiss his nasty-mouthed Aunt by his Mother's orders.

And in the Senate today, it is there chance to really make a change to bring a change in America's oil dependence. Don't look for them to come through thanks to the libs!

Screw the libs!

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