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Friday, December 23, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - XXVIII

- Look at this years winter holiday greeting sent out by Katy McFall, Director of Annual Giving. She is so afraid that somebody might be offended, that if the damn picture didn't have Happy Holidays on it, you wouldn't have known it was Christmas related.

- Merry Nondescript Secular Winter Holiday to all liberal America hating and al-Qaeda loving citizens.

- Despite the liberal democrats best efforts, 122 countries are now experiencing more political and religious freedom. In addition, human rights are increasing around the world. (Liberals cannot run on this because of their actions on Iraq)..

- Houston's murder rate has shot up 23 percent since Hurricane Katrina, but I'm not afraid since I always have on finger on the trigger.

- God Bless our troops in harms way -- I know how you feel being far away in a combat zone on Christmas.

- Merry Christmas to all America loving Conservative citizens.

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