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Monday, December 12, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals Lie' (Tookie Dies)

Ahh its a great day. On a day when NY liberal Senator Chuck Schumer sends a letter to the President demanding to examine "failures" in Iraq, a great thing has happened -- the murderer "Tookie" Williams is going to finally be dealt justice that he did not afford his four victims whom he murdered in cold blood in February and March 1979.

Yes on a day when liberals want to surrender in the sight of victory in Iraq, their latest "Cindy Sheehan" Tookie die to-nite. It appears that the liberals have lost again, and will continue to lose until they can come up with a plan that is actually "good for America."

Look liberals, if you want to feel better about Tookie's death tonight don't look at as an execution. Instead look at Tookie's death as a post-term abortion, and you will be feeling better about yourselves. Because as of 12:01 am on the 13th Tookie will become dookie for the worm.

Screw the libs!

Too bad he's going to the gurney instead of riding the lightning.

I guess Schwarzenegger Terminated him! HA! HA!

Screw the libs!
For sure Tookie get the better half of death than his victims did.

Thank God the courts and the governor were not desensitized to the crime to push aside the fact that good 'ol Tookie is a cold blooded murderer.
I find it amusing that all these right wing hypocrites try to be so judgemental on people, when they are the ones who should clean house... Joshua Delano used to drive his girlfriends to abortion clinics... A lot of people living on campus know this for a fact...
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