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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Is it time to just start killing liberals?' (Liberals leak NSA info in attempt to smear 'W' and gain politically)

I admit it, I'm know perfect boy scout. My military career was not all roses and at times bad people simply -- had to die. I have no regrets about my service, and my men and I are still alive even though some came back injured and some later suffered with cancer, myself included on both accounts.

I was especially pissed this weekend when I heard about some liberal leaking the NSA's domestic eavesdropping operation which in a time of war has to be more than justified.

But liberals, with their egalitarian attitude that puts the least al-Qaeda operative on the same par as the American soldier, are on a daily basis endangering American citizens more and more. Now with the liberals publishing of this NSA information, al-Qaeda operatives that were operating in the US now have to know that their conversations are being listened to more than ever. Those operatives will now take actions that will make them less detectable to NSA personnel. Thank you very much liberals.

I ask, who's side are you on liberals? If liberals answer -- the side of truth, they are lining themselves up with al-Qaeda. The "truth" answer in the liberals mind is just a ruse. Our nation has to keep its secrets. If not we lose, and that fits right into the plans for the liberals. Well, I'm fed up.

When I first heard the NSA story break, I immediately thought of my high-powered rifle, aiming it at an influential liberal, and pulling trigger. I know that is not the nice Conservative way to think, but what else am I suppose to do. The liberals have a lock on certain aspects of the media, and they are being paid off to publish BAD press AGAINST the United States.

I'm slowly getting to the point of calling for an outright open season on liberals. Especially those liberals who openly support the enemy in their words and actions. It is completely crazy that in wartime that someone can diviluge national secrets that both liberals and Conservatives knew, and then try to blame the President for the whole thing. Liberals knew this secret and they let the secret slip for pure political gain. I was glad to see that the President fighting back and with a viciousness to show his sincerity.

Domestic eavesdropping does save lives. You won't read about it in the Chronicle and I can't say much here, but attacks on hard targets in our area have been averted due to electronic surveillance. It works, and we can't stop it now just because some liberals think our civil rights are being taken away.

I sincerely believe that the NSA is not taking away our rights, I don't feel threatened. The NSA doesn't have enough equipment to monitor everyones call, but they do have enough to hone in on special calls for special words that are spoken that can possibly give away al-Qaeda cells operating in the United States. To think other is nonsense.

Have you noticed that the liberal press fights successful Presidential news, such as the elections in Iraq, with attempted stories that try and douse the enthusiasm of Presidential success, such as with "Tookie" Williams, Arnold and his hometown in Austria, and falling Presidential poll numbers. The liberals tactics are predictable and show their lack of ability to fight with common sense.

This war we are in is like no other war we have ever fought, and with continued liberal helping of the enemy, such as the NSA story, I'm predicting that in the future that influential liberals will be shot to death by patriotic Americans who love America, not necessarily Conservatives, but those who are sick and tired of having to fight two wars -- one in the Persian Gulf area, and the war in the liberal media and by liberals in America that help al-Qaeda with their words and actions.

I suppress my thoughts of course and vent with this blog, but someone out there perhaps who has served in Afghanistan or Iraq or is a heavy supporter of the military; someone who is steaming inside after what he read or saw in the news today. Someone who is pissed at those who believe that America is always wrong and France and Germany are always right.

No one knows who will fire the first shot at an Al Franken or a JFK, Jr. or some other influential liberal who believes that everything is wrong with America. Once a couple of caps are popped at liberals, they'd better learn to "shut the fuck up" or take their lives in their hands when the degrade America in wartime.

Liberalism can only go so far in wartime before Americans consider them totally aligned with al-Qaeda. The libs as far as I am concerned passed that point long ago.

McCain with his "al-Qaeda Bill of Rights" which gives unprecedented protections to enemy combatants is completely crazy. Has anyone heard of the Geneva Convention? That anyone found out of uniform can be shot as a spy. As far as I'm concerned those people should not even be alived much less be provided with a God Damned quran, three-squares a day, and better living quarters than America's homeless.

Who gives a damn if McCain was tortured in Vietnam, that fact alone should have excused him from being involved in that legislation by the "conflict of interest" aspect alone.

Just what are we supposed to do get information out of prisoners -- tickle 'em? Or better yet, play boring John Kerry and Ted Kennedy speeches over and over again? But even that would be considered 'cruel and unusual punishment' according to liberals.

I'm a patriot. I've got "parts missing" due to my service to my country with no regrets whatsoever. I know that our military represents less than one-percent of our countries population, and liberals have become desensitized to our militaries existence and can be easily brainwashed into believing the US military is nothing but an oppressor, which is absolutely ridiculous.

I feel no love in my heart for liberals who look at America and see the 'bad guy'. Liberals, as Rush Limbaugh has stated recently, "are invested in our defeat," and would rather see America lose rather than George Bush and America win. That's how much hate liberals possess for anything American, and its time that liberals have that hate turned back on them.

I'm not advocating that Americans start popping caps in influential liberals left and right. I'd prefer to continue fighting liberals with our pocketbooks, such as not watching liberal movies, not buying liberal newspapers and products, but the time will come that further steps will be taken.

I cannot say that I dread the day when liberals with their irresponsible choice of words and actions will pay with their blood. Its coming. Rush Limbaugh recently asked liberals to actually "think about America for only five seconds" instead of being selffish about their politics. I think he's seeing it too and is trying to stop the inevitable.

People, we are practically giving aid and comfort to the enemy with all this liberal talk, all this talk of "al-Qaeda Bill of Rights," lessening the power of the Patriot Act, and being soft on the borders.

Is it time to just start killing liberals for appeasing al-Qaeda? I can't answer that question. It's for the liberals to answer themselves by their continued choice of words and actions. I'm betting that the libs will not let up and the day will come when some patriot is pissed off enough and is inclined to take action to "save" America.

Screw the libs!

Liberals will go to far one day, and some half-crazed vet is going to start treating them like invaders and start eliminating them.
Check out a funny site dedicated to the absurdity and satire nature of saying “It’s All George Bush’s Fault!”


Notta Libb
I find it amusing that all these right wing hypocrites try to be so judgemental on people, when they are the ones who should clean house... Joshua Delano used to drive his girlfriends to abortion clinics... A lot of people living on campus know this for a fact...
I'm not afraid of judging, especially when it comes to US national security. If a liberal gives away national secrets, goddamnit I'll kill that lib myself.

Liberals are in no way qualified to be in charge of this country's national security, and thank GOD they are not.

We are at war, and liberals actions make it easy for the enemy to be emboldened with hope that they can actually win.

If al-Qaeda wins, liberals win. Case Closed, Serado.
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