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Friday, December 02, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Bad News for Democrats' (America coming back on many fronts)

- President Bush's poll numbers are coming back up despite the liberals continued attacks.

- 215,000 new jobs were added in November.

- The liberal media if failing to make Americans continually feel like crap.

- Unemployment remains unchanged and is lower than it was during the Clinton Administration.

- Their is good news coming out of Iraq, and they are about to truly determine their own future.

- Howard Dean is still the chairman of the democratic party.

- Liberals are getting pissed at 'good news' being so-called "bought" in Iraq. While the left plants stories in NPR, CNN, and all other liberal media.

- Sixty percent of democrats think Saddam Hussein should be out of power.

Screw the libs!

No One is reading your shit. How Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Obviously you are. How typical!!!!!!!!!!
I read it just for laughs!!!!!!!!!!
Where is your blog liberal?

I've said over and over this blog saves liberals lives. It saves us from popping caps off at you from the top of the architectural building.

We gets enough hits to this blog, some leave comments some don't. It does not mean that it is not being read.

I ask you again liberal "where is your blog" because if you do have one, it's probably not being read for all the tripe stuffed into it.
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