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Friday, December 30, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'The Austin Student Newspaper' (A paper even worse than the UH Daily Cougar)

I visit relatives in Austin several times each year and I always make it a habit to always stop in at the LBJ Library on the UT campus in downtown Austin. The exhibit floor is always changing, and once in a while they have some very interesting exhibits.

On my way out of the LBJ I always pick up the latest copy of the Daily Texan, and this time they had another student newspaper, the Austin Student, which started publication last year, but this was the first time I had seen the tripe.

The Austin Student, which can also be known as the "Austin Student Socialist," as far as their December 15th issue is concerned, is a contraption put together by two former Daily Texan workers who started the paper following flaps they had with Daily Texan officials, and so the "Austin Student Socialist" was born.

One of the December 15th editorial pieces caught my attention, Austin Student Socialist writer Carrie Weidner, who is not affliated with any local Austin school really let her socialist tendencies fly with her tripe "The untold truth about healthcare: a nationalized system is the key." The only problem was that there was little if any truth to be found in her tripe.

Weidner's main beef, was that "the corporations that the run hospitals are out to make a profit." In fact, any organization that makes a "profit" is on her hit list. She doesn't see that the bottom line is important when it comes to surviving in business. In her book all businesses are bad, and all patients, especially those who are poor and without health insurance are obligated to be served by hospitals no matter the losses incurred by business.

And of course, the big solution to the problem: a nationalized healthcare system, which is the very social thing to do. Weidner is bent like her other liberal colleagues across the country. A national health care system would be the worst thing possible for health care industry in the United States. All you have to do is look to Canada or Europe and see the problems they have there and then you would see the problem.

Liberals like Carrie Weidner are extremely gullible people who refuse to see the actual conditions that are affecting hospitals today. She refuses to see that emergency rooms are being shut down because they are being overrun with non-emergency events. Weidner refuses to see that birthing facilities are closing their doors due to increasing insurance rates and litigation, while more and more doctors are refusing to treat pregnant women and the elderly for the same reason.

Weidner does not see that government is the reason that hospital bills are so high. She instead complains that her Mother, "a single parent with two kids and her master's degree in nursing, has worked for the same hospital for more than 15 years. Yet she still lives paycheck to paycheck," that right there speaks volumes of the Weidner family.

Weidner's idea of a nationalized healthcare system that "would pay its employees well, from the doctors to the nurses to the housekeepers." The whole idea is not to help the poor people of the United States, yet in Carrie Weidner's mind, nationalized healthcare would pay her Mother more money.

I doubt that Weidner or her sibling have ever had a real job that contributed to her family. Then there is her Mother who has worked 15 years in the same job, working "paycheck to paycheck" as Weidner pleas. Is the woman so bad in her job that she has never got a raise, or never made an attempt to save a buck while her children have continually drained her of resources that would have let her have a bigger stake in life.

If only Carrie Weidner would have been aborted, her Mother wouldn't have been that drained of her life's resources and Carrie's tripe wouldn't have made the Austin Student Socialist.

So theoretically if we get national healthcare how will we pay for it? Weidner says "taxes must be raised." Well hell, tax us unto death why don't you Carrie. To liberals, if government is not involved in your life every minute of the day, something is wrong.

After all, "America isn't getting any healthier," says the greedy Weidner, who wants her Mother to get a big raise to support her worthless ass. You see, everyone wants drugs from Canada, but where are those drugs made -- the US. If companies are not making profits then they are not going to be able to stay in business.

One example is when the Clinton Administration forced out flu vaccine makers by trying to give away all flu vaccines, thus taking the profit out of the business. Most vaccine makers left the US and when the vaccine problem hit last year, non of that tripe hit the mainstream media.

Carrie Weidner doesn't know what she is talking about when it comes to healthcare. All she knows is that her Mother is poor and its "mean evil Republicans" who are paying her Mother just enough to pay rent on some fleatrap apartment with no money leftover to buy poor Carrie an iPod, and national healthcare would get her Mother more money so Carrie can finally get her cherished music player.

The only problem is that national healthcare would wreck the United States economy just for liberal egalitarianism. Well screw that. Carrie Weidner instead of depending on your Mother, why don't you go out and get a goddamn job so you can help support your Mother instead of like most liberals -- sponging off them and then society for eternity.

Screw the libs!

I am a classmate of Carrie, and she isn't the fool you think she is. She is quite intelligent and has a job herself.

I have several problems with your post that have little to do with Carrie. First of all, you seem to think that Nurses can be well paid and get raises frequently. This is not true. My own mother is a nurse, and she has never risen above near-poverty. It is common knowledge that nurses are underpaid and overworked, but hospitals refuse to pay any more than they already are. Profits be damned, people are people.

Since when do liberals believe in totalitarianism? From what I've seen, liberals often support less government involvement in everyday life.

Do you think that America would fall victim to the same faults of Europe and Japan in nationalizing healthcare? I believe that we could use our resources and intelligence to make things better. I have faith that America could make it work.

Another thing that bothered me: don't conservatives oppose the use of abortion in any circumstance?
As a friend of Carrie Weidner, I can tell you that every opinion that you have of her is utterly and completely wrong.
She works her ass off to make the best grades she can (straight A's ever since I’ve known her), she has a job and has had that job for a year now. She spent all summer working with little personal time to do anything fun, to raise money to support herself so she wouldn't burden her mom with all her expenses of living. When she is not working and her mom is working she is taking care of her little brother. She is an extremely intelligent person and always willing to help a friend.
What I have noticed about conservatives on the other hand, is that for the most part they don't give a shit about anybody else. They focus on earning their own money, for their own pleasure, they don't give a shit about anybody who isn't in the same pool of genius and sophistication as your white upper class ass. They hate the poor, the blacks and Hispanics, they hate gays and they don't give a shit about the environment that has so generously been given to us to take care of it and not tear it down piece by piece in order to make room for fucking repubs. to build their concrete highways on, to drive their garish Hummers to live in their suburbia homes to wear the 100 dollar pants made by the children in 3rd world countries that the fucking conservative right doesn't give a shit about because their poor and not white.
And all that aside how arrogant do you have to be to presume to know the entire life's story of a girl who you have never even met. Get the stick out of your ass, get off your high horse and help those that are less fortunate than you. You jerk.
listen neo-con fuckheads, carrie weidner is a fucking saint compared to you fascist basterds. and her intelligence goes much futher past your mental capacity, so next time you have a thought on us "libs", let it the fuck go. she was right to write that story. and let me tell you im about as sick and fed up with your neo-con bullshit, i just can't take it anymore. conservatives remind me one thing.....nazis. and thats what you neo-con basterds are. if carrie gets bashed again by you neo-con fuckfaces, you'll have more than hell to pay.
oh and by the way jackass', totalitarianism is a radical form of communism, which is a radical form of socialism. sweden is a socialist society, they have the #1 living quality in the world. just somthing to think about if you have that capability.
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