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Sunday, December 18, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Another Reason Why The Houston Chronicle is Losing Circulation' (Dishonest Front Page Writing)

Looking at this Houston Chronicle front page photo today you might get the impression that there are hundreds of people at some liberal rally organized by Planned Parenthood.

But guess what.

It was all a shame, and the Chronicle admitted the true numbers that they appeased despite the vast numbers in our area that believe the opposite.

This is just another example why I and thankfully most Houston area souls don't subscribe to the Houston Chronicle.

Screw the libs!

a subscription to the chron is a waste of 110 dollars annually
I find it amusing that all these right wing hypocrites try to be so judgemental on people, when they are the ones who should clean house... Joshua Delano used to drive his girlfriends to abortion clinics... A lot of people living on campus know this for a fact...
Even if Josh Delano took his girlfriends to have abortions, and even Josh is a Conservative. How many Conservative vs. liberal abortions have there been?

I've heard estimates of as high as 9-to-1.

If the liberals have not aborted their base, they could possibly have won in 2000 and 2004.

Since the liberals cannot win vital elections, they must use the media to make it look like they won election.
Actually, I know that girl who had the abortion. Joshua wanted quite the opposite and helped in no way to bring her to the clinic. She went without his knowing, he was having breakfast with me when she went.

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