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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Another Reason Why The Houston Chronicle is Losing' (Dishonest Headline Writing)

Blog Houston and Lone Star Times hit upon a headline story about Tom DeLay from which the Houston Chronicle's Readers' Representative and a member of the Editorial Board James T. Campbell has received a lot of flak.

Of course the Chronicle made it look as bad as possible for DeLay by making it look like a full defeat for the Congressman when actually the headline should have told of the mixed rulings from his conspiracy and money laundering case.

Since Campbell received a lot of grief over the headline he wrote "Headlines: Sometimes the glass might be half full," which appeared in last Sunday's paper explaining that the headline was based only on the first paragraph and the headline writer did not feel it was biased.

Incredibly, Campbell acknowledged the Chronicle's Conservative Readership and others who are "Chronically biased," which I consider a win for Houston area Conservatives. I guess the the Chronicle is slowly recognizing the fact that they need Conservative readers to survive, and that fact should be a vital part of the Chronicle's strategy in the coming year.

With the growth of technology and its growing ease of use, old windbags such as the Chronicle will be dust in the wind if they continue to be selfish in their headline writing. On can only hope that the UH Daily Cougar does not send any personnel over the Chronicle or they will really be in trouble.

Screw the libs!

Yeah, the Chronicle is being just too rough on poorl ole Tom Delay. What's wrong with take money for legislation? People had a problem when Jim Wright took money illegally and should have a problem when Delay does no matter what his polical affiliation may be. I know Tom Delay does not represent me despite my living in his district because my pockets are not deep.
Liberal Hater is correct when in previous post he says that DeLay is a "chess player". I've met the man on several times on campus, and he dots his "i's" and crosses his "t's".
I believe that a DeLay trial will be more of an embarrassment to Democrats than Republicans when DeLay's lawyers tear into Democrat practices and expose those facts.
DeLay's lawyer is No. 1 in the state and he will win. I've met Dick several times as well, and he is a very confident man.
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