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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


UH Liberalism on Hiatus to Give Thanks for Abortion and John Kerry While Eating Tofurky Roast and UnTurkey

Today is the 42nd anniversary of the death of the great tax cutter -- Jack Kennedy


Since UH liberalism is on hiatus for six days and UnTurkey Day so close, I thought I'd pick on the liberal PETA a little bit. I myself am a member of the Conservative PETA -- People Eating Tasty Animals.

PETA is out with their Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Turkeys list, and of course it is filled with lies.

PETA reminds me of the NAZIs wanting to tear children away from their parents. Their latest comic book makes all Daddys look to be half crazed fathers out to kill every fish in all the worlds oceans, lakes, and streams.

No wonder those people are crazy, they don't get enough protein in the diets.

As a matter of coincidence, I convinced my family not to eat turkey this year. We are having thick and juicy T-Bone steaks, New York Strips, and Shrimp instead.

Just remember, when some fool votes "stuck on stupid," or liberal for those of you that just don't get it, you are heralding the trumpets for these nutcakes who want to take a simple McD's fish sandwich out of your hands.


Here is PETAs feeble attempt to stop Thanksgiving with their Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Turkeys this year. Thank goodness PETA is not as successful as other liberals who want to take Christmas songs out of this years Christmas pagents.

1. They're Begging Your Pardon (Next thing you know that wacko PETAIACS will be going back in time to make the Turkey our national bird so we won't have to eat it on Thanksgiving.

2. Get Rid of Your Wattle (The PETAiacs say turkey is fattening. Well, why do you think we only eat it once or twice a year).

3. Can You Spell ‘Pandemic’? (This is an outright lie with PETA trying to tie in the bird flu with turkeys, and shows PETA for absolute slime that truly are).

4. Recall Process Doesn't Fly (PETA doesn't realize that we have excellent recall procedures and a media that does get the word out. What do they want, the government coming into our houses and taking away our food. Well PETA would support that).

5. Let the Turkeys Give Thanks! (This one is another example of PETA not wanting people to enjoy life and give thanks over the dead and rotting carcass of a ungrateful animal that could not escape and be free like their wild turkey cousins).

6. Want Stuffing With Your Supergerms? (This is the PETA equivalent of PETA exposing young and innocent children to gay sex. Its something that is out there, but you don't want to see it).

7. Without a Wing and a Prayer (This is PETAs attempt at making a turkey slaughterhouse equivalent to that of a Concentration Camp. PETA did you know that children were just thrown into the fires near the end of the autrocity, while they were still conscious. Yet you guys take outrage at turkey deaths).

8. Foul Farming (PETA tries to expose the foul environment of this foul, but again its like exposing gay sex to young children. Don't want to see it).

9. Blood, Sweat, and Fear (PETA says "killing animals is inherently dangerous work." But our ancestors did it, and they did not have tofu on their shelves. PETA is just another example of trust fund kids having to much time on their hands).

10. A Cornucopia of Turkey Alternatives (PETA recommends Tofurky Roast or UnTurkey. Wow the pilgrims would have really hated those freaks at PETA).

PETA people would have made excellent NAZI brownshirts. "Your family feeds you turkey on Thanksgiving, Umm." Pause. "Take me to them, so that I can bring them some Unturkey." Following dinner the brownshirt turns the entire family over to PETA for transport to the Concentration Camp where the entire familys throats are slit while they are still conscious, then they are ground up and used for turkey food.

Screw the libs!

peta who?
I like Tofurky. For me, it helps to hear the Holy Spirit's guidance more clearly.
see www.worldinternetnews.org
If God did not want us to eat the animals, he would have not made them taste so good.
A vegetarian walks into the doctor's office and says:

Doctor when I eat tofu, it comes out still looking like tofu. When I eat carrots, they come out looking like carrots. When I eat salad, it comes out looking like salad.

So finally the doctor looks at this nut, takes another bite off of his beef jerky, tells the vegetarian to eat shit, and charges him $200 for the visit.
Tofurkys are for people who don't want to deal with reality.
No comments from the assholes today--Nov. 23. They must be off visiting Mommy and Daddy Hitler. Hope someone pisses in their stuffing:)
Look liberal. I was off having an early Thanksgiving with my family.

You should be even thankful that you can live in a country without fear of being jailed while being able to speak out against your country and for the enemy in wartime.
PETA reminds you of young children crowded onto cattle trains, lonely, cold, crammed together, separated from their parents, en route to almost certain painful, excrutiating death?

You're either heartless or you're a Holocaust denier.
PETA denigrates the victims of the Holocaust and Holocaust survivors by daring to compare the beef, pork, and poultry industries to it.

By the way liberals, our American troops (You know, the type of guys you liberals have hate sites against), had a lot to do with the end of the Holocaust, guess none of you liberals ever had history classes in elementary school eh? Too busy protesting the meat in the school lunches to pay attention I guess.

People like my grandfathers who both served in uniform during World War II were the ones that saw that it ended. The only fascists on this board are the liberals who can't handle it when the First Amendment that liberals supposedly care so much about is used to tell the truth instead of abused to spread liberal tripe.
Of course PETA dehumanizes the Holocaust with their campaigns. It's a facet of their tactics. That being said, so does comparing PETA to Nazis. They are nothing alike, and equating PETA with an organization that murdered over 10 million people is dehumanizing as well.
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If you look at the early history of the Nazi Party and its methods you will see parallels with PETA. The propaganda techniques, breaking up peaceful events that they oppose in an illegal and at times violent way, (read fashion shows with models wearing fur for one example just off the top of my head). The Nazis did not start off with cattle cars full of innocent victims going to a grizzly death; it was a gradual process that accelerated once they held the reigns of power.

Judging by some of the eco-Nazis that I have seen it would not surprise me if some of these "lovers of life and animals" would do the same kind of things to those who disagree with them that the Nazis did to their detractors or scapegoats. The comparison is made because of a mentality not because of a practice that can't be carried out because PETA unlike the Nazis during the Holocaust do not completely control a large and powerful country along with many others in Europe that the Nazis subjugated.

If the granolaheads in PETA had that kind of power and control we could look for the same kinds of abuses because of the mentality of the people. Fortunately, there are enough sane people to makes sure these tree-hugging wackos will never take control of our government.

Screw the libs, and eat the animals!
Hey, I eat as much meat as the next guy. I grant that some extremists out there probably would kill innocent for animal liberation. Whenever ALF or whatever sets a lab on fire they're risking the lives of the workers and the firefighters. I'm sure a handful would be willing to go beyond that. That being said, the early days of the Nazi party were indeed focused on rowdy street tactics and acts of vandalism. This was the trend in Weimar Germany, though. The Nazis weren't the only ones fighting on the streets for future control. By the time Dachau was established, though, they had completely transcended their former competitors and their own former actions and policies to something so horrific that comparisons in political debates is now known as "Godwin's Law"- such a gross comparison that it tends to effectively stem discussion.
Yes the people that were also fighting on the streets were called the communists. No friends of mine or any other conservative. If you want to see what horrors they were capable of see Stalin's Soviet Union or Mao's red China. Either one of those killed even more than Hitler. Not because they were Jews, but because they were "Kulaks" or other “class enemies”. Ever heard of the Cultural Revolution?

I certainly don’t think the Germans would have been better off under them either. Ask some Russian Jews how well they fared in the Soviet Union, wasn’t a pretty picture either. How about the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia who killed people just because they had glasses which meant that they might be able to read and were thus class enemies that belonged to the “evil intelligentsia”?

Communists, Nazis, Liberals, granolaheads, PETAphiles. Different fruits, same bowl.
I own 'The Black Book of Communism' as well as multiple publications by Robert Conquest. I'm quite familiar with the crimes of those who espouse communism, and agree that they surpass that of Nazism and other forms of fascism combined.

However, that has nothing to do with comparing PETA to Nazis. It may be the same bowl, in that they're both extremists, but the fruits are still vastly different.
Same Mentality equals same potential in my book. Pray the PETAphiles never get any power so you don't have to see for yourself that we are right about this.
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