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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


UH Liberal Renee McKeon really pissed off in a Letter to the Editor about Libby and Rove

Talk about hate. Today's UH Daily Cougar Tripe to the Editor "Libby's indictment a start," written by Renee E. McKeon, a UH theater and anthropology post-bac student who hates anything and everything related to President Bush, went off on Scooter Libby and is licking her chops at a possible Karl Rove indictment.

McKeon, who is a member of the International Association of Students in Business (AIESEC), is obviously looking to improve her international relations with terrorist in hopes of someday hitting the United States in another 911 style attack on our great nation.

Mckeon sees "the recent indictment of I. Lewis Libby [as only] a partial victory." See goes on to tell of her lust for the indictment of Karl Rove, whom she calls "the leading Bush henchman." I would venture to guess that Renee would gladly give oral sex to 100 UH guys on Butler Plaza if Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald would agree to indict Rove.

Mckeon really doesn't care about Libby because its Rove that she wants, and she fears he was let "off the hook for his part in the leak of undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame's name and the subsequent cover-up," of which no cause could be found in Libby's indictment except that he may have fibbed about how he learned of Valerie Plame.

Mckeon thinks that the administration is nothing but a "good ol' boys' club" but does not realized that they are doing their jobs for the American people. Renee its the liberal who will "do anything to maintain power and pursue its agenda, no matter how unethical, illegal or incongruent to the interests and wishes of the United States and the international community." Not the GOP. Its the liberals who will sell their soul to the devil to get Bush out of office. Which is fine with me because he can't run for office anymore.

Renee McKeon is totally off her rocker. For the side she supports -- the liberals -- who gladly take advantage of American blood for the advancement of their liberal causes in order to fool the American people into supporting them. She makes a fool of herself in her letter.

If there was any administration by who's "incompetence and blatant disregard for the citizens of this country [were] proven time and time again by their remorseless, thoughtless and frighteningly unchallenged actions and policies," it was definitely the Clinton Administration.

McKeon will continue on her liberal ways in her liberal world -- I AM LIBERAL, HEAR ME ROAR -- and pat herself on her back because "for once, it seems someone (that being Renee E. McKeon) had the nerve to stand up to the schoolyard bully that is the Bush administration and speak out against the corruption that runs rife in the White House" (which anyone would be hard pressed to find).

McKeon, why don't you stop blindly trusting liberal blogs and liberal networks for your information. I know you are a theater major which gives you plenty of extra time to get involved in causes you don't understand, and quite frankly make an ass of yourself trying to proclaim as truth.

So next time Renee McKeon, instead of speaking your liberally bent mind just SHUT UP AND SING!!!

Screw the libs!

Those who attack are declaring their "littleness" and turning away from the gift of "grandeur." See Our Holy Inheritance blog:

Those who don't attack are cowards and liberals, and are turning away from the truth. See UH Conservative Underground's blog:

mckeon would probably give head to 500 guys for a rove indictment
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