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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Opinion Page at it Again 'Is Editorial Cartoon Offensive To Women' (Why YES; of course)

If this is offensive to UH negros (don't blame me, Andy Rooney said it's OK 'negro' is more proper than 'African American').

Shouldn't this be offensive to UH women.

Thank you UH lead physical plant plumber John H Palamidy. Why don't you just stick to plumbing instead of insulting women.

where's the cleavage
The cleavage looks more like what you see of plumbers rear views. I do need to get that picture of John out of my mind.
What do you expect, the man is used to piping shit, some of it had to end up in the Cougar.
Get a life. You are a bunch of assholes. Can't you find something positive to do rather than wasting your time on such piddly affairs? I didn't find the cartoon offenisve in the least and have enjoyed Palamidy's cartoons exceptional for years.
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