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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Missing In Action Today

When I went to my usual place to retrieve my copy of the UH Daily Cougar I come to find it was way late. Then when I later checked the Cougar website it had this explanation:

To Our Readers

Due mechanical difficulties with UH Printing Services' printing press, today's issue of the print ediition The Daily Cougar will be late.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

I made the point in a recent post "UH Daily Cougar Online lightyears behind the times as compared to other college newspapers in our area," that its time for the staff to modernize the electronic side of the paper, so if something happens with the presses on the print side readers at least can go online and have the choice of a real looking newspaper in portable document format (PDF) or the current html version that the paper offers.

I still maintain that by publishing PDF versions of the Cougar steps can be taken to reduce cost by "publishing exact digital reproductions of the same print versions of the paper that are placed around campus in various gathering places." I'm not saying do away with print versions of the Daily Cougar by any means because I will still be one of those who will demand the smell of fresh ink in the morning."

The UH Daily Cougar has a "very dull" online presence as compared to UT or A&M. PDF versions of the Daily Cougar, even like those produced by Houston Community College's The Egalitarian would be a vast improvement.

"No matter if we are UH liberals or Conservatives, we all deserve a first class newspaper -- especially a first class on-line (w/PDF option) newspaper, that we can all be proud, and that is fair and balanced."

I ask again, "could someone at the Daily Cougar please let us know what is going on?"

the cougar is always missing in action intellectually
You have a point there.
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