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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Lynn Meyer 'Berating You Again For Not Being Tolerate of Gays' (Sees Christians as followers of a 'sick strand')

Tolerate this, tolerate that. It's all about toleration with the liberals. I ask you. When is enough toleration enough? When fifty year-old men are allowed to marry young boys? When known convicted child molesters are allowed to become teachers and counselors to our children?

Negros (remember Andy Rooney) ought to be pissed at liberals like
UH Daily Cougar columnist Lynn Elizabeth Meyer for belittling the great Civil Rights cause and actually having the audacity to even think of comparing it to gay deviants and their quest to "queer-up" the nation.

Houston Chronicle recently belittled the people of Houston and Harris County for voting overwhelmingly AGAINST gay marriage, and the UH Daily Cougar with its gay Opinion Editor James Davis have taken multiple degrading shots at the UH Community telling them how dumb they are for voting FOR traditional marriage.

In her tripe today, "
Bigotry -- wrong then, wrong now," Lynn Meyer again takes Christians to task for having morals for boycotting businesses that are open to gay sponsored events. She calls it a "new boycott movement," also known as Conservative Christians who do not wish to support companies such as Walgreens and Disney. Umm, now that Meyer has informed me, I think I'll sell my Walgreens stock.

Meyer is pissed at Christian ogranizations that willing boycott those organizations that are gay friendly. Disney for instance, has gay themed days which are specifically aimed at attracting gay deviants to their facilities.

Meyer backs those brave companies for being tolerant of gays, and only one day in the future we can only hope that Lynn Meyer lobbies for a new national holiday with an importance even higher than that of MLK Day -- Gay Toleration Day.

Wouldn't you know it, that although
Meyer loaths Christians boycotting, she tolerates "left-wing activists of companies such as Taco Bell for exploiting illegal labor." Why hell, why can't that be tolerated? After all we are talking about toleration.

The young and vulnerable
Lynn Meyer doesn't understand that toleration goes both ways. There has to be a "common sense" involved with toleration. Does the toleration contribute to the downfall of future society, (i.e. - will the consequences of the toleration be fruitfall to the people, or does it take from the soul of the people,) or will decades of toleration be detromental to society.

Racial discrimination is one of those items that took away from the soul of society. The peddlers of racial discrimination will be saying the same things twenty years from now that they are saying today. Jesse Jackson has been peddling race for decades and still has yet to offer a solution just so he can use the Negro Community (Andy Rooney again) and keep them dependent on him. It keeps him in power, because if the Black Community suddenly gets uppity they will not need his sorry millionare ass anymore.

Lynn Meyer calls the passage of Prop. 2 "widespread and acceptable" discrimination. She gladly lumps Hitler in among all the Christians and the persecutors of the Jews. Meyer is truly a sick young lady, and worst yet, the UH Daily Cougar willingly prints her crap with no regards to the Christian majority of its students.

She goes as far as accusing Christians of having "gas chambers hidden deep in the southern Appalachians or detainment camps in remote, rural towns," at the ready to persecute the gays.
Meyer says we are already on "the first step down that road" of which I sincerely doubt.

Meyer's pathetic stab at quoting scripture to turn the tables does not help her gay cause. "And didn't Jesus say to love thy neighbor as thyself," to which she added, "not just as long as thy neighbor is straight?" The Lord wanted us to be fruitful and multiple, not to boink each other into non-existence.

I don't think UH weak mined students are buying you argument
Lynn Meyer, I'm definitely not. Her call for future inclusion, acceptance, and tolerance of gays leaves the door wide open for NAMBLA, and all other kinds of deviants, which I would say that is very detrimental to society.

We can only hope that
Lynn Meyer remembers how the Jews tolerated Hitler during World War II, and look where it got them.

Screw the libs!

i am tired of liberals telling me what is good for me and what to think if i want to vote down gay marriage then its my right too you're right liberal hater screw the libs
I guess gay friendly Disney has replaced 1928s Steamboat Willie. With 2005s Reambutt Willie.
Instead of Wallgreens buy CVS stock which stands for Christian Victory over Sodomy. Hopefully they won't go down the same brown tunnel of homosexual promotion that Wallgreens has. A filthy, foul-smelling tunnel that has no light at the end of it, and periodically regurgitates the kind of matter that Meyers story is made of. Her story should have been vetted through proper channels before it was published. One flush would have done it.
Boo Disney. Yeah CVS! Down with liberalism.
Ok, jackass, you need to do a little thinking before you type. First of all, it's "tolerance", not "toleration." Read your history books. Second of all, while we're talking about history, the jews didn't exactly have a choice about tolerating Hitler. They were just killed. Third, the column didn't say that christians had some crazy gas chambers in the mountains, it said that we haven't gone to that extreme yet. Do your own research before you start spitting bs out on the internet. You're lucky no one gives a shit about what you have to say or you'd have a lible lawsuit on your hands.
Obviously you give a shit. Otherwise you would not be so pissed.

Some of us on this blog already have several degrees including ones in history. Save us the pedantics and go back to what you do best, getting your rectum stretched by like minded liberals.

I love pissing off UH liberals.
It's not so much that you are pissing off anyone,because it doesnt seem like many people ever know this place exists... I think the few people that come here with opposing beliefs find your self righteous pseudo-conservative rants sad, and feel the need to help you. If anyone took you seriously you wouldnt have to post on some anonymous blog.
It's not so much that you are pissing off anyone because it doesnt seem like many people even know this place exists... I think the few people that come here with opposing beliefs find your self righteous pseudo-conservative rants sad, and feel the need to help you. If anyone took you seriously you wouldnt have to post on some anonymous blog.
The only things liberals have ever helped is themselves to the public treasury.
What the Idiot doesn't understand is that this blog was started as a vent for frustrated Conservatives at UH to let it all hang out.

We are all professionals with careers to protect. We don't want fame. Liberals are not even the intended audience of this blog.

What would you rather us do IC. Take a highpowered to liberals at the next moveon.org rally instead of venting on a daily basis and pissing you off.

Be thankful for this blog. It's probably saved your life.
Liberals think their arguments have kernels of truth, but when I eat too much corn I can find such kernels as their "truths" floating in my stool. I can't wait until liberalism is flushed into the sewer of failed hokey ideas once and for all.

Liberals wish to sit upon the throne of tyranny over true Americans. Fortunately Conservatives are finally speaking up and putting Liberals back into the bowels of the porcelain throne where they have always belonged.

May the trend deepen and continue until the last vestiges of liberalism have been wiped from the rectum of American political scene from whence they emerged and are forever flushed down the commode of irrelevant discourse.
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