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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Lynn Meyer 'In Referencing French Riots' (It's America's Fault)

I know the Houston Chronicle so desparately wanted to broadcast the liberal victories, but they don't what their circulation to drop any further. Right now the headline is "Gay marriage ban approved" but knowing the Chronicle well, by midday they will have something else posted, probably that hurts the Bush Administration, just to get off the gay marriage loss off the frontpage. Of course Big Oil will be talking today so that will be a great candidate for replacement of the headline.

If you want to be confused today, check out the column by UH Daily Cougar columnist Lynn Elizabeth Meyer and her worthless take on the French riots in the Paris suburbs. You remember the French -- the ones who say "do as I say, not as I do," if that doesn't get you, they're the ones who surrender alot. Got it. OK

In a complete change of pace from worthless UH Daily Cougar Opinion Editor James Davis, who is turning the tables on his liberal cousins in Europe who aren't trying to clean up their own house when it comes to immigration.

In her tripe today, "Education disparity at heart of riots," Lynn Meyer tries her best to explain what is going on in France, and winds up blaming the whole thing on the United States immigration policy as well as the Congress not spending enough on education.

Meyer continues to be an embarrassment, and of course continues to rely on liberal networks and blogs for her information, with her premise being that what's going on in France should be watched carefully for in the US.

Meyer has been drinking to much Clinton liberal cool aid. After all that has been going on with the riots in France, she had the audacity to say, "America has nothing to fear from immigration itself; for that matter, neither does France." "Neither does France," what the hell is she talking about.

Meyer says "immigration is actually healthy for a nation." That at one time may have been true, but it may not be as accurately applied in this day and age. We have seen unbridled immigration in both France and the United States, and now we have rioting in France, 5,000 cars destroyed, at least one death, and who knows when it is going to end.

Lynn Meyer tries to bolster US illegal immigration, by stating "immigrants make more money for the government than they cost." Prove it. Where are the footnotes, and why aren't the liberals heralding this information.

Then wacko Meyer also goes off sayings that "the government and an immigrant have overlapping goals; the money that an immigrant works for to provide for his family also provides the government tax dollars to fund services and wars."

Lynn Meyer sees thats immigration "poses virtually no threat to society." Nevermind those 20 plus arab guys who boarded airplanes on September 11, 2001 and used them as missiles to start this war we are currently fighting. I still maintain that a moratorium should have been placed on immigration on September 12, 2001, but that did not happen.

Meyer speaks of an education disparity in James Davis' title, but if liberals wouldn't have dumbed down education in the US over the last 30 years we wouldn't have to depend on immigrants to be our brain power since countries overseas don't have 60's liberals running their educational institutions as we do.

France treats their immigrants like the South treated their Negros (Andy Rooney again) prior to the Civil Rights Era. The riots in France have been inevitable for a while now, but they have no Martin Luther King to lead them like the Negros in the South did.

Meyer's assessment that if a "society cannot provide opportunity for its citizens, whether they are immigrant or natural born, people will demand changes." But I ask -- what is a society that cannot provide opportunity for just its natural born doing allowing immigrants to flood the country in the first place. It's going to happen to the US to if we don't get our immigration house in order. All I can say is, thank God the average citizen can carry weapons.

Lynn Meyer praises France's schools and wishes she was a French citizen so she could get a free college education "paid for by the state." She lauds French secondary schools writing they are "more effective than U.S. secondary schools," as well as being "far more rigorous than any American institution." Again thanks 60's liberals.

Thank God she finally degrades France's educational system with "though their education system demands top performance, it neglects those who are not predisposed for academic success," which means only French kids are designed to exceed and leave their immigrate citizens in the dust.

With all that said -- doesn't France's treating of their immigrants remind you of the American white liberals plan to keep the American Negro down so they can remain dependent on the white liberal. The situational resemblance is uncanny.

Meyer then goes off on a tirade of the GOP cutting "funding assistance for higher education." Next on her list was Hurricane Katrina and how the President and Congress did not care enough for the survivors. Yeah right. It is so easy for liberals to convienently forget or ignore the transgressions of fellow liberals such as 'School Bus' Nagin from New Orleans, and just blame Republicans and Conservatives.

Meyer's pleading with Congress to spend more money on the poor for higher education is a crock. She threatens that if Congress does not act, we run the risk of riots ourselves. Wow, the white liberal Lynn Meyer really understands "the poor and excluded."

Lynn Meyer says a resounding "NO" to US border protection. 'Bring us your tired, huddled masses, as well as al-Qaeda,' so we can put them all on the government dole.

Lynn lastly pleads for France to "reconcile with their alienated," but knowing liberals as I do, my advice to France in solving their little riot problem -- surrender.

Screw the libs!

The Europeans are the ultimate hypocrites. They criticize the Iraq war, but heaven forbid something like the Balkan Wars happen in their back yard. They came crying about human rights issues and begged the US to do something about it when the European Union was more than capable of handling it from a military perspective. They just wanted to get the US to clean their privy for them and Slick Willie bought it lock, stock, and barrel. I’m sure he celebrated his blunder with a cigar and an intern while the real problem in Iraq was just left to fester and worsen.

The "NATO"—read almost all US, involvement had nothing to do with the European concern with human rights and atrocities; it had to do with their racism, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, and general disdain for the Balkan refugees that were coming into their countries. I’ve shared some classes with many Bosnians who lived in Germany as refugees after the war for many years, lets face it the fact that their families came to the US says a lot about the Europeans.

Ask any Black, Hispanic, Asian, or other non-white US servicemember who has served in Europe how they were treated by the locals when off duty and out of uniform. A Hispanic friend of mine and Gulf War veteran, who also served in Germany, talked about all the crap he had to take in Germany because people thought he was a Turk.

The Europeans are a bunch of bigoted arrogant colonizers who can't get over the loss of their oppressive, racist, empires. Their attitude is why the riots are taking place. When a bunch of limp noodles run a country full of anachronisms this is what happens.

Legal immigrants are good for this country in many ways, but they need to have extensive background investigations done, and steps should be taken to ensure that there will not be divided loyalties, military service in a non-sensitive position should be a requirement for timely permanent residence or citizenship, otherwise you have to wait and prove your loyalties for quite a while. The applicant for immigration should have to pay for the extensive background investigation.

If an immigrant's first loyalty turns out to be to somewhere else, it's time for that plane ride back to their country of origin. However there should be absolutely no tolerance for illegal immigration.

As for guarding the borders we should have the Army doing this, not the incompetent Border Patrol that is too busy eating doughnuts to do its job.
I'm amazed at the liberal silence to what's happening in France.

I never hear liberal outrage of France taking away immigrant rights, and now they are going to deport immediately anyone caught participating in the riots.

Where is the liberal outrage about that?
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