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Friday, November 11, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Jeanine Walker 'Extremely pissed at Prop. 2 passage' (To Walker the People are Stupid for Voting Prop. 2 Thumbs Up)

On a lazy Friday you don't usually expect the UH Daily Cougar Opinion Page to come out swinging. But since it is Friday, and the majority of Cougars are not on campus today, I suppose worthless UH Daily Cougar Opinion Editor James Davis thought it was an appropriate time for a pissed off lesbian to vent her frustrations and blame the common man and woman for not understanding her selfishness in being a lesbian in todays society.

On the 'day after' the vote gays were dealt a devastating blow by forever not being allowed to marry or have their out of state marriages recognized in Texas, the liberal media was rejoicing in gubernatorial victories in Virginia and New Jersey, as well as turning down of 'common sense' ballot initiatives in California. Of course the status quo was maintain seeing as no GOP gubernatorial spots were gained last Tuesday, but the libs tried to make hay anyway.

I say who cares! The liberal victories will be forgotten in a few weeks, but gay marriage is FOREVER dead in Texas.

In her tripe today, "
Prop. 2 unites voters in discrimination," UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist and Teaching Fellow Jeanine M. Walker lies from the moment she starts writing, and takes the UH Daily Cougar Opinion Page to a new level with her creative writing skills.

Can you believe this tripe, "On Tuesday, I went to bed at 8:30 p.m., worn out from the excitement of Election Day. I woke up Wednesday as excited as I'd ever been on Christmas mornings as a youngster, eager to find out the results. Because I'd heard on the news that many signs in favor of Proposition 2 had been taken down, and the only strangers I'd spoken to about it were against it, I had high hopes that "against" had actually won." It sounded like the first page from a lesbian novel she must be writing highlighting the trials and tribulations of what it is like to be a lesbian in the State of Texas, as compared to her hometown of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Walker, who is perpetually pissed since the day after the election was "still fuming over what [she] consider[ed] to be close-minded and unfair lawmaking." She asked a older gay friend if he had voted to which he answered "Nah," which got the lesbo's anger going again.

Her Yankee bent mind asks "What are Texans so afraid of? And then the more pointed question: Why are they so afraid of homosexuality?" Umm, could it be that Texans understand societal consequences decades down the road and thus stopped gay marriage now? If everyone is gay, how are we to survive? I know everyone is not going to turn gay, but their influence would certainly be upon our young people who don't need that exposure in any form.

Walker graduated in 1999 (Eng. Lit.) from the University of Pittsburgh in 1999, and from Hollins U. with her M.A. in Creative Writing in 2K. She couldn't find a job in Virginia so she does what everyone that can't find a job in VA do, they go to South Korea, were she taught English over there. Since then she bounced around the US, and finally found herself at UH's doctoral program because of her low grades, UH was the only school that would accept her. To those freshman composition students (those UH weak minded students), who have been taking her class for the past couple of years, in the words of Dan Rather: COURAGE, COURAGE.

Walker, who actually attends a Catholic Church, says her church welcomes gays, and is impressed with them because they are "committed to their relationships," until the next guy comes around with better health insurance.

I was amazed how defiant
Walker was in stating that just because gay marriage had been banned that it "isn't going to stop homosexuality," which is OK with me, but they don't have to run to the nearest camera and yell "hey look, I'm gay and give me my benefits." Hell, how did deviants survive in the past centuries. They just shut their mouths and went about their daily business.

I couldn't believe it when
Walker invoked the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, when the Black and Hispanic Communities resoundingly voted against Prop. 2. At least the Black Community contributes to society with their offspring, and its people like you Walker who actually support the mass abortions of Black fetuses, and you actually have the audacity to invoke them in your worthless fight.

Walker we are not a segregated society. Its the liberals, if anyone, who still want to keep society segregated. Haven't you noticed the liberal followers who succeed in life tend to move to the Republican side. They don't need liberals anymore. Hence, the liberals have to continually push the tripe that their constituency is perpetually depressed. They have to, so that poor people will continue to come to them for help. And it's those same poor people whom you berate in your tripe today.

Walker continues on her segregation rant. She doesn't point out that minority parents are praying for school vouchers to get their kids out of failing schools, and who stops that - liberals. She fights in the past to try and bring her cause acceptance in the future. It's crazy.

Walker wants so desperately wants to believe that Dr. King should have said, "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up one day and give gays and lesbians acceptance and benefits," but quite simply he didn't say it.

Walker, it is your and your deviant friends that are self segregating yourselves. Try not being gay, and see how different your world will be. In fact, why don't you go find a man like Marilyn Adilskov's main character in "The Men In My Country." She had to go to Japan to find manly love, but for you Korea is close enough.

Screw the libs!

lesbian as lesbian does
Thanks for hitting below the belt.
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