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Thursday, November 10, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Hasan Rizvi 'Pissed at sworn enemy for helping Dems' (Moderates to Conservatives who support Israel will get AIPAC backing)

I'm getting the sense that UH Daily Cougar al-Qaeda columnist Hasan Ali Rizvi presense on the staff is beneficial to America Haters here and abroad.

I have a question. If arabs hate America so much, then WHY do they come to this country?

I'd like to think arabs come here to experience the American dream but that dream is corrupted when they are exposed to American liberalism, and evidently the case is not any different with
Hasan Rizvi.

Liberals don't want us to win the war on terror. Even if they get a liberal in the White House, and if that ever happens, God forbid, US forces will withdraw with our tails between our legs like the weak and wimpy Spanish did when they were attacked, and wimpy Clinton did when we limped out Somalia.

Liberals never complain of our troops still in Kosovo, which was initiated with good 'ol der slick meister Bill Clinton. But when the islamic religion can tolerate running over the arm of an 8-year-old boy for stealing some bread, and liberals can tolerate the unbridled killing of fetuses in the womb, supporting an American loss in the war and hoping for more American deaths in the war just to change public opinion is nothing.

In his tripe today "
Israeli lobbyists hold too much sway," Rizvi takes on his sworn enemy -- Israel -- those people who actually use toilet paper, and play the 'Roadrunner' to the arabs 'coyote.' The Israeli's are proud and run effective campaigns against arabs who seek to totally annihilate every last Israeli man, woman, and child in cold blood. I'm sure that if given the chance Rizvi would personally grease every Jewish faculty, staff and student he could on the UH campus, provided the liberals every regain power.

Rizvi, a failed suicide bomber, today attacks the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, an organization that has offices all over the United States. The AIPAC has been successful in moving democratic leftists seats in Congress closer to the center, by that meaning that democrats who support Israel have a much greater chance of being supported by the AIPAC than liberals who don't.

Hasan brings to light two victims of the AIPAC, Ron Hilliard, socialist from Alabama, and Cynthia McKinney, socialist from Georgia. Although McKinney is back in office after being out one term, Hilliard is still not to be seen on Capitol Hill.

Rizvi pushes the AIPAC as having the "threat of voting out (congressional) representatives," but they are just protecting their interest. One recipient of AIPAC funds and the one who defeated Ron Hilliard the Israel hater in 2002, was "Arthur Davis," a spot-on moderate democrat from Alabama, (whose first name is actually spelled "Artur"). This is another good example of liberal newspeople not checking the facts.

Rizvi berates Davis for not only accepting money from AIPAC, but for running a negative campaign against Hilliard's record. Rizvi supports Hilliard for voting against Israel in their "conflict with the Palestinians."

Rizvi reported that McKinney was defeated in the 2002 primaries by Denise Majette. Although Majette was a tenth of a point from being a liberal, see was much more Conservative than McKinney, who has since regained office from her socialist district.

Like turtles are programed to go towards the ocean when hatched,
Hasan Ali Rizvi has been programed to hate Jews, the AIPAC, Americans (except liberals), the US military, and all infedels.

Rizvi believes the "Israeli government holds way too much sway over our government," but I'd like for him to prove it. At least Israel doesn't want to kill Ameriicans.

What about all those organizations in America that support al-Qaeda? When I see a mosque, all I see is a front company that whose purpose is to support al-Qaeda. Of couse I don't want to think that, but its like when you say the word 'Clinton,' the first thing that pops into your head is 'sex' or 'Monica.' I know that many arabs in America are law abiding citizens and support America, but please help us by supporting America in her times of trouble in this war.

We are doing the right thing in fighting this war. There was no lies told to get us into Iraq. Liberals like
Rizvi know that, but they won't admit it, and I'm venturing they will continue not to admit it until the next 9/11.

Rizvi can support all forces anti-American, and about all the "biases favoring Israel." He can write of his love for more American deaths and of failed policy towards the war on terror, but what Hasan Ali Rizvi doesn't understand that the first word in the AIPAC is American. Yes they support Israel, but their American first. Which is completely oppostite of liberals who support our enemies first, and hope for an American loss, just so they can get back in power.

Screw the libs!

hasan hates anything and everything american i wouldnt be surprised if he is being monitored by federal authorities with the stuff he writes
He probably has an FBI file.
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