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Thursday, November 03, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Hasan Rizvi 'Convicts Tom DeLay in the eyes of islam' (Olajuwon - who has given money to terrorists gets off scott free)

I know UH Daily Cougar columnist Hasan Ali Rizvi's sense of islamic justice is warped. After all, when a religion can tolerate running over the arm of an 8-year-old boy for stealing some bread so that he and his family can survive, writing a column condemning an unconvicted Tom DeLay and treating him like crap is nothing. No wonder al-Qaeda loves UH's liberals, we have moles on our campus.

In his tripe today "UH alumnus not so 'distinguished'," our UK implant from Britian's al-Qaeda is trying to stir up trouble on this shore, by writing such crap about DeLay that you have to wash your eyes with soap after you read it. By the way, don't ever touch Rizvi's left hand. I won't go into details, but he still hasn't got used to the whole toilet paper thing yet.

Rizvi goes off as if Tom_DeLay were the worst politician ever, but I kinda remember someone being impeached, but I can't recall his name?

Rizvi, a failed suicide bomber, rejoices at the actions against DeLay and writes as if he actually believes that the man and his associates will be going to jail. Of course Hasan won't mention the hissy fit that liberals are throwning because they don't want their financial records made public which will show the exact same thing that DeLay is doing is not illegal.

Rizvi's attempt to convict Tom DeLay in the eyes of islamic law are unfounded. He faults DeLay for being an effective politician and being "notorious for his mob-like tactics in pushing his agenda." Well Rizvi as least the GOP has an agenda.

Rizvi's attempt after attempt to bring up past accusations are fruitless, which are clearly aimed at the UH weak minded students to reel them in as catches. Not once does Rizvi mention how liberals had to backtrack to save their own asses, especially during the House travel episode, and yet he belittles DeLay's former business, a pest extermination company, and in doing so insults many a UH parent who are out there day in and day out so that their little Johnny and Janes can go to this school.

Hasan Ali Rizvi like most liberals has no shame. The only democrat he mentions in his tripe, as if they are blessed by allah is socialist congressman from Wisconsin David Obey, whom Rizvi proudly reported DeLay being called a "gutless chicken shit" on the floor of the House.

Rizvi looked at DeLay's reponse to indictment as him lashing out after being "caught red-handed prostituting himself to big business and other powerful lobbies," and you will never see him writing anything about his al-Qaeda supporters -- the liberals.

Hasan Rizvi is especially pissed that DeLay "was honored by the Houston Alumni Organization as a Distinguished Alumnus," but he then goes on to name other so-called distinguished alumunus, and what disturbed me was Rizvi's mentioning of Hakeem Olajuwon, who in the past has been linked to organizations that fund terrorists.

Now how warped is that. We have Hasan Rizvi who berates a man for unproven allegations in money laudering, and in the same column lauds a man for proven allegations in giving money to terrorists.

Rizvi, why don't you go back to Britian, or Pakistan, or whatever cave you came out of, because UH certainly has "nothing to brag about" in you.

Screw the libs!

about the little boy, i heard one liberal that wrote they should have removed the towel if they really wanted to punish the boy
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Actually pest extermination is not DeLay's former business. He is still out there exterminating pests, but now those rats and cockroaches look a lot like donkeys.
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