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Monday, November 21, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Fighting behind a bulletproof laptop while real men are on the Frontline' (Damage control over good war news)

It is so easy for liberals like David Salinas to criticize what they don't understand. He's never been overseas in combat, or even thought about joining the military, but when his liberal friends are against the war, in order to be accepted Salinas drinks the liberal cool-aid and say's "peace man".

In his tripe today "
Iraq war bigger than a blame game," Salinas is looking for "the Biggest Turkey of 2005" and tries to mask his tripe with the stentch of liberal lies. He already had his turkey chosen, guess who, although he says "there were many candidates vying for the coveted spot this year."

Salinas attacks Tom Cruise, Fox, Pat Roberts, Bob Woodward, and anyone who makes the liberals look bad. But essentially, he blames us, the sane people of the UH community and the US, those people who actually take a side on the Iraq War -- the non-al-Qaeda side. The side of "these colors don't run."

But with
David its different, "those who consider the war in Iraq a black-and-white issue" are crazy, to that I say to those liberals -- "you're bent." You are either for the United States or you are against us. It's really very simple, and liberals like Salinas who harbor ill words for US troops do not realize that they are assisting in killing Americans and prolonging the war, but still have fond feelings and a wanton understanding for our enemy.

Salinas covers up for the liberal Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa. who called American troops "the enemy," and admirers Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga. who really wants US troops withdrawn immediately, probably leaving all equipment in place so that al-Qaeda can recover it as the Chinese recovered "top-secret" US missile technology during the Clinton Administration.

Salinas thankfully doesn't believe that we "went to Iraq 'for oil'", but does go about the argument that those who did not serve in the military should not be in charge, which is another crock. I'm not against those who did not serve, but as long as they have "consistent support" for our troops and our flag, I have no quarrels with that. Rush Limbaugh never served in the military and I support his attitudes and views.

Salinas blasting those who did not serve, and supporting those who did serve and want our colors to run shows him for the coward he is. David is the hypocrite. He is still re-living the 2004 election trying to John Kerry elected, and tries to make hay over the pre-war intelligence that everyone, including democrats thought to be correct. It's insane.

I don't believe deep down that
Salinas wants a stable Iraq. It makes the Republicans look good, and Salinas most certainly doesn't want that. His hope that the US "should pare down the number of troops" may happen in the coming months, but Salinas must understand that the US will reduce troops in Iraq only under a condition of strength and not by the liberals weakness. When Iraq is ready, they will take over completely, and not a day sooner.

Screw the libs!

david was lost from the beginning and has no business writing for the cougar
What a sad pathetic site... this blog is. Pretending to know people because they have different political beliefs... It seems the only one hiding behind a computer screen is the anonymous bloggers here.
Another pissed off liberal.

It's a good thing.
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