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Monday, November 07, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Pushing tripe on Proposition 2' (If Gays can't marry; nobody can)

I not buying his column, not one bit.

David Salinas must be pushing for something special at the local gay bar, because he is not bringing any pride to his family by writing his crap today supporting gay marriage.

First off, by trying to compare interracial marriage to gay marriage is completely off the map. Although I don't personally approve of interracial marriage because of the hardships brought upon the offspring,
Salinas' angle is trying to garner the minority vote in reference to gay marriage is unfounded.

Minorities hate gay marriage as much as white non-liberals do. Why should a race of people support any members of their race taking away from their ability to reproduce normally.

The Negro people, as Andy Rooney proudly calls them, cannot afford any further deviations from the gene pool seeing as black-on-black violence, drugs, aids, and a multitude of other bad things have slowed their reproductive engine as designed by white liberals. Hispanics don't see gays as part of their community, neither do Asians.

In his tripe today "
Don't repeat history with Prop. 2," Salinas tries his best to trick UH weak minded students into voting against Prop. 2 stating that "it should be clear that Texas has already outlawed same-sex marriage," but he neglects to mention any benefits that a sane society would receive by having gay marriage openly accepted.

The real reason
Salinas wants to kill Prop. 2 on Tuesday is because a passed "Proposition 2 [would] make it more difficult to be overturned by a federal court" of which he proudly points out the Loving vs. Virginia case in which the "Supreme Court [] overturned the ban on interracial marriage," and with the Supreme Court going the way of the liberal dodo bird, gay marriage may be lost forever.

Salinas envisions a failed Prop. 2 as a catapult "so in a few years same-sex marriage bans can be overturned and seen as the bigoted, ignorant and hateful laws." See constitutional amendments have power, and David is so deathly afraid of them seeing as his liberal friends in the courts can always strike down any law they feel worthless by leftist society.

Salinas, who sees himself as a "straight, Christian male raised in a south Texas town," and bends his belief in God to interpret gay marriage as blessed by God.

I challenge you
David Salinas. Ask God to spare your life if he in fact does support gay marriage. Ask God to spare your life if he supports abortion. But you know Salinas won't do it. He's a wimp that writes to please those around him. If he were in Nazi Germany he'd be writing for more Jew deaths in Concentration Camps, as well as the infermed and gays themselves to be put to the gas chambers.

Salinas then attacks those who do not contribute to the population of society. He asks "then will we start outlawing infertile women and sterile men from getting married as well," but of course Salinas again goes off the side of the cliff without checking how high the fall is, and crashes and burns.

Of all the situations
Salinas mentions, none of them contribute to the degradation of society as openly accepted gay marriage would.

David Salinas tommorrow ideal Tuesday would be a Prop. 2 where Texans would "define marriage as two human consenting adults," which would then leave the door open for marriage between a human consenting adult, and a human consenting minor. Then a consenting male adult and consenting male child. Then man and goats. Where would it stop?

People, what we will be doing on Tuesday is putting a stop in allowing marriage to be defined down. We've allowed 60's liberals to define down our educational system, and now the smartest people in our universities are foreigners. We've allowed 60's liberals to define down our immigration system, and we are in the midst of an immigration crisis. We will not let the 60's liberal define down marriage as it exist in the state of Texas.

Salinas readily admits "God intended marriage to be between a man and woman. Period. End of story," because it was the way he was taught. But let those 60's liberals get to him, and Salinas will yell 'the sky is falling, run for the polls voting for gay marriage.'

Salinas is begging for the first inch in the gay marriage debate. David pleads "same-sex marriage is nothing more than a license giving couples the same rights straight people have," and continues "no one is asking for homosexuals to be married inside your churches." Which of course is complete bull crap.

David Salinas asks for the gullible and UH weak minded to give liberals an inch because he knows that of course liberals will take a mile, and I would not put it past a liberal court system to force churches to allow gays to marriages in the future should Prop. 2 fail and gay marriage laws overthrown.

Yes, tommorrow
Salinas doesn't want us to be like those in Virginia of yesteryear. No, Salinas wants us to be more like the gays and deviants of Montrose today.

Screw the libs!

havican is going to be pissed
Simple question. Who is in favor of their son having a gay football coach who comes into the locker room when his son is changing and showering? Once you recognize any sane person would be against this you have to start questioning the opening of the floodgates of gaydom that this nation has suffered since the sixties.
Liberals are for anything that limits the furthering of human life.

Abortions, gay marriage, and schaivoing people are all liberal aims to keep white liberals in power and minorities dependent on the white liberal.
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