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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Way To Go Mr. President in your Veterans Day Speech' (Sticks it to the liberals and the liberal press on their Iraq crap)

I was glad to hear of President Bush's Veterans Day speech and his taking to task today those in the United States who are against the Iraq war and willingly lie with each breath to make the Bush Administration look as bad as possible in the eyes of the American public.

I believe it was a great comeback from some bad times that the President has been putting up with lately. I honestly cannot believe that the vast majority of citizens of our great country are stupid enough to believe the Kerry's, Kennedy's, the Reid's, and the constant barrage of negative media being perpetrated by the worthless liberals in the media.

On days like this -- Veterans Day -- when we are suppose to celebrate the sacrifices and freedom ensured by our Veterans, we have liberals, the sons, the daughters, and now grandsons, and granddaughters of World War II veterans. Liberals, who would rather stand around and watch us lose a goddamn war in order to make the President look bad, well, its unmentionable.

The liberal wimps of the 1960s, the ones who gave aid and comfort the to VC, are again proudly giving aid and comfort to al-Qaeda, while quietly wishing for more US deaths to enable their side to convince Americans its time to leave Iraq and give up on the war.

I often wonder that if the Jane Fonda's of the 1960s hadn't supported the VC during Vietnam, would the events of the war had turned out differently. Of course that question will never be answered.

In a war we did not start, and with the 60s liberals thinking that we have another Vietnam on our hands, again their words and actions are supporting the enemy. I was so glad to hear the President fighting back and calling liberals on the carpet yesterday.

I can read people pretty well, and I'm not at all phased about President Bush's office as I was with Clinton. Of course I wish Bush would get tougher on immigration, and quit being so nice to goddamn liberals like many Republicans are.

You know good and goddamned well that if liberals ever regain power they will be making moves to crush Republican opposition and hold on to power for a very long time.

My aim, and I'm positive the aim of many a Conservative blogger, is to fight liberalism with truth, honesty, and with what is inside our hearts.

As for me I have sacrificed, I have what you might say -- parts missing -- from the first gulf conflict, but I'm not complaining like Cindy Sheehan. I'm not defacing our country like Edward Kennedy, a trust fund kid who has never sacrificed a day in his whole worthless life. I'm not using my place to give comfort to the enemy like John Kerry.

I thank God each and every day that President Bush was elected in 2000. There has to be a God up there to guide us threw these tough times, because if Al Gore were in office, we would still be debating if we should relaliate against the Taliban. That's liberals for you.

Mr. President, please step up your attacks. The people don't really want to follow liberal whiners who's only actions are to keep us from winning the war on terror. I remember John Wayne's final line to Hamchunk in the 1968 movie "The Green Berets." The Duke said to Craig Jue, "you're what this war is all about."

Yes, the liberals who during the 1990s where doing things left and right "for the children," nowadays they are running from their responsibilities in protecting our children by not properly prosecuting our war. Yes, the liberals who gladly abort 4,000 fetuses a day use the loss of 2,000 lives lost in combat over three years as a political tool.

Yes, I suppose liberals are tired of doing things "for the children," and now gladly take actions to "do things to the children." A pullout of forces now without a secure Iraq is a sure bet that our children's future will be cursed by the sins of Kerry, Kennedy, Cindy Sheehan, and the rest of the liberal crowd.

Fuck the libs!

i saww passion in the man which i have not seen in a while
I am kinda hoping for new blood in the White House.

I still maintain that I believe that VP Cheney will step aside for JC Watts, who will automatically be the insider for the GOP in 2008.
You guys need to check out the UH site called World Internet News. It is located at www.worldinternetnews.org
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