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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Orange County Florida NAACP Chief Forsakes the Party of White Liberals' (Switches to Party of Black Opportunity)

In what has to be a complete embarrassment for the liberals and Black democrats, The Orlando Sentinel is reporting in their story "NAACP chief makes switch to GOP," that the head of the NAACP in Orange County, Derrick Wallace, has switched to the GOP from the Democratic Party.

Larry X has to be proud and reaffirmed.

"For decades, Republicans have struggled to reach out to black Americans," and slowly but surely it is happening. Larry X, Derrick Wallace, and many other Black Americans who have and are switching from the party of the white liberal (democratic) to the party of Black opportunity (Republican). They are breaking the chains of intellectual slavery and finding reparations in making decisions free from liberal influence in this day and age. It is a truely enlightening experience.

Wallace calls his switch a business decision, but it is important that he came forward and let his switch be known. He's outing himself and not being gay -- the good outing of switching from democrat to Republican.

Wallace did a lot of business in Republican circles. He got to know us, and truth be told, Republicans are not devils as foretold by the talking heads of liberals. I've always maintained I would vote for J.C. Watts for President in a minute -- and he is a Black man. Ditto for Condi Rice -- not that she is a man.

I support Black Republicans like Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele, who was recently pelted with Oreo cookies and called an Uncle Tom because he is considering a run for the U.S. Senate. I ask the NAACP where is the outrage in this Black professional being hounded like a group walking in mass during the Civil Rights era. If he were a liberal -- all hell would have broke loss. Jesse Jackson would have rushed to the era instead of trying to resolve the issue between the oppressed T.O. and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Just because a Black man who takes off the leash of white liberalism, does that make him a target of the negros leashed to the hip of white liberals such as the likes of Kennedy, Kerry, and Clinton. Yes. Because those white liberals have such a powerful group on the Blacks, that if you don't follow us white liberals won't get your welfare check mentality, the black liberal leaders, the Jacksons, Sharptons, etc., willingly cast their spell over the Black community keeping them entranced on the side of the liberals.

I often think of the Black community as the warm bodies in the sea of capsules that supply The Matrix with power. Once they are released, they never want to go back to liberalism.

The day is coming when Blacks that really want to better themselves will ask the question, "Why am I a Democrat?"

Larry X, Derrick Wallace, and many other Black Americans do not ask the liberals "What have you done for me lately?" They ask, "What can I do for myself today?"

Liberals are deathly afraid of the Black Community doing for itself. Why? Then liberals are not needed anymore. Jesse Jackson is not needed anymore. Al Sharpton is not needed anymore. Hillary Clinton is not needed anymore.

I look to the day when liberals will be hunted down like dogs because of what they knowingly have done to the Black Community. The decades long handout scheme. By not teaching the Black Community how to fish they have been dependent on the white liberal by design for over 50 years.

Of course you won't be hearing much about this much in the liberal media. This is big news especially when they are hell bent on switching public view against the war. But on a day when crazy PA Congressman John Murtha called for us to 'cut and run' like scared clintons from Iraq, crazy Murtha of course gets the play.

Isn't it funny how the liberal media takes such care to publicize liberal war veterans against the war on terror, but can't find time to publicize one good thing going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Screw the libs!

I am a black republican and long tired of the false white liberalism that is unfortunately was very present in the democratic party which is why I switched. Very nice blog, take a look at mine sometime http://justsomestories.blogspot.com/
Thanks Brother American Negro who has forgone the chains of the white liberal and setting his own path free from liberal influence.

God Bless You.
yeah whatever liberal hater said
You guys are losers like your party. At least, the PA Senator served in the military unlike Georgie boy who ran to his father rather than act like a patriot and serve his country. Why don't you move to Germany where you belong? Fucking Nazis!
Liberal hater served his country as well thank you very much cowardly Anonymous. So did I. When you serve, then you will have the right to evaluate other people's patriotism.

Why don't you move to Russia or Red China where most of the Communists still live? Seems you would fit in well there.
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