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Monday, November 28, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'NO Mayor Nagin in Houston' (Can't run a plantation without intellectual slaves to vote for him and Louisiana liberalism)

Over the past Turkey Day weekend New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was in Houston trying to get his "peeps" back. Channel Two's report "Nagin Reaches Out To Hurricane Evacuees In Houston," showed just how desperate a liberal mayor can be when his intellectually slaved people have "gone running" off the plantation of New Orlean's liberalism.

Nagin was looking for takers to help him rebuild the city -- he got none. Rebuilding the city requires working for the liberal man, and liberals in Louisiana are gradually seeing their majority slip away as the NO masses have been displaced and don't want to go back to the hell hole of Louisiana liberalism.

Nagin told his peeps that jobs that pay "above minimum wage" are readily available throughtout the city. Where are the living wage activists? He also told his peeps that "the city is broke with no revenues coming in, the public school system is still shut down and there is not enough housing for people to come back and help with the rebuilding process." But the Mayor wants his peeps to still come back.

Although some want to go back, they are cautious to do something until the levee system is completely fixed and reliable. Of course there has to be no corruption as with the levee system as there had been with 60 years of Louisiana liberalism.

"Some evacuees were disappointed that Nagin did not take more responsibility for what happened after Hurricane Katrina hit," since he brushed much of it off on President Bush and FEMA.

Nagin's worst fears continue to happen, "Arthur Brown, 43, a truck driver, said because of New Orleans' uncertain future, he's decided to buy a home in suburban Houston," and many people are joining him.

Those residents can't put their life on hold while the Louisiana liberals mess around to find a plan to keep themselves in power. Think of it -- Louisiana is soon to be a state firmly in the GOP column.

Screw the libs!

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