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Sunday, November 27, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Mother Sheehan types back in Crawford' (This time the magic is gone)

Mother Sheehan types arrived back in Crawford in time for Thanksgiving, but with new county regs to provide for public safety, ditch camping is no longer allowed.

Mother Sheehan's crew of 12 made their way to her old digs field owned by some liberal in Crawford, but no Rev. Sharpton was found to make up another fake photo that I called "The Last Sheehan."

When Mother Sheehan waited for the throngs to show and gobble up her book, no takers except the media were present. Not one anti-war liberal showed to support Mother Sheehan. Mother Sheehan called for anti-war activists to return to Crawford and help support her dwindling monetary reserves of her sons death benefit.

You may or may not know that Mother Sheehan had a son who died for us in Iraq, and Mother Sheehan is using his memory to further her political career. As you may or may not know that Mother Sheehan already has seen the President, and is using the memory of her son to get another meeting that she admits if she actually meets with the President, it will dim her cause.

Obviously Mother Sheehan is no longer the liberal media 'flavor of the month,' so she will hardly be seen. Not only that, the ditzy broad can barely stand and speak a logical sentence, so if she makes an appearance its usually just a sentence or two bashing President Bush.

Also screw the bitch for writing a letter to former First Lady Barbara Bush, stating that 'Mrs. Bush's son killed her son.' Her moves get more looney by the day, and liberals are probably strategizing to distance themselves from the ditzy broad.

Screw the libs!

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