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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberal Houston Chronicle loses more circulation - 6%' (Expect more Black/Hispanic layoffs; white liberals to keep jobs)

I can't imagine what the chief liberals on the top floor of the Houston Chronicle building are saying, trying to figure what's wrong with the people of the Houston area in that they are not subscribing to the Chronicle.

Of course the top liberals of the Chronicle are too worthless to turn the tables on themselves and ask the question, "what's wrong with us in not meeting the needs of a Houston readership."

The loss of another 33,367 readers to the average weekday circulation of the Chronicle from the latest six-month period ending on September 30 has got to get the bigwig liberals thinking that fair and balanced news coverage has to be an option in the future for the Chronicle. No longer can they afford to be liberally biased.

With the Chronicle down to a circulation of 521,419, we can expect more Chronicle dumping or Chronarrhea as it has come to be called. We can expect another round of Chronicle commercials offering half off or more from the regular subscription price.

Personally, I will not expect the Chronicle to become more Conservative. Hence, in another six months I will be posting another episode of the Chronicle losing another 6% of readership and their circulation dipping under 500,000 for the first time in decades.

Thanks to Lone Star Times and Editor and Publisher for the hat tip.

Screw the libs!

no wonder they are turning more and more to blogs
The Chronicles loss is the peoples gain.
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