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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Citizens Against The Troops' (What liberals truly think about our soldiers and where they want our country to go)

At Thanksgiving Dinner today with the extended family, I was reminded of the years that I spent overseas, the years of sacrifice in both war and peace time, that I willingly gave (including internal parts of my body) to protect the right of liberals who willingly call for my death and the death of my brothers-in-arms overseas, and in a state of war time no less.

I gave thanks to those now serving our country, and to those who will take up their stead in the years to come.
I gave thanks for my family, and for all that we have. I gave thanks for President Bush, Condi Rice, and the GOP, those who lead our nation.

I did not give thanks for liberals of course because they rob us of thankful things. (i.e - children that should be in American households, proud citizens, self-iniative, self-esteem, etc).

Who can thank anybody for what the American white liberal does.
Michael Crook, who wants to get kill all US troops as well as police, is a real honest liberal. He doesn't hide behind the bushes (no pun intended), but he openly calls for the death of US troops and police.

One can imagine Carminati, Salinas, Meyer, openly endorsing
Citizens Against The Troops, which proudly states on their website:
"As of November 24, 2005: [2,281] U.S. scumbags have died in the "war on
terror" (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) These soldiers voluntarily signed up to
(supposedly) serve their country, and thise chose their life's path, selfishly leaving their wives widows, and their children without fathers. Therefore, pity or tribute is not appropriate."

Oppose The Troops previously known as Forsake The Troops, Crook's failed websites along with the Daily Cougar opinion page gives me motivation to continue to fight liberalism on a daily basis with this blog. These libs refuse to accept the reality that the United States has saved the world on numerous occassions, and if we had not intervined the world would be a much different place today.

I'm still dumbfounded to see how the liberals who manage to speak out against the war are essentially supporting the attitudes of
Citizens Against The Troops and its 23 members, while giving the impression that they are actually supporters of our troops and our policy.

You might say that
Citizens Against The Troops are real liberals with balls; they don't care about other Americans -- just liberal ones. They speak out with their crazyness, while other liberal eunuchs have to lie and mislead the public to get their power back.

Happy Thanksgiving and:

Screw the libs!

Well at least Mikey has the right name. Crook suits him just fine.
You know Michael Crook is essentially an internet troll, right? He scours Usenet prancing around with silly domains (Forsake the Troops, ForsakeFireFighters, etc. etc.) just to get people riled up. Deep down he appears to be a white supremacist (now that ain't liberal!). He gave his "nodrunkdriving.org" domain to a cat. To construe him as a representation of *any* mainstream political view is a silly argument. If a troll keeps you motivated, what does that make you? You don't have to pay the toll, you know.
The guy reminds me of Christina Ricci.
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