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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'If the President's Poll Numbers are Bad' (Let's see how others are doing?)

In a time when the only way we can lose in Iraq is to pull out and like the liberal democrats 'cut-and-run.' Even democratic Senator Joseph Liberman says "Our Troops Must Stay."

In a time when the President's poll numbers are low the liberal media doesn't really dig deep and tell the whole story. If the President's poll numbers are low, then the liberals poll numbers have to be much lower. For Christ sake all they do is criticize and don't take any action -- how can you get high poll numbers for that.

When at least the President is doing something, which is much more than the liberals are doing, except putting "X's" over the face of Vice President Cheney. Thank God that lib over at CNN got FIRED over that crap. That stunt codifies the fact that it is a liberal media, especially at CNN.

The thinking that the war effort is a "sinking ship" is a product of the liberal media. And to think to cutting and running in Iraq will help democrat efforts in 2006 and 2008 is complete madness.

Liberals always complain about a culture of corruption on the GOP side, but they never mention James Traficant, Bob Torrecelli, William Jefferson, or Bill Clinton, and their offenses they have excused as "well everybody does it."

The American people, something like 70%, see the liberal senators as hurtful to troop morale, with "44 percent saying morale is hurt "a lot." "Even self-identified Democrats agree: 55 percent believe criticism hurts morale."

Recent polls indicate that liberal entities are failing miserably:
Recent polls indicate that the military is looking good in the polls despite the liberals:
Liberals who hide behind the imaginary cultural of corruption will never get high poll numbers for the crap they push. Yes, if President Bush's poll numbers are so low, I want to see how he measures up the democratic congress, or liberal presidential frontrunners for 2008.

Screw the libs!

Monday, November 28, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'NO Mayor Nagin in Houston' (Can't run a plantation without intellectual slaves to vote for him and Louisiana liberalism)

Over the past Turkey Day weekend New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was in Houston trying to get his "peeps" back. Channel Two's report "Nagin Reaches Out To Hurricane Evacuees In Houston," showed just how desperate a liberal mayor can be when his intellectually slaved people have "gone running" off the plantation of New Orlean's liberalism.

Nagin was looking for takers to help him rebuild the city -- he got none. Rebuilding the city requires working for the liberal man, and liberals in Louisiana are gradually seeing their majority slip away as the NO masses have been displaced and don't want to go back to the hell hole of Louisiana liberalism.

Nagin told his peeps that jobs that pay "above minimum wage" are readily available throughtout the city. Where are the living wage activists? He also told his peeps that "the city is broke with no revenues coming in, the public school system is still shut down and there is not enough housing for people to come back and help with the rebuilding process." But the Mayor wants his peeps to still come back.

Although some want to go back, they are cautious to do something until the levee system is completely fixed and reliable. Of course there has to be no corruption as with the levee system as there had been with 60 years of Louisiana liberalism.

"Some evacuees were disappointed that Nagin did not take more responsibility for what happened after Hurricane Katrina hit," since he brushed much of it off on President Bush and FEMA.

Nagin's worst fears continue to happen, "Arthur Brown, 43, a truck driver, said because of New Orleans' uncertain future, he's decided to buy a home in suburban Houston," and many people are joining him.

Those residents can't put their life on hold while the Louisiana liberals mess around to find a plan to keep themselves in power. Think of it -- Louisiana is soon to be a state firmly in the GOP column.

Screw the libs!


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Harps on so-called GOP faults' (Continues liberal investment in a US loss in Iraq)

GOP ethics. What about liberal ethics? Everyone turns a blind eye to liberals and more than easy proven faults. Plus on top of that, we don't know who killed Vince Foster.

The liberals (or democrats), those people who are invested in a US defeat in Iraq, are happy to provide verbal ammunition to America's enemies without even thinking a second, all for the simple reason of hatred for George W. Bush and the Conservative movement.

In another piece that adds to the growing pile of crap that the liberals are doling out in order for the public to lose confidence in the Conservative Movement, today, UH Daily Cougar columnist David Salinas does his best to piggyback on what the liberals started this past Sunday when they harped on the question of GOP ethics. Of course, the Sunday shows never questioned democratic ethics, and of course like most of his classes -- Salinas fails again.

In his tripe today "GOP suffers at Abramoff's hands," Salinas waste trees on a worthless column trying to elevate some Republican guy named Jack Abramoff to the level of Ronald Reagan, while knowing that the UH weak minded will knowingly not read his tripe because Abramoff is just another guy they would have to learn about in addition to the multitudes of people and facts that they have to learn in their various classes. So why bother.

Salinas attempt at giving the history of who knows Jack is completely aimless and tries to tie it in with all things Republican as well as Tom DeLay. I ask the question -- who cares?

The only reason that David Salinas cares about writing about Jack Abramoff is because Salinas hates Republicans and loathes them being in charge in government at all levels. Salinas doesn't even try to admit that liberals have their faults, as did the Sunday shows with their only focus on the GOP.

Hell, if an alien just landed on Earth he would conclude that Republicans are in charge of government and liberals are the ones who think they are in charge but are not. Salinas can go on all day with his accusations, and he did. But again I ask the question -- who cares about Jack?

I think Salinas takes the offense against the Republicans to mask the liberals inability to present anything positive in regards to many issues. Where are the liberals when it comes to coming up with solutions for Social Security, the war on terror, or the border issue?

Why are liberals so negative? David please tell us. I know you must wake up each morning and dread going to school for the good news that might come out that makes Republicans look good.

Liberals have to be perpetually negative in order to remain in power. Black leaders must always preach 'racism' to remain in power. White liberals must pander to the various wacko liberal groups to remain in power.

We hardly ever hear of liberal indiscretions. What about Howard Dean speaking to some minorities, "you think the Republican National Committee could get this many people of color in a single room?," Dean asked to laughter. "Only if they had the hotel staff in here." Where is the respect in that.

The liberals knows they own the Blacks, though a growing number of Blacks are moving away from the white liberal plantation.

What is really sad is Salinas belief that any wrongdoings by Abramoff will suddenly assist the liberals to "regain power in the coming years." The American people know they have been fooled by the Clinton Administration, and now they know they are being fooled by the liberals and the the liberal media -- hence the vast drops in liberal circulations and drops in the liberal media ratings.

"Unfortunately for" Salinas, "the actions he has taken and the people with whom he has been involved will more than likely help" "the right" to maintain their offices in an effort to better the country and stave off future al-Qaeda attacks.

Screw the libs!

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Mother Sheehan types back in Crawford' (This time the magic is gone)

Mother Sheehan types arrived back in Crawford in time for Thanksgiving, but with new county regs to provide for public safety, ditch camping is no longer allowed.

Mother Sheehan's crew of 12 made their way to her old digs field owned by some liberal in Crawford, but no Rev. Sharpton was found to make up another fake photo that I called "The Last Sheehan."

When Mother Sheehan waited for the throngs to show and gobble up her book, no takers except the media were present. Not one anti-war liberal showed to support Mother Sheehan. Mother Sheehan called for anti-war activists to return to Crawford and help support her dwindling monetary reserves of her sons death benefit.

You may or may not know that Mother Sheehan had a son who died for us in Iraq, and Mother Sheehan is using his memory to further her political career. As you may or may not know that Mother Sheehan already has seen the President, and is using the memory of her son to get another meeting that she admits if she actually meets with the President, it will dim her cause.

Obviously Mother Sheehan is no longer the liberal media 'flavor of the month,' so she will hardly be seen. Not only that, the ditzy broad can barely stand and speak a logical sentence, so if she makes an appearance its usually just a sentence or two bashing President Bush.

Also screw the bitch for writing a letter to former First Lady Barbara Bush, stating that 'Mrs. Bush's son killed her son.' Her moves get more looney by the day, and liberals are probably strategizing to distance themselves from the ditzy broad.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, November 26, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - XXVI

- I take schadenfreude in the liberals loss on Texas' Prop. 2 vote.

- Real freedom will come when students in liberal classrooms turn their guns on their socialists professors.

- Frontline's The Last Abortion Clinic was pure tripe making us feel sorry for pregnant women because they couldn't get transportation to the abortion clinics, and that Mississippi's Crisis Pregnancy Center's offered no pre or post-natal care.

- No liberals will be crying when Big Oil does not make a big profit in a down year, but if they annouce an 89% profit -- all hell breaks loose in the liberal media and with the liberals in Congress. The oil companies make $0.07 per gallon of profit, while the government makes $0.56 per gallon, and they don't have to do a damn thing.

- I'm Pro-Choice -- I choose life.

- Liberals are campaigning for an American loss in Iraq and the War on Terror. Its their only hope to recapture power in Washington in 2008, while giving hope and support to al-Qaeda.

- Liberals consider America "the enemy" in the War on Terror.

- Liberals cut and run, true Americans never do.

- We must look at liberals on Iraq as little children who just took a dump and don't know how to wipe their ass.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Citizens Against The Troops' (What liberals truly think about our soldiers and where they want our country to go)

At Thanksgiving Dinner today with the extended family, I was reminded of the years that I spent overseas, the years of sacrifice in both war and peace time, that I willingly gave (including internal parts of my body) to protect the right of liberals who willingly call for my death and the death of my brothers-in-arms overseas, and in a state of war time no less.

I gave thanks to those now serving our country, and to those who will take up their stead in the years to come.
I gave thanks for my family, and for all that we have. I gave thanks for President Bush, Condi Rice, and the GOP, those who lead our nation.

I did not give thanks for liberals of course because they rob us of thankful things. (i.e - children that should be in American households, proud citizens, self-iniative, self-esteem, etc).

Who can thank anybody for what the American white liberal does.
Michael Crook, who wants to get kill all US troops as well as police, is a real honest liberal. He doesn't hide behind the bushes (no pun intended), but he openly calls for the death of US troops and police.

One can imagine Carminati, Salinas, Meyer, openly endorsing
Citizens Against The Troops, which proudly states on their website:
"As of November 24, 2005: [2,281] U.S. scumbags have died in the "war on
terror" (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) These soldiers voluntarily signed up to
(supposedly) serve their country, and thise chose their life's path, selfishly leaving their wives widows, and their children without fathers. Therefore, pity or tribute is not appropriate."

Oppose The Troops previously known as Forsake The Troops, Crook's failed websites along with the Daily Cougar opinion page gives me motivation to continue to fight liberalism on a daily basis with this blog. These libs refuse to accept the reality that the United States has saved the world on numerous occassions, and if we had not intervined the world would be a much different place today.

I'm still dumbfounded to see how the liberals who manage to speak out against the war are essentially supporting the attitudes of
Citizens Against The Troops and its 23 members, while giving the impression that they are actually supporters of our troops and our policy.

You might say that
Citizens Against The Troops are real liberals with balls; they don't care about other Americans -- just liberal ones. They speak out with their crazyness, while other liberal eunuchs have to lie and mislead the public to get their power back.

Happy Thanksgiving and:

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


UH Liberalism on Hiatus to Give Thanks for Abortion and John Kerry While Eating Tofurky Roast and UnTurkey

Today is the 42nd anniversary of the death of the great tax cutter -- Jack Kennedy


Since UH liberalism is on hiatus for six days and UnTurkey Day so close, I thought I'd pick on the liberal PETA a little bit. I myself am a member of the Conservative PETA -- People Eating Tasty Animals.

PETA is out with their Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Turkeys list, and of course it is filled with lies.

PETA reminds me of the NAZIs wanting to tear children away from their parents. Their latest comic book makes all Daddys look to be half crazed fathers out to kill every fish in all the worlds oceans, lakes, and streams.

No wonder those people are crazy, they don't get enough protein in the diets.

As a matter of coincidence, I convinced my family not to eat turkey this year. We are having thick and juicy T-Bone steaks, New York Strips, and Shrimp instead.

Just remember, when some fool votes "stuck on stupid," or liberal for those of you that just don't get it, you are heralding the trumpets for these nutcakes who want to take a simple McD's fish sandwich out of your hands.


Here is PETAs feeble attempt to stop Thanksgiving with their Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Turkeys this year. Thank goodness PETA is not as successful as other liberals who want to take Christmas songs out of this years Christmas pagents.

1. They're Begging Your Pardon (Next thing you know that wacko PETAIACS will be going back in time to make the Turkey our national bird so we won't have to eat it on Thanksgiving.

2. Get Rid of Your Wattle (The PETAiacs say turkey is fattening. Well, why do you think we only eat it once or twice a year).

3. Can You Spell ‘Pandemic’? (This is an outright lie with PETA trying to tie in the bird flu with turkeys, and shows PETA for absolute slime that truly are).

4. Recall Process Doesn't Fly (PETA doesn't realize that we have excellent recall procedures and a media that does get the word out. What do they want, the government coming into our houses and taking away our food. Well PETA would support that).

5. Let the Turkeys Give Thanks! (This one is another example of PETA not wanting people to enjoy life and give thanks over the dead and rotting carcass of a ungrateful animal that could not escape and be free like their wild turkey cousins).

6. Want Stuffing With Your Supergerms? (This is the PETA equivalent of PETA exposing young and innocent children to gay sex. Its something that is out there, but you don't want to see it).

7. Without a Wing and a Prayer (This is PETAs attempt at making a turkey slaughterhouse equivalent to that of a Concentration Camp. PETA did you know that children were just thrown into the fires near the end of the autrocity, while they were still conscious. Yet you guys take outrage at turkey deaths).

8. Foul Farming (PETA tries to expose the foul environment of this foul, but again its like exposing gay sex to young children. Don't want to see it).

9. Blood, Sweat, and Fear (PETA says "killing animals is inherently dangerous work." But our ancestors did it, and they did not have tofu on their shelves. PETA is just another example of trust fund kids having to much time on their hands).

10. A Cornucopia of Turkey Alternatives (PETA recommends Tofurky Roast or UnTurkey. Wow the pilgrims would have really hated those freaks at PETA).

PETA people would have made excellent NAZI brownshirts. "Your family feeds you turkey on Thanksgiving, Umm." Pause. "Take me to them, so that I can bring them some Unturkey." Following dinner the brownshirt turns the entire family over to PETA for transport to the Concentration Camp where the entire familys throats are slit while they are still conscious, then they are ground up and used for turkey food.

Screw the libs!

Monday, November 21, 2005


Do UH Professors think like this?

Dear Rebecca:

I am asking my students to boycott your event. I am also going to ask others to boycott it. Your literature and signs in the entrance lobby look like fascist propaganda and is extremely offensive. Your main poster "Communism killed 100,000,000" is not only untrue, but ignores the fact that CAPITALISM has killed many more and the evidence for that can be seen in the daily news papers. The U.S. government can fly to dominate the people of Iraq in 12 hours, yet it took them five days to assist the people devastated by huricane Katrina. Racism and profits were key to their priorities. Exxon, by the way, made $9 Billion in profits this last quarter--their highest proft margin ever. Thanks to the students of WCCC and other poor and working class people who are recruited to fight and die for EXXON and other corporations who earning megaprofits from their imperialist plunders. If you want to count the number of deaths based on political systems, you can begin with the more than a million children who have died in Iraq from U.S.-imposed sanctions and war. Or the million African American people who died from lack of access to healthcare in the US over the last 10 years. I will continue to expose your right-wing, anti-people politics until groups like your won't dare show their face on a college campus. Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors and fight for just causes and for people's needs--such freedom fighters can be counted throughout American history and they certainly will be counted again.

Prof. John Daly

I would bet that over 20% of UH Professors think like this.


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Fighting behind a bulletproof laptop while real men are on the Frontline' (Damage control over good war news)

It is so easy for liberals like David Salinas to criticize what they don't understand. He's never been overseas in combat, or even thought about joining the military, but when his liberal friends are against the war, in order to be accepted Salinas drinks the liberal cool-aid and say's "peace man".

In his tripe today "
Iraq war bigger than a blame game," Salinas is looking for "the Biggest Turkey of 2005" and tries to mask his tripe with the stentch of liberal lies. He already had his turkey chosen, guess who, although he says "there were many candidates vying for the coveted spot this year."

Salinas attacks Tom Cruise, Fox, Pat Roberts, Bob Woodward, and anyone who makes the liberals look bad. But essentially, he blames us, the sane people of the UH community and the US, those people who actually take a side on the Iraq War -- the non-al-Qaeda side. The side of "these colors don't run."

But with
David its different, "those who consider the war in Iraq a black-and-white issue" are crazy, to that I say to those liberals -- "you're bent." You are either for the United States or you are against us. It's really very simple, and liberals like Salinas who harbor ill words for US troops do not realize that they are assisting in killing Americans and prolonging the war, but still have fond feelings and a wanton understanding for our enemy.

Salinas covers up for the liberal Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa. who called American troops "the enemy," and admirers Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga. who really wants US troops withdrawn immediately, probably leaving all equipment in place so that al-Qaeda can recover it as the Chinese recovered "top-secret" US missile technology during the Clinton Administration.

Salinas thankfully doesn't believe that we "went to Iraq 'for oil'", but does go about the argument that those who did not serve in the military should not be in charge, which is another crock. I'm not against those who did not serve, but as long as they have "consistent support" for our troops and our flag, I have no quarrels with that. Rush Limbaugh never served in the military and I support his attitudes and views.

Salinas blasting those who did not serve, and supporting those who did serve and want our colors to run shows him for the coward he is. David is the hypocrite. He is still re-living the 2004 election trying to John Kerry elected, and tries to make hay over the pre-war intelligence that everyone, including democrats thought to be correct. It's insane.

I don't believe deep down that
Salinas wants a stable Iraq. It makes the Republicans look good, and Salinas most certainly doesn't want that. His hope that the US "should pare down the number of troops" may happen in the coming months, but Salinas must understand that the US will reduce troops in Iraq only under a condition of strength and not by the liberals weakness. When Iraq is ready, they will take over completely, and not a day sooner.

Screw the libs!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Jack Murtha is no Marine' (Betrays our troops for political gain on the left)

Calling our troops "the enemy" of liberalism, this Marine has betrayed his countrymen.

Screw this man, John Murtha, a liberal from Pennsylvania, should have the honor of being called a "Marine" stripped from him.

P.S. Are you amazed at how silent the liberal media is over the possible death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi?

Screw the libs!

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Republicans Getting Some Balls in Congress' (Call liberals bluff on withdrawal from Iraq)

Late last night the House Republicans forced a quick vote on a resolution that would have called for an immediate removal of U.S. troops in Iraq.

THIS WAS A BRILLIANT MOVE BY THE REPUBLICANS. Finally -- THE GOP ARE CALLING THE LIBERALS BLUFF on the war, seeing as the resolution was voted down almost unanimously, something like 403-3.

The Houston Chronicle played hell getting this story on the front page, and if they didn't run it, it would probably lose an additional couple of percentage points on their circulation come the beginning of the new rating period.

I have been urging the GOP to play the liberals game. IT'S TIME NOT TO BE NICE to liberals. In fact:

Screw the libs!

Friday, November 18, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'The Houston Chronicle' (Soon Putting a NEW Face on OLD Liberalism)

The desperate chiefs over at the Houston Chronicle, a paper that has been nationally recognized as "ultraliberal," have prompted themselves to make some changes. You see, they never ask themselves, "are we the ones that smell?" It's always someone else in their mind.

Evidently the Chronicle website will be getting some new looks, and more Blacks and Hispanics will soon be laid off, (a nice little Christmas present for them) while the white liberals in the bowels of the Chronicle continue to run the paper into ground with more losses in circulation expected, which is fine by me with the liberalism they ooze.

Yes, the Houston Chronicle will soon be putting a NEW Face On OLD Liberalism, which even when repackaged in a nicer container -- still won't sell.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Orange County Florida NAACP Chief Forsakes the Party of White Liberals' (Switches to Party of Black Opportunity)

In what has to be a complete embarrassment for the liberals and Black democrats, The Orlando Sentinel is reporting in their story "NAACP chief makes switch to GOP," that the head of the NAACP in Orange County, Derrick Wallace, has switched to the GOP from the Democratic Party.

Larry X has to be proud and reaffirmed.

"For decades, Republicans have struggled to reach out to black Americans," and slowly but surely it is happening. Larry X, Derrick Wallace, and many other Black Americans who have and are switching from the party of the white liberal (democratic) to the party of Black opportunity (Republican). They are breaking the chains of intellectual slavery and finding reparations in making decisions free from liberal influence in this day and age. It is a truely enlightening experience.

Wallace calls his switch a business decision, but it is important that he came forward and let his switch be known. He's outing himself and not being gay -- the good outing of switching from democrat to Republican.

Wallace did a lot of business in Republican circles. He got to know us, and truth be told, Republicans are not devils as foretold by the talking heads of liberals. I've always maintained I would vote for J.C. Watts for President in a minute -- and he is a Black man. Ditto for Condi Rice -- not that she is a man.

I support Black Republicans like Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele, who was recently pelted with Oreo cookies and called an Uncle Tom because he is considering a run for the U.S. Senate. I ask the NAACP where is the outrage in this Black professional being hounded like a group walking in mass during the Civil Rights era. If he were a liberal -- all hell would have broke loss. Jesse Jackson would have rushed to the era instead of trying to resolve the issue between the oppressed T.O. and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Just because a Black man who takes off the leash of white liberalism, does that make him a target of the negros leashed to the hip of white liberals such as the likes of Kennedy, Kerry, and Clinton. Yes. Because those white liberals have such a powerful group on the Blacks, that if you don't follow us white liberals won't get your welfare check mentality, the black liberal leaders, the Jacksons, Sharptons, etc., willingly cast their spell over the Black community keeping them entranced on the side of the liberals.

I often think of the Black community as the warm bodies in the sea of capsules that supply The Matrix with power. Once they are released, they never want to go back to liberalism.

The day is coming when Blacks that really want to better themselves will ask the question, "Why am I a Democrat?"

Larry X, Derrick Wallace, and many other Black Americans do not ask the liberals "What have you done for me lately?" They ask, "What can I do for myself today?"

Liberals are deathly afraid of the Black Community doing for itself. Why? Then liberals are not needed anymore. Jesse Jackson is not needed anymore. Al Sharpton is not needed anymore. Hillary Clinton is not needed anymore.

I look to the day when liberals will be hunted down like dogs because of what they knowingly have done to the Black Community. The decades long handout scheme. By not teaching the Black Community how to fish they have been dependent on the white liberal by design for over 50 years.

Of course you won't be hearing much about this much in the liberal media. This is big news especially when they are hell bent on switching public view against the war. But on a day when crazy PA Congressman John Murtha called for us to 'cut and run' like scared clintons from Iraq, crazy Murtha of course gets the play.

Isn't it funny how the liberal media takes such care to publicize liberal war veterans against the war on terror, but can't find time to publicize one good thing going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Lynn Meyer 'Berating You Again For Not Being Tolerate of Gays' (Sees Christians as followers of a 'sick strand')

Tolerate this, tolerate that. It's all about toleration with the liberals. I ask you. When is enough toleration enough? When fifty year-old men are allowed to marry young boys? When known convicted child molesters are allowed to become teachers and counselors to our children?

Negros (remember Andy Rooney) ought to be pissed at liberals like
UH Daily Cougar columnist Lynn Elizabeth Meyer for belittling the great Civil Rights cause and actually having the audacity to even think of comparing it to gay deviants and their quest to "queer-up" the nation.

Houston Chronicle recently belittled the people of Houston and Harris County for voting overwhelmingly AGAINST gay marriage, and the UH Daily Cougar with its gay Opinion Editor James Davis have taken multiple degrading shots at the UH Community telling them how dumb they are for voting FOR traditional marriage.

In her tripe today, "
Bigotry -- wrong then, wrong now," Lynn Meyer again takes Christians to task for having morals for boycotting businesses that are open to gay sponsored events. She calls it a "new boycott movement," also known as Conservative Christians who do not wish to support companies such as Walgreens and Disney. Umm, now that Meyer has informed me, I think I'll sell my Walgreens stock.

Meyer is pissed at Christian ogranizations that willing boycott those organizations that are gay friendly. Disney for instance, has gay themed days which are specifically aimed at attracting gay deviants to their facilities.

Meyer backs those brave companies for being tolerant of gays, and only one day in the future we can only hope that Lynn Meyer lobbies for a new national holiday with an importance even higher than that of MLK Day -- Gay Toleration Day.

Wouldn't you know it, that although
Meyer loaths Christians boycotting, she tolerates "left-wing activists of companies such as Taco Bell for exploiting illegal labor." Why hell, why can't that be tolerated? After all we are talking about toleration.

The young and vulnerable
Lynn Meyer doesn't understand that toleration goes both ways. There has to be a "common sense" involved with toleration. Does the toleration contribute to the downfall of future society, (i.e. - will the consequences of the toleration be fruitfall to the people, or does it take from the soul of the people,) or will decades of toleration be detromental to society.

Racial discrimination is one of those items that took away from the soul of society. The peddlers of racial discrimination will be saying the same things twenty years from now that they are saying today. Jesse Jackson has been peddling race for decades and still has yet to offer a solution just so he can use the Negro Community (Andy Rooney again) and keep them dependent on him. It keeps him in power, because if the Black Community suddenly gets uppity they will not need his sorry millionare ass anymore.

Lynn Meyer calls the passage of Prop. 2 "widespread and acceptable" discrimination. She gladly lumps Hitler in among all the Christians and the persecutors of the Jews. Meyer is truly a sick young lady, and worst yet, the UH Daily Cougar willingly prints her crap with no regards to the Christian majority of its students.

She goes as far as accusing Christians of having "gas chambers hidden deep in the southern Appalachians or detainment camps in remote, rural towns," at the ready to persecute the gays.
Meyer says we are already on "the first step down that road" of which I sincerely doubt.

Meyer's pathetic stab at quoting scripture to turn the tables does not help her gay cause. "And didn't Jesus say to love thy neighbor as thyself," to which she added, "not just as long as thy neighbor is straight?" The Lord wanted us to be fruitful and multiple, not to boink each other into non-existence.

I don't think UH weak mined students are buying you argument
Lynn Meyer, I'm definitely not. Her call for future inclusion, acceptance, and tolerance of gays leaves the door wide open for NAMBLA, and all other kinds of deviants, which I would say that is very detrimental to society.

We can only hope that
Lynn Meyer remembers how the Jews tolerated Hitler during World War II, and look where it got them.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Believes in GOP Shake-Up' (Doesn't see that libs are exposing who they really are -- America haters)

Leave it to David Salinas to enlighten us on foreign policy and regurgitated liberal crap, and your pleasant Tuesday morning will turn into the devil of a Tuesday afternoon we are going to have -- stormy and "all hail is going to break loose."

Salinas must have been watching Poker Superstars II last night, because he is hoping that we don't call his bluff of making President Bush look bad at by fighting back against those liberals who support al-Qaeda with their baseless criticisms. Which, by the way have been sopped up by liberal followers as if they were on bended knee if front of Der Slick Meister himself.

If this were the Clinton, Gore or Kerry Administration
Salinas would either be dreadfully silent on the issue of his President taking a stand against his critics on wartime issues. But no, we have President Bush in the White House, a mean evil Republican that Salinas would rather spit on than give bended knee service too as he would with Clinton.

As usual with a
David Salinas column don't forget to get out your permanent marker and write "lie" in big fat letters at a forty-five degree angle across the page.

In his tripe today "
As right divides, left must unite,"
Salinas has more hope in a tattered political party that believes more in its right to abort its own future base, than he does in our country's future via maintaining a structured world order. With the liberals -- its always about abortion, which is big money by the way, and I wouldn't be surprised if liberals high in office are properly invested in that enterprise.

Salinas, who will leave the fighting overseas up to patriotic American's, does his anti-war best to take the President to task on his Veteran' Day speech in which the President spoke harshly of those al-Qaeda supporters who use their words as swords against the United States in the War on Terror -- the liberals in the Senate, House, and all liberals in between.

I saw the President's speech as a great comeback of sorts to stops the liberals constant barrage of negative items purposefully placed to change Americans minds from steadfast support of our troops to an attitude of wanting to spit on them.
David saw the speech as "exploiting soldiers for political gain and questioning the patriotism of those critical of his policies." Which is a crock.

Salinas, who spent his Veterans Day plotting with the ACLU on betters ways to further the downfall of traditional American society, still harps on pre-war intelligence that brought the US into the war. Intelligence that in October 2002 many a Democrat, Republican, and multiple countries also believed with their hearts.
Salinas saw the President's speech as a "way to defend himself," but he maintains that the President was cornered. Nonsense. What the President said, "these baseless attacks send the wrong signal to our troops and to an enemy that is questioning America's will" is correct. Unlike Vietnam, we were really attacked on September 11th after years of complacency given us by the Clinton Administration, and wimpy responses to legitimate acts of terror on the US.

Salinas takes any on every angle to make President Bush look bad. He takes words out of contexts and even makes up lies. The liberals did not pick up any seats in the recent elections in Virginia and New Jersery. The status quo of those governorships was maintained, and those are mostly liberal states anyway. The candidate in the end is responsible for getting himself elected in the first place, but he would have you think it was a devastating loss for the GOP.

Salinas again tries to fool UH weak minded students by taking Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth's words and making them magically appear as Hayworth not wanting Bush to campaign with him in Arizona. The actual comment had to do with the border issue than it did with the President, but Salinas conviently forgets that his beloved President Clinton was avoided by his own party members, and many democrats switched to the Republican Party while under the limp wrist of President Clinton.

Salinas reliance on polls is his downfall. Unlike the Clinton Administration whose leadership depended on polls, President Bush looks at polls as worthless. The wording, if politically motivated, can make the worst people in the world look good, and vice versa. Hence, President Clinton got excellent poll numbers even after being impeached, and now President Bush couldn't buy a percentage point in the polls. Its all in how the questions are worded, which is why the polls are so wide ranging, and essentially useless.

Salinas sees a desperate White House that "deliberately misled the country into war" and uses a poll to prop that up. If polls were taken when most people were actually at home (Sunday evening), instead of just seniors and uninformed citizens on a midday afternoon we would get drastically different poll numbers.

Salinas wants the liberals to pare down their messages to just one idea. We have the gays, Negros and Hispanics, environmentalists wackos, abortion lovers, and its just to confusing. David is right, the liberals have no "message or alternative ideas" and for that the liberals are faulted.

For Christs sake, the Negros and Hispanics in Texas just voted overwhelming against the gays in their gay marriage battle. The Will Rogers analogy sums up the democrat party, "I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat." And with the notorious infighting that goes on in the democratic party, the chances of them coming together on just on issue to combat Republicans is doubtful.

Salinas' suggestion that the democrats unite single issue will undermine the party. Their are too single issue people in that party, too many strong heads, too many liberals that believe the Presidency is their birthright such as Hillary Clinton, or John Kerry. Thankfully Salinas see Hillary for the fraud she is, and she will go the way of the previous non-New York born Senator.

Salinas realizes that soon liberals will soon have to turn their attention to a different Republican standardbearer, but he does not realize that that should have already happened. All the attention being thrust upon President Bush and Hillary Clinton is in addition taking attention away from the true 2008 liberal nominee who will not remind anyone of the Clintons.

David's crying over democrat-on-democrat verbal squabbling over Iraq is hard to take. He obviously wants all liberals to go against the war, which will properly define the liberals, but they still have to get elected, and if another 9/11 happens liberals will sure to be the cause of the event just from the complacency factor alone. But that doesn't matter to wimpy Salinas, because he believes that if America is not fighting we will not be attacked. Tough luck, it ain't going to happen.

Talk of timetables and removal of troops from Iraq will embolden our enemies. A set timetable on the future of withdrawal from Iraq only invites more trouble in the future, which to liberals is to far -- they are impatient people and want results now. I know -- my father's a liberal. Timetables only work as al-Qaeda vacation schedules. They know how long to take off, so when the Americans leave, they can go right about their terror.

If Iraq is the issue that the libs unify under, if this is the issue that the "majority of them can get behind" to unite behind, then the Republicans will continue to maintain their majority with even more seats in the Senate and House in 2006.

Salinas can gloat over the polls, or of liberals hogging the Sunday shows. He can gloat over low Bush poll numbers, and the liberal domination of the press. But he can gloat over the liberals having a plan. He can't gloat over a liberal Contract With America, because it will most definitely be a lie.

Salinas hope for power and how for the liberals aim "to gain it back, along with the Senate and eventually the presidency, they need to take advantage of this current Republican freefall by doing what Bill Clinton never did: offering a foresighted agenda that can be sustained over time by more than one leader." Impossible.

Their is not going to be a "liberal revolution" because the liberals will never be able to agree on ten points much less one. And even if they do come up with a contract it will be shot so full of holes it'll sink in the first month.

See the liberals depend on the charisma of its Clintons, while the Conservatives simple depend on their Conservative philosophy. See people die, philosophies don't. We saw that when the folk of Germany invested all their emotions in Hitler, and when he died they had nothing.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Way To Go Mr. President in your Veterans Day Speech' (Sticks it to the liberals and the liberal press on their Iraq crap)

I was glad to hear of President Bush's Veterans Day speech and his taking to task today those in the United States who are against the Iraq war and willingly lie with each breath to make the Bush Administration look as bad as possible in the eyes of the American public.

I believe it was a great comeback from some bad times that the President has been putting up with lately. I honestly cannot believe that the vast majority of citizens of our great country are stupid enough to believe the Kerry's, Kennedy's, the Reid's, and the constant barrage of negative media being perpetrated by the worthless liberals in the media.

On days like this -- Veterans Day -- when we are suppose to celebrate the sacrifices and freedom ensured by our Veterans, we have liberals, the sons, the daughters, and now grandsons, and granddaughters of World War II veterans. Liberals, who would rather stand around and watch us lose a goddamn war in order to make the President look bad, well, its unmentionable.

The liberal wimps of the 1960s, the ones who gave aid and comfort the to VC, are again proudly giving aid and comfort to al-Qaeda, while quietly wishing for more US deaths to enable their side to convince Americans its time to leave Iraq and give up on the war.

I often wonder that if the Jane Fonda's of the 1960s hadn't supported the VC during Vietnam, would the events of the war had turned out differently. Of course that question will never be answered.

In a war we did not start, and with the 60s liberals thinking that we have another Vietnam on our hands, again their words and actions are supporting the enemy. I was so glad to hear the President fighting back and calling liberals on the carpet yesterday.

I can read people pretty well, and I'm not at all phased about President Bush's office as I was with Clinton. Of course I wish Bush would get tougher on immigration, and quit being so nice to goddamn liberals like many Republicans are.

You know good and goddamned well that if liberals ever regain power they will be making moves to crush Republican opposition and hold on to power for a very long time.

My aim, and I'm positive the aim of many a Conservative blogger, is to fight liberalism with truth, honesty, and with what is inside our hearts.

As for me I have sacrificed, I have what you might say -- parts missing -- from the first gulf conflict, but I'm not complaining like Cindy Sheehan. I'm not defacing our country like Edward Kennedy, a trust fund kid who has never sacrificed a day in his whole worthless life. I'm not using my place to give comfort to the enemy like John Kerry.

I thank God each and every day that President Bush was elected in 2000. There has to be a God up there to guide us threw these tough times, because if Al Gore were in office, we would still be debating if we should relaliate against the Taliban. That's liberals for you.

Mr. President, please step up your attacks. The people don't really want to follow liberal whiners who's only actions are to keep us from winning the war on terror. I remember John Wayne's final line to Hamchunk in the 1968 movie "The Green Berets." The Duke said to Craig Jue, "you're what this war is all about."

Yes, the liberals who during the 1990s where doing things left and right "for the children," nowadays they are running from their responsibilities in protecting our children by not properly prosecuting our war. Yes, the liberals who gladly abort 4,000 fetuses a day use the loss of 2,000 lives lost in combat over three years as a political tool.

Yes, I suppose liberals are tired of doing things "for the children," and now gladly take actions to "do things to the children." A pullout of forces now without a secure Iraq is a sure bet that our children's future will be cursed by the sins of Kerry, Kennedy, Cindy Sheehan, and the rest of the liberal crowd.

Fuck the libs!

Friday, November 11, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Jeanine Walker 'Extremely pissed at Prop. 2 passage' (To Walker the People are Stupid for Voting Prop. 2 Thumbs Up)

On a lazy Friday you don't usually expect the UH Daily Cougar Opinion Page to come out swinging. But since it is Friday, and the majority of Cougars are not on campus today, I suppose worthless UH Daily Cougar Opinion Editor James Davis thought it was an appropriate time for a pissed off lesbian to vent her frustrations and blame the common man and woman for not understanding her selfishness in being a lesbian in todays society.

On the 'day after' the vote gays were dealt a devastating blow by forever not being allowed to marry or have their out of state marriages recognized in Texas, the liberal media was rejoicing in gubernatorial victories in Virginia and New Jersey, as well as turning down of 'common sense' ballot initiatives in California. Of course the status quo was maintain seeing as no GOP gubernatorial spots were gained last Tuesday, but the libs tried to make hay anyway.

I say who cares! The liberal victories will be forgotten in a few weeks, but gay marriage is FOREVER dead in Texas.

In her tripe today, "
Prop. 2 unites voters in discrimination," UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist and Teaching Fellow Jeanine M. Walker lies from the moment she starts writing, and takes the UH Daily Cougar Opinion Page to a new level with her creative writing skills.

Can you believe this tripe, "On Tuesday, I went to bed at 8:30 p.m., worn out from the excitement of Election Day. I woke up Wednesday as excited as I'd ever been on Christmas mornings as a youngster, eager to find out the results. Because I'd heard on the news that many signs in favor of Proposition 2 had been taken down, and the only strangers I'd spoken to about it were against it, I had high hopes that "against" had actually won." It sounded like the first page from a lesbian novel she must be writing highlighting the trials and tribulations of what it is like to be a lesbian in the State of Texas, as compared to her hometown of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Walker, who is perpetually pissed since the day after the election was "still fuming over what [she] consider[ed] to be close-minded and unfair lawmaking." She asked a older gay friend if he had voted to which he answered "Nah," which got the lesbo's anger going again.

Her Yankee bent mind asks "What are Texans so afraid of? And then the more pointed question: Why are they so afraid of homosexuality?" Umm, could it be that Texans understand societal consequences decades down the road and thus stopped gay marriage now? If everyone is gay, how are we to survive? I know everyone is not going to turn gay, but their influence would certainly be upon our young people who don't need that exposure in any form.

Walker graduated in 1999 (Eng. Lit.) from the University of Pittsburgh in 1999, and from Hollins U. with her M.A. in Creative Writing in 2K. She couldn't find a job in Virginia so she does what everyone that can't find a job in VA do, they go to South Korea, were she taught English over there. Since then she bounced around the US, and finally found herself at UH's doctoral program because of her low grades, UH was the only school that would accept her. To those freshman composition students (those UH weak minded students), who have been taking her class for the past couple of years, in the words of Dan Rather: COURAGE, COURAGE.

Walker, who actually attends a Catholic Church, says her church welcomes gays, and is impressed with them because they are "committed to their relationships," until the next guy comes around with better health insurance.

I was amazed how defiant
Walker was in stating that just because gay marriage had been banned that it "isn't going to stop homosexuality," which is OK with me, but they don't have to run to the nearest camera and yell "hey look, I'm gay and give me my benefits." Hell, how did deviants survive in the past centuries. They just shut their mouths and went about their daily business.

I couldn't believe it when
Walker invoked the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, when the Black and Hispanic Communities resoundingly voted against Prop. 2. At least the Black Community contributes to society with their offspring, and its people like you Walker who actually support the mass abortions of Black fetuses, and you actually have the audacity to invoke them in your worthless fight.

Walker we are not a segregated society. Its the liberals, if anyone, who still want to keep society segregated. Haven't you noticed the liberal followers who succeed in life tend to move to the Republican side. They don't need liberals anymore. Hence, the liberals have to continually push the tripe that their constituency is perpetually depressed. They have to, so that poor people will continue to come to them for help. And it's those same poor people whom you berate in your tripe today.

Walker continues on her segregation rant. She doesn't point out that minority parents are praying for school vouchers to get their kids out of failing schools, and who stops that - liberals. She fights in the past to try and bring her cause acceptance in the future. It's crazy.

Walker wants so desperately wants to believe that Dr. King should have said, "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up one day and give gays and lesbians acceptance and benefits," but quite simply he didn't say it.

Walker, it is your and your deviant friends that are self segregating yourselves. Try not being gay, and see how different your world will be. In fact, why don't you go find a man like Marilyn Adilskov's main character in "The Men In My Country." She had to go to Japan to find manly love, but for you Korea is close enough.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Hasan Rizvi 'Pissed at sworn enemy for helping Dems' (Moderates to Conservatives who support Israel will get AIPAC backing)

I'm getting the sense that UH Daily Cougar al-Qaeda columnist Hasan Ali Rizvi presense on the staff is beneficial to America Haters here and abroad.

I have a question. If arabs hate America so much, then WHY do they come to this country?

I'd like to think arabs come here to experience the American dream but that dream is corrupted when they are exposed to American liberalism, and evidently the case is not any different with
Hasan Rizvi.

Liberals don't want us to win the war on terror. Even if they get a liberal in the White House, and if that ever happens, God forbid, US forces will withdraw with our tails between our legs like the weak and wimpy Spanish did when they were attacked, and wimpy Clinton did when we limped out Somalia.

Liberals never complain of our troops still in Kosovo, which was initiated with good 'ol der slick meister Bill Clinton. But when the islamic religion can tolerate running over the arm of an 8-year-old boy for stealing some bread, and liberals can tolerate the unbridled killing of fetuses in the womb, supporting an American loss in the war and hoping for more American deaths in the war just to change public opinion is nothing.

In his tripe today "
Israeli lobbyists hold too much sway," Rizvi takes on his sworn enemy -- Israel -- those people who actually use toilet paper, and play the 'Roadrunner' to the arabs 'coyote.' The Israeli's are proud and run effective campaigns against arabs who seek to totally annihilate every last Israeli man, woman, and child in cold blood. I'm sure that if given the chance Rizvi would personally grease every Jewish faculty, staff and student he could on the UH campus, provided the liberals every regain power.

Rizvi, a failed suicide bomber, today attacks the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, an organization that has offices all over the United States. The AIPAC has been successful in moving democratic leftists seats in Congress closer to the center, by that meaning that democrats who support Israel have a much greater chance of being supported by the AIPAC than liberals who don't.

Hasan brings to light two victims of the AIPAC, Ron Hilliard, socialist from Alabama, and Cynthia McKinney, socialist from Georgia. Although McKinney is back in office after being out one term, Hilliard is still not to be seen on Capitol Hill.

Rizvi pushes the AIPAC as having the "threat of voting out (congressional) representatives," but they are just protecting their interest. One recipient of AIPAC funds and the one who defeated Ron Hilliard the Israel hater in 2002, was "Arthur Davis," a spot-on moderate democrat from Alabama, (whose first name is actually spelled "Artur"). This is another good example of liberal newspeople not checking the facts.

Rizvi berates Davis for not only accepting money from AIPAC, but for running a negative campaign against Hilliard's record. Rizvi supports Hilliard for voting against Israel in their "conflict with the Palestinians."

Rizvi reported that McKinney was defeated in the 2002 primaries by Denise Majette. Although Majette was a tenth of a point from being a liberal, see was much more Conservative than McKinney, who has since regained office from her socialist district.

Like turtles are programed to go towards the ocean when hatched,
Hasan Ali Rizvi has been programed to hate Jews, the AIPAC, Americans (except liberals), the US military, and all infedels.

Rizvi believes the "Israeli government holds way too much sway over our government," but I'd like for him to prove it. At least Israel doesn't want to kill Ameriicans.

What about all those organizations in America that support al-Qaeda? When I see a mosque, all I see is a front company that whose purpose is to support al-Qaeda. Of couse I don't want to think that, but its like when you say the word 'Clinton,' the first thing that pops into your head is 'sex' or 'Monica.' I know that many arabs in America are law abiding citizens and support America, but please help us by supporting America in her times of trouble in this war.

We are doing the right thing in fighting this war. There was no lies told to get us into Iraq. Liberals like
Rizvi know that, but they won't admit it, and I'm venturing they will continue not to admit it until the next 9/11.

Rizvi can support all forces anti-American, and about all the "biases favoring Israel." He can write of his love for more American deaths and of failed policy towards the war on terror, but what Hasan Ali Rizvi doesn't understand that the first word in the AIPAC is American. Yes they support Israel, but their American first. Which is completely oppostite of liberals who support our enemies first, and hope for an American loss, just so they can get back in power.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Lynn Meyer 'In Referencing French Riots' (It's America's Fault)

I know the Houston Chronicle so desparately wanted to broadcast the liberal victories, but they don't what their circulation to drop any further. Right now the headline is "Gay marriage ban approved" but knowing the Chronicle well, by midday they will have something else posted, probably that hurts the Bush Administration, just to get off the gay marriage loss off the frontpage. Of course Big Oil will be talking today so that will be a great candidate for replacement of the headline.

If you want to be confused today, check out the column by UH Daily Cougar columnist Lynn Elizabeth Meyer and her worthless take on the French riots in the Paris suburbs. You remember the French -- the ones who say "do as I say, not as I do," if that doesn't get you, they're the ones who surrender alot. Got it. OK

In a complete change of pace from worthless UH Daily Cougar Opinion Editor James Davis, who is turning the tables on his liberal cousins in Europe who aren't trying to clean up their own house when it comes to immigration.

In her tripe today, "Education disparity at heart of riots," Lynn Meyer tries her best to explain what is going on in France, and winds up blaming the whole thing on the United States immigration policy as well as the Congress not spending enough on education.

Meyer continues to be an embarrassment, and of course continues to rely on liberal networks and blogs for her information, with her premise being that what's going on in France should be watched carefully for in the US.

Meyer has been drinking to much Clinton liberal cool aid. After all that has been going on with the riots in France, she had the audacity to say, "America has nothing to fear from immigration itself; for that matter, neither does France." "Neither does France," what the hell is she talking about.

Meyer says "immigration is actually healthy for a nation." That at one time may have been true, but it may not be as accurately applied in this day and age. We have seen unbridled immigration in both France and the United States, and now we have rioting in France, 5,000 cars destroyed, at least one death, and who knows when it is going to end.

Lynn Meyer tries to bolster US illegal immigration, by stating "immigrants make more money for the government than they cost." Prove it. Where are the footnotes, and why aren't the liberals heralding this information.

Then wacko Meyer also goes off sayings that "the government and an immigrant have overlapping goals; the money that an immigrant works for to provide for his family also provides the government tax dollars to fund services and wars."

Lynn Meyer sees thats immigration "poses virtually no threat to society." Nevermind those 20 plus arab guys who boarded airplanes on September 11, 2001 and used them as missiles to start this war we are currently fighting. I still maintain that a moratorium should have been placed on immigration on September 12, 2001, but that did not happen.

Meyer speaks of an education disparity in James Davis' title, but if liberals wouldn't have dumbed down education in the US over the last 30 years we wouldn't have to depend on immigrants to be our brain power since countries overseas don't have 60's liberals running their educational institutions as we do.

France treats their immigrants like the South treated their Negros (Andy Rooney again) prior to the Civil Rights Era. The riots in France have been inevitable for a while now, but they have no Martin Luther King to lead them like the Negros in the South did.

Meyer's assessment that if a "society cannot provide opportunity for its citizens, whether they are immigrant or natural born, people will demand changes." But I ask -- what is a society that cannot provide opportunity for just its natural born doing allowing immigrants to flood the country in the first place. It's going to happen to the US to if we don't get our immigration house in order. All I can say is, thank God the average citizen can carry weapons.

Lynn Meyer praises France's schools and wishes she was a French citizen so she could get a free college education "paid for by the state." She lauds French secondary schools writing they are "more effective than U.S. secondary schools," as well as being "far more rigorous than any American institution." Again thanks 60's liberals.

Thank God she finally degrades France's educational system with "though their education system demands top performance, it neglects those who are not predisposed for academic success," which means only French kids are designed to exceed and leave their immigrate citizens in the dust.

With all that said -- doesn't France's treating of their immigrants remind you of the American white liberals plan to keep the American Negro down so they can remain dependent on the white liberal. The situational resemblance is uncanny.

Meyer then goes off on a tirade of the GOP cutting "funding assistance for higher education." Next on her list was Hurricane Katrina and how the President and Congress did not care enough for the survivors. Yeah right. It is so easy for liberals to convienently forget or ignore the transgressions of fellow liberals such as 'School Bus' Nagin from New Orleans, and just blame Republicans and Conservatives.

Meyer's pleading with Congress to spend more money on the poor for higher education is a crock. She threatens that if Congress does not act, we run the risk of riots ourselves. Wow, the white liberal Lynn Meyer really understands "the poor and excluded."

Lynn Meyer says a resounding "NO" to US border protection. 'Bring us your tired, huddled masses, as well as al-Qaeda,' so we can put them all on the government dole.

Lynn lastly pleads for France to "reconcile with their alienated," but knowing liberals as I do, my advice to France in solving their little riot problem -- surrender.

Screw the libs!

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