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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


UH Daily Cougar pushing "Coming Out Day" (9 gays gather in Butler Plaza to celebrate being deviants)

The closer we get to Texas' November vote which will undoubtedly say no to gay marriage forever, the more we can expect more episodes of what we saw today in the UH Daily Cougar -- pure unadulterated efforts of the liberals on campus to quickly expose the UH weak minded students that gay and lesbian deviants are better than heterosexual people on campus.

Gays are all over the place at UH. In UH offices where three-quarters or more of the personnel are gays and lesbians, the straight personnel are often harrassed and forced to deal with gay talk. Gay majority offices at UH often sneak by stealth raises by their straight office comrades even when those heterosexual personnel work harder than their gay counterparts. In addition, UH gay majority offices often take advantage of their straight counterparts seeing as they feel they have a greater sense of job security.

UH reporter Stephanie Elise Martens in her report "Tape doesn't stop hate:
National Coming Out Day spurs a mixture of encouragement and scorn from UH students
," informed us on the horrors that gays have to go through as they walk and talk around campus.

Martens reported on the horrors of white people yelling at deviant white people "fag" and "queer." Martens horrors continued when she reported that "a Daily Cougar reporter saw one student spit at the group." Unfortunately Martens neglected to report the size and shape of the lugy nor its tragectory. How close did the lugy come to the gay deviants?

Martens also reported the touching story of sports management senior (and UH diver) Mario Antonio Rinche and his younger boyfriend Peter Michael Kruppa, "a music education freshman, faced discrimination four times in one day last week while on campus both at the UC and the cafeteria in Moody Towers."

Rinche must be bisexual, because Moogie, his girlfriend is quite a looker. Is it coincidence that Rinche almost looks like the gay diver Greg Lougaynis.

By the way, what were Rinche and Kruppa doing to each other to be considered discriminated against by UH liberals.

Robert John Allen, the head gay at Gay Lesbian Or Bisexual ALliance, or GLOBAL, says his gay and lesbian deviants haven't had any problems. Perhaps they are not swapping spit in public like Rinche and Kruppa were doing.

Martens lastly reported that the central campus was "the only campus in the UH System that has added sexual orientation to its anti-discrimination policies." Next thing you know the University will be more respectful to child molesters and those who engage in bestiality and want their deviant rights respected by society as well.

UH Daily Cougar columnist Zachary James Lee in his tripe today "Coming out requires some help," tries his best to lure UH weak minded students to the darkside of democratic homosexuality, but I don't think he suckseeded.

Lee writes as if 'Coming Out Week' and 'Coming Out Day' are national holidays. He maintains "this is about recognizing someone on the most basic level as who they are," but hell they don't have to shove their gayness in our faces on a daily basis.

I'm looking forward to November when I can vote for the defense of Texas marriage, and against selfish gays and lesbians, who are mostly white to begin with, and are looking for constant opportunities to corrupt our youth and further bring down our society to that of worthless Europe.

Gays and lesbians, most to a blue state, or Europe, or to the moon for all I care. On November 8th, gay marriage forever be in the past in this state.

Also, a good "screw you" goes out to UH Daily Cougar lesbian columnist Lynn Elizabeth Meyer, who in her tripe today manages to combine Hurricane Katrina, Iraq, and gay rights all in 510 words. Man, the stench of gay sex sweat is oozing from Rm. 151 of the communications building.

Screw the libs!

why do all gay guys presume to have a girlfriend?
'Moogie' is not rinche's girlfriend and never has been. sounds like someone needs to get their story straight.
wow, these people make up the most randomest shit... i must admit its funny to read... but if people actually believe this.......
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