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Thursday, October 06, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Hispanic Cartoonist Bears Brunt of Fallout Over Racist Cartoon (White Liberal Editors Matt Dulin and James Davis get off scott free)

In today's top story by UH Daily Cougar reporter Barrett Jennings Goldsmith, "Senate deals with cartoon: Offended students approach SGA asking for Daily Cougar editorial resignations, apologies," Goldsmith illustrates another example of why liberals -- especially white liberals -- like those on the faculty and the UH Daily Cougar think they are God's over us minions on the UH campus.

In an era where liberals are calling for the head of
Tom DeLay based on worthless charges that won't hold, and while New York congressman charlie rangel gets a pass by the liberal media on a racist statement calling President Bush the modern day equivalent of bull connor. We know that liberals are still in charge of the media if rangel's hate is not hitting the mainstream news.

Better yet, we have proven facts in the case of
Daily Cougar cartoonist Arturo Gonzalez' racist cartoon, and that Opinion Editor James Davis and Editor in Chief Matt Dulin were in charge of posting the the editorial cartoon of September 19th, which has since been removed at the start of the controversy. And like New York congressman charlie rangel Davis and Dulin will more than likely get passes as well unless the UH Student Government Association has enough balls to set the situtation straight.

Knowing the student government like I do,
SGA President David Williams will probably do nothing, and again -- white liberals Davis and Dulin will get off scott free, while only the Hispanics gets penalized.

Goldsmith reported about UH NAACP representative Benjamin J Woods, and how he and others made their case for their own voice and the resignations of Davis and Dulin. "We are here representing the many students that were hurt and offended by this disgraceful cartoon," said Woods.

I don't particularly agree with
Woods idea for another school funded voice for minorities, we don't need anymore fees effecting our pocketbooks. Why can't they focus their efforts with a major UH blog aimed at the UH Daily Cougar and their white liberal racist ways, just as this blog does.

For all we know, any new UH publication that will be placed out on campus for student consumption will just sit out their and be a big waste of money just as the UH Daily Cougar is on a daily basis.

Daily Cougar detractors maintain, just as I do, "that the subject of the cartoon was clearly meant to appear black." They also have called "for the resignation of Gonzalez, Opinion Editor James Davis and Editor in Chief Matt Dulin." Which I believe should have happened way before now.

The only one who is feeling the brunt over the racist cartoon fallout is
Arturo Gonzalez, the Hispanic, who "will no longer draw editorial cartoons," white liberal editors James Davis and Matt Dulin will not be punished at all. Are you listening Williams?

White liberal
Editor in Chief Matt Dulin said "neither he nor anyone else would be resigning because of the incident." Dulin probably wanted to say "I am liberal -- hear me roar," and "you hispanics, gays, asians, and black liberals all answer to me -- I don't answer to you."

Dulin said he "understood the concerns and admitted that running the cartoon was 'a serious mistake,'" and I bet Dulin was crossing his fingers behind his back when he said that bit of tripe.

Liberals are only sorry when they get caught, but when Conservatives are wrong they are hounded to resignation, and why not liberals. Why? Because liberals have no conscious to tell them that abortion on demand is wrong, that assisted suicide is wrong, that publishing racist cartoons is wrong, etc.

Matt Dulin has tarnish the reputation of the UH Daily Cougar and now that he has screwed up he willingly puts "up the wall of the First Amendment and hide behind it," presumably with no consequence to him or the Cougar. Think again.

Dulin's 'get pissed at me' tactic is not working. I don't care about the "pair of formal apologies" in the Cougar which were shameful. It's time for Davis and Dulin to go and give someone else a chance at bringing back some prestige to the UH Daily Cougar.

We UH Students can only hope that
SGA President David Williams and the Executives step up and do the right thing. I've met the man in front of MD Anderson when he was running for election, and I voted for him.

Williams let's this issue go by the wayside with a handslap for Davis and Dulin, then his administration will be as worthless as the Clinton Administration was back in the '90s -- do nothing.

Screw the libs!

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