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Thursday, October 13, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Eddys Pissed Over Gays Being Treated Rudely

The UH Daily Cougar Editors can ridule Black evacuees from New Orleans in their editorial cartoons and expect you to understand them from their point of view, but they'll be goddamned if UH students express negative views of gays and lesbians and their on-high attitudes at the rally they held earlier this week on Butler Plaza.

In their tripe today "Verbal assault not welcome at GLOBAL rally," the UH Daily Cougar Eddys were appalled at the straight UH students negative reaction to 'National Coming Out Day' at UH, which "was a bit like a microcosm of the experiences of many gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender individuals."

The appalled UH Daily Cougar Editors, who are all gay or lesbian, "remembered the relief they felt when they finally unburdened themselves and came out." Unfortunately, their relief was attacked (like at Pearl Harbor or September 11th) by mean and evil UH students and their "hateful actions." You would have thought they would have been at an anti-war rally calling for the castration of Vice President Cheney it was such a dirty sight.

The Eddys feel college "should be about a free exchange of ideas and knowledge," and according to them also for the free exchange of male-to-male bodily fluids. They support the presence of the LGBT community on campus, but they don't have to push it in our faces.

Thankfully the UH Daily Cougar Editors say "if you feel homosexuality is wrong, it's your personal prerogative to express those beliefs."

The UH Daily Cougar Editors were pissed, and said "anyone who approached UH's Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Alliance rally Wednesday and shouted derogatory names, or in one case, spit at the group, is a disgrace to him or herself and an embarrassment to the University."

Wow, such as powerful statement from the UH Daily Cougar Editors. Those people who spoke out against the gays should be appauled, and the spitter should be hailed as a hero. Just a generation ago, those gays parents were spitting on our soldiers coming back from Vietnam, so its about time the spit goes back in the other direction.

The UH Daily Cougar Editors welcome dissenting opinions but only when they are on the dissenting side. When the liberal side is attacked the Eddys circle the wagons, or make excuses such as "chances are the hateful students in question either weren't religious or had perverted views of their faiths." Oh, so now Christianity is not good enough for the liberals.

The UH Daily Cougar Editors submit that "how could a truly spiritual person feel it's acceptable to spit on and hurl insults at a group of people demonstrating peacefully?" Well, I don't know. But there are a lot of truly spiritual people out there who feel it's acceptable for spiritual people to fly airplanes into buildings and behead Americans at will -- people who liberals respect.

The Eddys say they took comfort in the small minority that spoke up, but they could not account for the vast majority of those watching that held the same views of the small minority but just did not vocalize their thoughts. Where were pictures of that or of the lugy that was lobbed in anger?

Screw the libs!

you're comment that all of the dc editors were gay or lesbian is incorrrect
davis the op-ed guy is transgendered
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I really want to see what would happen when the other side gives their story in a public presentation. How about "guys that bugger guys are going to hell". Yeah we really won't have anyone say any hateful things or spit on people at that one will we?

How about "women who lick women and the bed of brimstone that awaits them" Do you think the Daily Cougar will be supportive of that one?

The libs don't believe in real free speech only agenda pushing that goes male hand in male hand with poop pushing.

October 14, 2005 12:17 AM
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